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  1. [2019/11/18 12:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Hey Nick, how's your day going so far?
  2. [2019/11/18 12:14]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Pretty good, hope the same goes for you. Is something up that you message me? o.o
  3. [2019/11/18 12:16]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Oh god, what did I do this time?  XD
  4. [2019/11/18 12:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Yeah, so After a little internal investigation, and trying to decide what to do; I've spoken to the admin team on a course of action, and think I have a grasp on what to do. Currently I've gotten an astronomical amount of complaints about you, from different people (Players) as well about you're ability to conduct yourself professional, That being said It came down a decision I needed to make. While I don't personally have the resources to help train you, or help you be more professional, we've decided to demote you down to player level, you can still roleplay on sim; however you will no longer be on staff. That being said, I think it's probably the best course of action for your own mental health as you expressed to me that you were considering stepping down anyway.
  5. [2019/11/18 12:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): you can however still have your guild if you still want it
  6. [2019/11/18 12:19]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Alright, no problem. Hoped that I'd have been talked to first before such a decision but fair enough
  7. [2019/11/18 12:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Let me know what you plan on doing, as far as things go
  8. [2019/11/18 12:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): if you plan on running the guild lead still etc.
  9. [2019/11/18 12:20]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Mhm. Not sure. I will have to think about that. I will let you know
  10. [2019/11/18 12:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I've got Maez picking up your event to run it through until the end of the weak so players won't be disappointed.
  11. [2019/11/18 12:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): week*(
  12. [2019/11/18 12:21]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Not like there is anything to do and funny considering Maez doesn't have any time except on sundays
  13. [2019/11/18 12:21]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): There's also Raz that's going to help out.
  14. [2019/11/18 12:21]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Who is also at work from tomorrow on until late at night but that is not my problem anymore~
  15. [2019/11/18 12:21]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): It was never yours to begin with.
  16. [2019/11/18 12:22]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): You have been ejected from 'Sphere of Nuvaria Staff' by Nergal Ninetails.
  17. [2019/11/18 12:27]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): Please make sure to remove me from the board also
  18. [2019/11/18 12:27]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): So I do not get messages
  19. [2019/11/18 12:28]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): already on it
  20. [2019/11/18 12:34]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): I will take back the guild btw. Not in the mood to run it atm so it's better off forgotten.
  21. [2019/11/18 12:34]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Alright, thank you for letting me know!
  22. [2019/11/18 13:18]  Second Life: EGO is online.
  23. [2019/11/19 12:27]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Hey bud, so it has come to my attention that some questions were raised as to why you were removed from staff, this is lengthy so be prepared.
  24.  Reasons why I removed you
  26.  Players, and storyteller reports Nick unwilling to work with player requests and conducts themselves poorly
  28.  Multiple Staff members, have reported Issues of flirtation upon multiple levels of indecency, while it’s not vulgar it’s a fundamental problem that has been reported by more than one person, who will not be named to avoid some level of embarrassment.
  30.  Nick has Complained previously within the Sphere of Nuvaria chat about how exhausted they were, after Iondi spoke with him about taking a step back to relax. (this is fundamentally not a good look for players). He made sexual comments in group chat which could undo the hard work we’ve done thus far to try and culture people to a more roleplay orientated sim, rather than ERP
  32.  Nick has expressed and shown his inability to work with several people at once, and even team like
  33. [2019/11/19 12:27]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails):  environment.
  36.  This is just a small blip of what i have but i figure you get the picture, that being said your not all bad you held tons of events, brought laughter to people, and you are an incredibly good worker. That being said I’d like to remember you for that portion rather than what is being portrayed now. While We could have talked to you and worked with you, along with train, we fundamentally just do not have the resources to be capable of doing that in that point in time. And just because we removed you from staff does not signify hatred, we don’t hate you, if we did I would have just banned you from the sim, removed you from the group and that would be the end. I would not have offered you the ability to run guild lead despite removing you from staff position, you expressed to me a while back that you were considering stepping down I’m not even sure why it’s a question why you were removed in that case? That being said, I believe that your depression, has made you narcissistic and
  37. [2019/11/19 12:27]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails):  delusional to the point where it is portrayed in arrogance, and anger. Your removal from staff does not mean you were not able to reapply when you are at a better place mentally, however given recent actions unless there are some heavy changes to your behavior in the future, you’ve but solidified your inability to reapply for staff. So I'm giving you a formal warning, continue down the path that which you are, You’ll simply be removed from the sim, and banned; it matters not to me what path you choose, but I do hope that you choose the one that makes you happy.
