Dadonequus Discord Part 175

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  1. >you just started thinking about it, sweating, just...bite the bullet and continue...DON'T DO IT!.
  2. >"Errr, Anon, are you alright? you're looking like you're about to crumble. I was only joking about the grandchildren."
  3. >You snap to attention, geez, you almost lost it.
  4. "Oh...err, right sorry. Yeah, two is a little much huh?"
  5. >"Depends on your mettle. Speaking of which, are you saying you're actually willing to marry my daughter? I never heard a "no" on that one, son"
  7. "....e-erm, maybe?...I d-dunno still.."
  8. >Shit, was he being serious or joking?
  9. >"Well, I suppose you're still too young to decide. But you ain't gonna shake her off so easily now, I'm just sayin' Anon. you may have sealed the deal already" Filthy Rich has a laugh "It's fine though, rather a pony I know to be a good'un than some no good varmint."
  10. >You nearly cringe in guilt...well...You....weren't exactly bad. You had good intentions, and you fixed up a season villain by yourself. That should mean something, right?
  11. >You chuckle nervously
  12. "That's me...a good'un."
  13. >you pick up your tea cup and take a sip, hoping the tea would calm your nerves.
  14. >And it doesn't, as the door to the study opens...and she comes in.
  15. >"Are you in here dear? Diamond Tiara is asl-" Spoiled Rich spots you, her eyes going wide the moment she does.
  16. >You freeze in place yourself. Even with the knowledge she changed, she still has a presence. and the fact the topic was on marrying Diamond didn't help.
  17. >"Hello my sweetie pie, Now I know you remember Anon, do you want to join us for tea?" Filthy Rich looks at her with a smile.
  18. >".........hrn..." She looks directly at you, she didn't smile, and her astonishment lessened with every moment until she finally said "Of course..."
  20. >But she doesn't move, and a few seconds after of not moving, Filthy Rich clears his throat at you and tilts his head towards the long couch like seat to the side. "Ahrm...hrm..."
  21. >Wut?
  22. >Filthy Rich tries it again, but Spoiled Rich just lets out a small laugh "Oh don't worry, I'll...just sit here." Spoiled Rich takes the seat instead.
  23. >......oh got it now. You were supposed to give her your a gentlemen.
  24. >"hrn...Well," Filthy Rich doesn't take offense, he figured you may have just been nervous. Considering the friction that there must have been. He then smiled towards his wife "How was your day?"
  25. >"oh...hrn" Spoiled look towards him and put on an awkward's like she never normally did that before. "It...actually went superbly. I managed to spend all my time with our daughter without" She cleared her throat "I never realized how important friendship really was to her, and I've never seen her so happy....and.." She turned her head a little, hiding her frown. "I never seen her so happy in my company before."
  26. >Filthy Rich turned to her and lifted her head gently to give her a muzzle rub on her nose "Well darlin', you don't have to look so down about it. Of course she's going to be happy to be with her mother. Why would you even doubt such a thing?"
  27. >"I...hrn" Spoiled blushed a little, she even smiled a little more naturally, but still seemed at a loss for words. "I suppose I shouldn't doubt it. She's just never been that happy around me before, and all I did was talk to her and...listen. She had so much to say"
  28. >"Well that's good then. here" Filthy Rich passed her his tea cup "You look nervous my dear, why don't you take my cup, I'm not thirsty anymore."
  29. >Spoiled took the cup, both you and Filthy could see she was nervous from the shaking of it. Now he knew for sure she felt uncomfortable. "What's on your mind honeybunch?"
  31. >".....I'm at a loss of words. In all my time i've been with her since I came home, I've learned more about her than I ever did when I tried to raise her to be the way I wanted her. It was like I didn't even know her, and she didn't know me. She could have completely forgotten about me and nothing would have changed with what she wanted to do with her life. As if all I was was one of the very obstacles I told her to crush beneath her hooves."
  32. >"Don't be ridiculous. She'd never forget about you, just like I never have. you're one of the cornerstones of this very family." Filthy Rich said in a way to pep her up
  33. >You and Discord must have done more damage than you thought. She smiled at his words, but she felt so awful for what she had done. Family wise anyway, she still believed she had the business part down pat. "Maybe I am, but I don't think I should be here. How can I be? I'm no good here. I haven't done any good for you or our daughter."
