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May 8th, 2023
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  4. On May 3, 2023 12:03:55 AM GMT+03:00, Purism Investor Relations <> wrote:
  6. Purism Supporter,
  8. We are contacting you either because you have directly asked us about investing in Purism, are on our newsletter, or a customer whom we thought would be interested in hearing about our investment opportunity. If you are not interested and don't want any more emails from us, please let us know and we will quickly remove you from this private mailing list.
  10. For the next two months you can earn an additional 5% immediate bonus on any investment.
  12. This is the last investment opportunity before we reach shipping parity for the Librem 5 and begin holding stock of the popular mobile phone we pioneered.
  14. Purism has accomplished a tremendous amount in the past few years most notably the volume of Librem 5 phones making into the hands of the majority of our early supporters, the small balance are rapidly approaching full delivery to the last of the supporters who should get their phones before June 30th, 2023. The Librem 5 is revolutionary in so many ways, it is a quad core computer running PureOS by default, it has hardware kill switches for the ultimate in security, it offers true convergence for use as a desktop device, it does not run Android nor iOS and has no tracking whatsoever, it has its schematics released and all the software is released under fully free software licenses. Having the Librem 5 reach shipping parity end of June will be a reason to celebrate!
  16. Purism is also happy to share that we have stock of the popular Librem 14 laptop, Librem Mini desktop, Librem Key security token, recently added the 1U Librem Server, the very successful Librem 5 USA phone with Made in USA electronics (also featured in the CNBC piece REF below). We are behind the scenes working on a Librem 16 laptop and Librem 11 tablet to be announced in the coming months, along with a new product offering announcement that has not been shared publicly.
  18. With this investment opportunity we are accepting increments starting at $1000 and allow for easy cart checkout to invest. We invite you to get more information on this investment round including the immediate 5% bonus. Find out how to invest, where we will use the funds, and our current progress in this round at our private investment page at
  20. Sincerely,
  22. Todd Weaver
  23. CEO and Founder
  24. Purism, SPC
  26. REF:
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