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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <script>
  3.   <header>
  4.     <map>@1408036</map>
  5.     <shaman>true</shaman>
  6.     <vanish moving="2"/>
  7.   </header>
  8.   <portals>
  9.   </portals>
  10.  <objects>
  11. <object name="Cannon1" id="20" x="680" y="250" vx="0" vy="0" angle="0" solid="true"/>
  12. <object name="Cannon2" id="20" x="680" y="355" vx="0" vy="0" angle="0" solid="true"/>
  13.  </objects>
  14.   <stuff>
  15. <stuff>
  16. <StuffMoveCreator name="creator1" status="online" object="Cannon1" loop="true" interval="0"
  17. delay="0"/>
  18. <StuffMoveCreator name="creator1" status="online" object="Cannon2" loop="true" interval="0" delay="0"/>
  19. </stuff>
  20. </script>
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