  34. >Filthy Rich just gave her a gentle smile and put his hooves on one of hers, like holding her hand. "Well that'd be the reason I'm leaving tonight to go finish up your work, wouldn't it? Gives you plenty of time to catch up on all that family time you been missing with our little darlin'."
  35. >Spoiled looked down at his hooves, then at his face. " can you love somepony like me?"
  36. >"Well, it's hard not to when you've stolen my heart and refuse to put it back on sale now isn't it?" Filthy Rich gave her a gentle peck on the lips
  37. >Spoiled blushed "'ve always had a way with words. I'm sorry you have to catch up on my work, you'll have a lot to do you know. They are a bunch of slackers over there"
  38. >Filthy shrugged "It'll be alright, all ya gotta do is show em respect. And if they disrespect that, then it's time to start downsizing. It'll be fine, I've done it a million times. Besides, if I do make some sort of mistake, it just means you'll be here a little longer. That ain't a problem, is it?"
  40. >She slowly shook her head and smiled at him "No...I suppose not...."
  41. >Spoiled Rich then took another sip of her tea as her face became neutral, she was still nervous, but her face became contorted to that of a snooty rich snob. "And don't think I haven't thought about you Mr.Anon"
  42. >oh come on, how could she look at you like that?
  43. "erm."
  44. >"Hmph...Still low class I see, can't even address a superior properly. How disappointing"
  45. >oohhh...come on....
  46. >You look to Filthy, but he just sips his tea. observing.
  47. >fuck
  48. "....Mrs. Rich, I well...I'm just. Sort of nervous is all"
  49. >"Clearly, you can't even sit on that chair properly. You speak with uncertainty, and your mane is messy. If you were my employee I'd fire you on the spot"
  50. >OHH COME ON
  51. "Hey...come on, don't be mean."
  52. >You didn't want a reason to explode in front of Filthy, but fuck. what was she on about?
  53. >"Hrnnn...judgement is judgement. It's something I do best, and you can't expect me not to judge you when my daugher shows me terrifying things...such as this."
  54. >She puts down on the table a paper, it had a drawn in picture with high quality crayons and was you in a tux and Diamond in a wedding gown. a big heart above the both of you.
  56. >Filthy Rich looked like he was gonna burst into laughter, but he was expertly holding it in despite his smile and small jerks of his body.
  57. >"To think, she actually wants to marry somepony as filthy as you.......takes me back" She sighed, then smiled a little. But then immediately stiffened up again. "I very much hope you don't actually plan to marry her with the way you act now, I won't allow it. And if I have to take a year's vacation and hire a substitute just to make you "Rich" quality...I will."
  58. > stay silent, and look to Filthy again.
  59. >"Don't look at me Anon, she's my wife. And if she says you're needing some fixing up, then you're needing it."
  61. >"That's right, he does need it.I happen to know you know my husband and I's history. I hope you don't think that gives you the right to not be the least bit civilized when it comes to our daughter."
  62. >...god no no....cruel fate. Now the entire family was expecting you to marry Diamond. Holy shit, you wondered what would happen if Applebloom knew how far the rabbit hole went on this little problem.
  63. "Mrs. be fair. I think she likes me for me, and I think I'm a little to young to think about marriage"
  64. >She shook her head "One, you can never be too young to think about marriage, managing a business empire is difficult to do alone. And you're insane if you think I'm going to let you inherit anything with your current...."skills". And two, I don't mind you being who you are, but you're still an uncouth and barbaric colt who uses force and trickery to get their way without any semblance of class or wit. And that will not stand"
  65. > Filthy Rich takes a sip of his cup, then looks at you "What she's saying is son is that you just need to have a little discipline in your life, I know your cutie mark says otherwise. But chaos is like any other skill, it takes discipline to master. And if you can master chaos, you can master a little proper mannerisms. It ain't so bad"
  66. "But that's the thing. I'm not even Diamond's special somepony, I know you know that Filthy Rich."