  38. [2019/11/19 12:38]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Here is the thing EGO. First and foremost, yes I'm pretty pissed about it all. I do not necessarily think that either of you hate me but I find it hypocritical that you speak of professionalism when you do not even approach me as you get a complaint, talk to me so I can change whatever is the problem and then move on. What you did is let the complaints pile up, whoever put them in, I don't care, and then just kick me with one text. That is not professional as you want me to be. There wouldn't have to be any "training" if you just took me to the side and told me :"Hey, someone said this. Is there any merit to it? If so, please stop that."
  40.  Now for the accusations. Yes, I'm a flirty person naturally and NO, I did not flirt with anyone just because I felt like it. I do admit however that I flirted back to those who flirted with me first. Everyone else, I treated professionally and I have tons of IMs to show that.
  42.  Now for the players and storyteller part. Please what? I know that people complained about no posting Order during one of my events. I told them I'd do it next time and what did I do during the Big Chicken event? I had a posting order. Anyone who IMed me about events they wanted to hold in the future, like Reimus? I told them if they need help they can come to me if they want to. I told EVERYONE that I help where I can. Again, tons of IMs to show that and that I actually talk to anyone on a level of mutual respect and nothing else.
  44.  As for the exhaustion? Partly true. The only thing that really comes to mind is when I complained about building my own home which was my own project. That said, I'm not the only one. Perhaps not on the level I did but things like Mirae not sleeping for 3 days, come to mind.
  46.  Sexual comments? Not really and after you specifically stated in the group meeting to not do that, I made sure nothing was said and I told people to stop but be that as it may.
  48.  And I cannot work with people? So the event that I held together with Koneko and Suzu was not working together? Taking their ideas and holding an event together? So me asking Maez and Raz if they want to help with an event is not working together? So telling Gwen if she needs help with her guild event is not helping? Telling Iondi that I'd help is not helping? What you tell me are baseless accusations here. As for stepping down, you took that way out of context. I had fun doing events and helping people. It was incredibly fun. Just that moment with Maez and Iondi where I said that I messed up myself, stressed me out for a moment where I considered it. Just because I considered it during a brief moment does not mean I want to stop
  49. [2019/11/19 12:40]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Sorry when I say this Ego but to me it looks as if there is a clear bias. This could have been handled WAY differently. I do not say that I'm innocent, no one really is and everyone makes mistakes but what you accuse me of is pretty much without merit and that you didn't even stop to ask me or talk to me about it? That reflects poorly on you
  50. [2019/11/19 12:45]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So apologies, and I really mean that when I say that I'm sorry, but please try to understand why I'm pissed
  51. [2019/11/19 12:45]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Nick, While you claim there not baseless, I cannot, and will not show you any kind of "logs" to show you as evidence of the actions, aside from showing you what I have personally seen, and share with you complaints and feedback given to me by Both Players and Staff, all that I have mentioned, Like i said what I listed to you is a 'small' section of what I have, the complaints against you were piling up to the point I didn't even have time to come to you.
  52. [2019/11/19 12:47]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): there baseless*(
  53. [2019/11/19 12:47]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I find that hard to believe in all honesty. All that I've spoken to do not seem to have a problem with me. Be that as it may, there was always time, that is a cope out. I do not want to see logs but I find it interesting that your so called internal investigation did nothing. Again, especially the complaints about Posting Order are hilarious
  54. [2019/11/19 12:48]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): For someone who says communication is key all the time, you did not communicate *shrugs*
  55. [2019/11/19 12:48]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Again, Nick you're an incredibly good worker, I give you that, but your ability to communicate with people is poor, so poor that I needed to remove you, Despite you excelling at the role that we gave you.
  56. [2019/11/19 12:48]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I did communicate with you
  57. [2019/11/19 12:49]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): when these actions were brought Up
  58. [2019/11/19 12:49]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): they were brought up via staff meeting
  59. [2019/11/19 12:49]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): So that you were not singled out, and everyone was aware
  60. [2019/11/19 12:49]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And again, I do not see why. All people that came to me with questions or just talked to me? I answered all their questions professionally and when I didn't have an answer, I made sure to tell them to either talk to an admin or ask them if I should ask
  61. [2019/11/19 12:49]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I mentioned it to everyone.
