SCP:SL Server Info

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  1. <size=30><color=blue>------Welcome to TSK Gaming------</color></size>
  3. <size=20><color=red><link=>CLICK FOR DISCORD</link></color></size>
  5. <size=20><color=blue>----Server Rules----</color></size>
  6. <size=12> 1.No cheating. (Game/Global Staff and Server Staff can use the admin console for a bit of fun, but NOT excessively)
  7.     1.A. Ghosting is a prime example. Using discord or steam to give an unfair advantage will not be tolerated. Play fair please, you can be in discord but don't ghost.
  8.     1.B. Gaining access to the admin console without authorization is a Permaban. (Example: faking being a dev, staff, owner, etc.)
  9.     1.C. Modifying core files/software is a Permaban, as well as a report to the developers' of the game for a possible global ban.
  11. 2. Be respectful to other players. This means no slurs, no harassment, and just be a good person.
  12.     2.A. If someone asks you to stop a back and forth with them, Stop. Not everyone can handle the banter. Failure to do so will invoke a possible ban. Again, all us gamers here want to have a good time, so let us enjoy things.
  13.    2.B. Again, no slurs. I get cursing to a degree, I can't apply a filter myself. But do not be excessive or purposely upset someone with harsh comments.
  15. 3. Keep your temper in control. Rage is a thing we all have sometimes, but do your best to contain it. Playing with someone who is screaming in anger isn't very fun.
  16.     3.A. This includes upsetting someone on purpose. Don't do it, be a good gamer.
  18. 4. Try to moderate the ear rape. Spamming mics and music is ok but keep it at an acceptable audio level, I'd like to be able to hear.
  19.     4.A. If you play music, keep it low enough so others can still hear one another as well as the game itself.
  20.     4.B. Don't kill us with a voice changer. It's okay, but keep it at a respectable volume.
  21.     4.C. Depending on severity, continuous ear rape of 2 minutes or more may invoke a ban. Again, be respectful and allow everyone to have a good time.</size>
  23. <size=20><color=blue>----Misc Server Stuff----</color></size>
  24. <size=12> Running Latest Servermod
  25. Custom 914 Rolls
  26. <color=blue>Type:</color></size> <size=15><color=red>.Prefs help</color></size> <size=12><color=blue>in ~ console for PlayerPreferences!(Sets your preferences on what classes you want to spawn as)</color>
  27. SCP-343: Spawn as a Superior D-boy, and work with D-boys and chaos by picking up items and changing them to better keycards/guns to give to fellow players! DISCLAIMER: USING 914 TO CHANGE CLASS FROM SCP-343 WILL CHANGE YOU FROM 343, AND YOU WILL LOSE HIS HEALTH AND ABILITIES!
  28. SCP Healing!
  29. <color=red>Discord Members Get Special Class Loadouts!</color>
  30. </size>
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