  67. >"I do, and I let my wife know too. Or did you forget that for the longest while I wasn't her special somepony either"
  68. >"He did, it was a lot for me to take in that our daughter had this deep of a crush on you. I won't lie, the first thoughts in my head was running you over with a carriage and hiding the remains....but that's not something a mare such as myself is capable of..."
  69. >no, thats why you hire fucking hitmen...geezes christ.
  71. >"But as I calmed down and thought about it, I realized that it's possible it won't be as bad as I thought. You went this far just to make her happy, you somehow even convinced that criminal of a father to help you in your cause. And you stood up to me. You have the fortitude and the courage to make a good husband to her. And for you to go so far convinces me that you WILL most likely end up marrying her. We can both deny it, but it's most likely true. And I happen to know you're more intelligent than the average colt too. Another fine quality I wouldn't let go to waste when the time comes. I will have you ready for it."
  72. >.........ergh...they both were so sure it was going to happen. It made you, at this point, lean towards it yourself. But she's so damn young still. Maybe it was a selfish thought, but she's overbearing at times and you can't even give her the D.
  73. >And yet....the fact that she seems to love you so unconditionally did make you happy somewhere in your heart. and the logic that did spark in your brain told you you'd be an idiot to give that up.
  74. >Goddamn it....
  75. "..I guess...I just need some time to really think about it. I mean, don't you two think you're pushing it a little? I'm still a little colt."
  76. >"A little colt who's proven time and time again how much you care about our Diamond Tiara, but don't feel like we're pushing you. We just happen to have a thing to be prepared for any situation. And you can't blame us for wanting you prepared too if this happens now can you? Now if it never happens then it never happens and we can just make sure whoever she does marry is as pure as gold. We're her parents Anon, we want the best for her" Filthy Rich let's out a laugh "And you just so happen to fit the bill at the moment, like I said, if ya really didn't want this, you should have kept her at a distance. Now your the prize in her eyes, and our family has always had a thing for always getting what we matter what"
  78. >You expected Spoiled to follow up on that. But she didn't. Something about her eyes as she looked at you.
  79. > couldn't put your hoof on it. but the way she seemed to be so adamant to "improve" you made you feel that she was only following along with her husband. And in fact felt that you really weren't worth her daughter's hoof in marriage if you couldn't meet a certain standard. Because it seemed Filthy would just let it slide just to make his daughter happy.
  80. >But that couldn't be it either. Because she WAS going along with it. She may have wanted you to be her pick, but the fact she still calls Discord a criminal meant that she wanted you to be away from him and his ways. From her point of view anyway.
  81. >Yeah, it seemed you managed to impress them with your unintended dedication to Diamond Tiara. You both were still just so young. But you made one hell of an impression. You must have seemed like such a catch that you even her parents wanted to secure you into the family. They must have thought that if you were like this now, you'd be amazing as an adult.
  82. >....would it be so bad though? This was every horsefuckers dream. To belong, to have a waifu, to have a life set up for them. Sure, it wasn't the RIGHT waifu and...yeah, heading this business is scary as fuck. You could very easily bring it to it's destruction. But at least it was something.
  83. >You couldn't say anything either. you didn't want to seem like you'd be willing for this, nor did you want to insult them by fully denying them either.
  84. >Luckily, a maid knocked on the door and spoke through it "Master Rich, your luggage haz been prepared, and the train, it leavez soon."
  85. >Filthy Rich looked towards the door, then back at you two "Well, looks like I have to mosey along. Anon, just think about what we said. It'll be many a moon when you finally decide on that decision, and we'll accept whatever it may be.For now, just focus on your schooling and being a kid. You only get to be one once. "
  87. >Filthy then turned and happily said his goodbye to his wife. Letting her know how much he truly loved her as he gave her a kiss, a long one right on the lips. and went on his way.
  88. >She just stared as he left, a small smile on her face, it was if nothing else mattered at the moment after that. It almost looked like she wanted to stop him from leaving. But she didn't, her business instincts were still better than her family based ones. Or...she just understood the importance of it all.
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