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  1. R&F
  3. 1) I'm pretty satisfied with both my Rockman time and my Forte time. (much moreso Rockman.) But lately I've been really conflicted if I'll return before I stop speedrunning
  5. 2) The speedrunner in me wants to improve both of them. But the realist in me says that pushing it further is a waste of time.
  7. 3) Improving Rockman would not be easy, and I'm not sure if it'd even be fun. My run has generally good/great play but maybe 15s maximum (MAX... including Pirate zip to be fair though) worth of improving movement and perhaps another 15 for god RNG (my run has pretty decent RNG, esp King Tank.) But I also got all first try zips (yeah) and the Wily Quick Kill (one of the more terrifying ways to end a run I can think of.)
  9. 4) Forte is somewhat more improveable but I won't touch it unless it's beaten, and even then I'm not sure.
  11. 5) Classic Mega's pretty dead, and being that this is the most obscure title in the classic lineup... it's hard to care too much
  13. 6) The game is good though. =/
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