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  1. TheReDrew89 Presents:
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  4.               ~
  5. The Life and Legend of Lielle
  7. Premise: A fully-realized machinima-styled, RP-focused Let's Play series of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, with a full collection of mods to enhance gameplay, story-telling, immersion and aesthetics.
  9. Concepts:
  11. - Fully-voice player dialogue, by an experienced voice actress.
  13. - Occasional cutscenes, rendered out-of-game in SFM and/or other 3D animation suites.
  15. - Additional voiced dialogue from other voice actors in the Skyrim modding community, contributors to follower and NPC mods, and additional extras and original characters.
  17. - Exploration of areas beyond Skyrim, via quest mods such as Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elswyr, Summerset Isles (Tentative; must patch for Immersive College of Winterhold), and others
  19. - Multi-arc, alternate-start plot progression.
  21. Player Character Creation (Semi-D&D, no stats or atts)
  23. Name: Lielle
  24. Age: 23
  25. Race: Breton female
  26. Specialization: Magic
  27. Class: Mage
  28. Alignment: Neutral Good - Passively Good
  30. Bio: Born the 4th of Rain's Hand, 4E 178, in the City of Wayrest, High Rock, to unknown parentage, Lielle was orphaned at a young age, during a skrimish between Imperial defense forces garrisoned at the port city, and Aldmeri occupation forces stationed in Hammerfell, across the Iliac Bay.  She was sent to be raised by her uncle in Cyrodiil, on a farm outside of Cheydenhal. Her uncle Rufus was a notorious drunk, and his twin sons, Marcus and Matteo, were particularly cruel to Lielle as she grew into a resilient young woman. She came to rely on her wits and intelligence, and a natural talent in magic, before she finally abandoned the only home she had known, at 15 years old. Over the next 5 years, she would wander between Bruma and New Kvatch (as rebuilt by the Champion of Cyrodiil, after the Oblivion Crisis), practicing her magic skill, and learning what little she could from the few magic-users left after the Oblivion Crisis. On her 20th year, she learned of a college of magic in Skyrim, that would accept new apprentices, quite unlike the Imperial Synod Council. It was then that she decided to make the journey to become a true mage, and subconciously find the comfort and validation she had never known in youth. On the journey, she finds herself captured and lost in an Abandoned Prison. This is where our story begins... (Cut to Abandoned Prison, Live Another Life.)
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