  62. [2019/11/19 12:49]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You only mentioned sexual encouragement in OOC chat and ever since you said that, I made sure to not say anything or do dirty jokes
  63. [2019/11/19 12:50]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): also complaining
  64. [2019/11/19 12:50]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): and the house wasn't the isuse
  65. [2019/11/19 12:50]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): issue*
  66. [2019/11/19 12:51]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Either way. You see it this way, I see it that way. You can tell me whatever you want but at the end of the day, you did not talk to me personally, you did not ask me and did not give me any time whatsoever to defend myself and show you a different side of a coin that people tried to paint on me
  67. [2019/11/19 12:51]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You say I was unprofessional and that I treated players poorly when they came to me. I say that is not true *shrugs*
  68. [2019/11/19 12:51]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Right, and as I expressed, the amount of talking required with you, would have required to much time and resources
  69. [2019/11/19 12:52]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): what i will say is my way is unethical, but it is professional, and not unheard of in a buisness.
  70. [2019/11/19 12:52]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): No. What you expressed is that "training" would have taken too much. Telling me "These are the complaints. Make sure to not do it again", is not work man
  71. [2019/11/19 12:52]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Correct
  72. [2019/11/19 12:52]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Training
  73. [2019/11/19 12:53]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): what does that inquire?
  74. [2019/11/19 12:53]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Did it ever occur to you that there might not even be training involved? That when I said from the beginning that if I make mistakes, please tell me? How do you expect someone to work on stuff they did wrong if you never mention it to them
  75. [2019/11/19 12:53]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Did it ever occur to you to say :"Here, warning for you. If you don't stop with that, I'm sad to say we have to part ways with you?"
  76. [2019/11/19 12:54]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): It did
  77. [2019/11/19 12:54]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You can try to justify it as much as you want EGO. At the end of the day, I do not see it as justifiable and no, you did not
  78. [2019/11/19 12:54]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): However you had so many complaints that I found myself unable to fix the issue with just that.
  79. [2019/11/19 12:55]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I will send you one notecard just for the heck of it. After that, we are done. I will not get involved with the staff at any level whatsoever anymore and may RP on sim until I ever get bored, the sim dies or I get banned for whatever I do
  80. [2019/11/19 12:56]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'm currently looking for an example of what you did to send to you
  81. [2019/11/19 12:56]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): so go for it!
  82. [2019/11/19 12:58]  Second Life: Inventory item 'Raemus IMs' offered
  83. [2019/11/19 12:59]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): What do you want to show me with this notecard?
  84. [2019/11/19 13:00]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): That the accusation of me not listening to players or conducting myself poorly with them is not true. I try to listen. I try to give advice, I try to help
  85. [2019/11/19 13:01]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): It's not like I do not listen to criticism and I never insulted anyone either. If I didn't know the answer, I asked Admins or in Staff Chat.
  86. [2019/11/19 13:01]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): That I conduct myself poorly to the point where you got so many complaints you couldn't read them all seems strange to me, especially after speaking to quite a few people
  87. [2019/11/19 13:01]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Right, this is one of example of you 'listening' however there are also examples of you not listening
  88. [2019/11/19 13:01]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Yeah, and you won't show me any of that
  89. [2019/11/19 13:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): One example of you listening does not nullify the examples of you not.
  90. [2019/11/19 13:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Right, because there private logs
  91. [2019/11/19 13:02]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Which I can understand but at the same time what do you expect me to do? Can't defend myself if I don't know what
  92. [2019/11/19 13:02]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Yeah, I'm not aware of not listening to anyone, sorry.
  93. [2019/11/19 13:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'm not expecting you to defend yourself
  94. [2019/11/19 13:02]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): If you are that concerned about private logs, simply delete the name of the person
  95. [2019/11/19 13:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): but take this information and try to better yourself.
  96. [2019/11/19 13:03]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I don't have to. Again, I do not know who I wronged or what I did wrong but there is no time where I would say that I did not listen to a player at all
  97. [2019/11/19 13:03]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Tell you what
  98. [2019/11/19 13:03]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'll do just that, show you a small blip of what i have
  99. [2019/11/19 13:03]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): of a person not on staff
  100. [2019/11/19 13:04]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): A player.
  101. [2019/11/19 13:04]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): give me a moment.
  102. [2019/11/19 13:04]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And I will promise you that I won't IM them under any circumstances
  103. [2019/11/19 13:06]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Also, the sad fact is that you NOW have the time to talk to me about it. Like seriously man
  104. [2019/11/19 13:07]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Right, about one of the complaints
  105. [2019/11/19 13:07]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I don't have time to go through all of them
  106. [2019/11/19 13:07]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Mhm. Since there are too many~
  107. [2019/11/19 13:09]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): [2019/11/17 14:21]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): haha, I'm glad you feel relaxed with us
  108.  [2019/11/17 14:22]  xxxxx: Okay, I have one thing i have a problem with
  109.  [2019/11/17 14:23]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): Throw the punch!
  110.  [2019/11/17 14:23]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): i'm ready for it
  111.  [2019/11/17 14:23]  xxxxx: Its one of the staff ...
  112.  [2019/11/17 14:23]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): tell me
  113.  [2019/11/17 14:23]  xxxxx: I dont think Nick is fit to be a mentor , her personality and all that ?
  114.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  xxxxxx: his*
  115.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  xxxxxx: wtf her xD
  116.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): haha
  117.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): Could you tell me any details on that?
  118.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): On nick
  119.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  xxxxxxx: Well one thing i told him about already and he said he will fix in the future
  120.  [2019/11/17 14:24]  xxxxxx: which was refusing doing PO in events
  121.  [2019/11/17 14:25]  EGO (nergal.ninetails): Has he changed it, that you've seen?
  122.  [2019/11/17 14:25]  xxxxxx:
  123. [2019/11/19 13:09]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails):  Also his full personality. I dont think he can handle all this
  124.  [2019/11/17 14:25]  xxxxxx: So far no
  125. [2019/11/19 13:09]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Do you have any idea, how concerning it is to me
  126. [2019/11/19 13:10]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): When I ask a random person on sim how there doing
  127. [2019/11/19 13:10]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): and they come back to me with that?
  128. [2019/11/19 13:10]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So what was the complaint exactly?
  129. [2019/11/19 13:10]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Did you read it?
  130. [2019/11/19 13:10]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Yes
  131. [2019/11/19 13:11]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Again, what is the complaint? That was from 2 das ago
  132. [2019/11/19 13:11]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): *2 days
  133. [2019/11/19 13:11]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): How do you not see the complaint?
  134. [2019/11/19 13:11]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): It's literally in the logs
  135. [2019/11/19 13:11]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I see it. It's the Posting Order which again, is hilarious
  136. [2019/11/19 13:11]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I changed it
  137. [2019/11/19 13:12]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): If they didn't attend the event after people complained, that is not my fault or is it?
  138. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Nick
  139. [2019/11/19 13:12]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): People complained about no posting order in the skeleton event
  140. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): do you see what i'm talking about
  141. [2019/11/19 13:12]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I changed it afterwards
  142. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): your refusing to take it as fact
  143. [2019/11/19 13:12]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): ...
  144. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): after I showed you this
  145. [2019/11/19 13:12]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Really?
  146. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): your just not in a healthy place mentally.
  147. [2019/11/19 13:12]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): your just giving me excuses
  148. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Are you trying to gaslight me here?
  149. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Here, I will give you the whole log of the event
  150. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): No
  151. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): that was 1 week ago
  152. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): with posting order
  153. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'm telling your your strawmanning
  154. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): No, you are lol
  155. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I just gave you something contextual
  156. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): A random fucking person
  157. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And I tell you that it's not true
  158. [2019/11/19 13:13]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): What else do you want me to say?
  159. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): True or not, this is a random person
  160. [2019/11/19 13:13]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): A player
  161. [2019/11/19 13:14]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): unaffiliated with anyone
  162. [2019/11/19 13:14]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): That said this
  163. [2019/11/19 13:14]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): A RANDOM PLAYER!
  164. [2019/11/19 13:14]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): That has not attended an event since their last one where I did no posting order
  165. [2019/11/19 13:14]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): How can they see change if they didn't attend an event since then?
  166. [2019/11/19 13:14]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): This is silly, seriously Ego
  167. [2019/11/19 13:15]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Because they possibly attended multiple to see if you did change, and simply stopped.
  168. [2019/11/19 13:15]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): [2019/11/13 16:14]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): (( So, for the fight. This time around, since I got some people asking for post order, we will do that. For AoE, everyone is allowed one AoE attack for this combat since you can only target me. If you hit me with an AoE attack, every enemy takes 1 damage. Please mark your posts at the end accordingly. +AoE+, +Zombie+, +Bear+... like that please ))
  169.  [2019/11/13 16:15]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): (( Makes it easier for me since I cannot possibly read every post in a timely fashion. Otherwise, please roll a FLAT ROLL for Init ))
  170.  [2019/11/13 16:15]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  171.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ɪɴꜰᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ ᴢᴏᴍʙɪᴇ (ɴᴘᴄ) ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (48).
  172.  [2019/11/13 16:15]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  173.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ᴛᴇᴢʀᴀ ʏʏꜱᴋʀäᴇᴠ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (76).
  174.  [2019/11/13 16:15]  Persephone: /me holds her head feeling strange hearing wispers in her head talking to her from the infection she dosent know she has from her battle with the mayor she then summons her water from the air as well as the blossems from the forest to help aid her
  175.  [2019/11/13 16:15]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  176.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ʀᴀꜱᴜɪ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (90).
  177.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  178.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ꜱᴇʀᴀᴘʜ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (34).
  179.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  180.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ʟɪʟɪᴀɴᴀ ꜰᴀʏᴇʙᴇʟʟᴇ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (29).
  181.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  Reis: is offline.
  182.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  183.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ᴘᴇʀꜱᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (98).
  184.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  185.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ᴀʀᴏɴᴀᴛʜ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (92).
  186.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
  187.  [2019/11/13 16:16]  [Sphere of Nuvaria] Master HUD v2.9:
  188.   ꜰʟᴀᴛ ʀᴏʟʟ | ᴄᴏᴛᴀ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴ ʀᴏʟʟꜱ (22).
  189.  [2019/11/13 16:17]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): (( Anyone else? ))
  190.  [2019/11/13 16:18]  Liliana Fayebelle: walked in on the scene, seeing animals scared as she glanced around and noted the bear with the crystals and the animals next to it. She even noted the zombie looking creature, her head tilting curiously.
  191.  [2019/11/13 16:18]  Nick (Salbar Skytower): (( Turn Order is above me so everyone can look up when it's their turn. In this case. Have fun! If you go any questions, ask me in IM ))
  192.  [2019/11/13 16:20]  Λuvєrα Hímє: left chat range.
  193.  [2019/11/13 16:22]  Jay: entered chat range (18.36 m).
  194.  [2019/11/13 16:27]  Aronath (drdoodledee): OH GOD ]]
  195.  [2019/11/13 16:27]  Esme Covington (Eirumi): ((...I knew someone said there was a chicken..but dear lord...))
  196. [2019/11/19 13:16]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): EGO, this is silly. I held three fights. The Mayor, the Skeleton fight with Suzu and Koneko and the Chicken Fight
  197. [2019/11/19 13:16]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I got complaints during the skeleton fight. I changed it with the Chicken fight
  198. [2019/11/19 13:16]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I literally changed it NEXT event
  199. [2019/11/19 13:16]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): In any case, let me point another thing out to you
  200. [2019/11/19 13:16]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): This is just one subject of many
  201. [2019/11/19 13:16]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Look at how long I've been talking to you for.
  202. [2019/11/19 13:17]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Do you see what i'm saying, that I don't have the time to talk to you about all of them?
  203. [2019/11/19 13:17]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You did if you didn't just throw me out like that. Anyways. What I see is that you are out of arguments for that particular thing
  204. [2019/11/19 13:17]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Baseless accusation as I said
  205. [2019/11/19 13:17]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Say baseless all you want
  206. [2019/11/19 13:17]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): but you saw the log yourself
  207. [2019/11/19 13:18]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): It has no merits
  208. [2019/11/19 13:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): if you want to continue to be completely fucking delusional thats your problem.
  209. [2019/11/19 13:18]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And what about you? You do not even listen to what I say
  210. [2019/11/19 13:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I saw the good feedback
  211. [2019/11/19 13:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): and I even mentioned
  212. [2019/11/19 13:18]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Aren't you delusional for ignoring the fact?
  213. [2019/11/19 13:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): That you had done good events
  214. [2019/11/19 13:18]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): But your not listening to the negatives
  215. [2019/11/19 13:18]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And you do not listen to what I say about the negative
  216. [2019/11/19 13:19]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You gave me that example. I showed you it's not true
  217. [2019/11/19 13:19]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Because there bloody excuses!
  218. [2019/11/19 13:19]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I gave you fucking logs
  219. [2019/11/19 13:19]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): and I gave you logs.
  220. [2019/11/19 13:19]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): How is that an excuse
  221. [2019/11/19 13:19]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I literally showed you that I did posting order
  222. [2019/11/19 13:19]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): LITERALLY
  223. [2019/11/19 13:19]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Which is good!, but at the same time, it's one example of many
  224. [2019/11/19 13:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I could not spend the time going through and trying to help you with all of them
  225. [2019/11/19 13:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'm not saying your a bad guy!
  226. [2019/11/19 13:20]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I just think you're not trained enough.
  227. [2019/11/19 13:21]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And I think that there aren't that many complaints to begin with and if there are, then mostly without merit like this one, seriously
  228. [2019/11/19 13:21]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I love how that log you showed me does nothing
  229. [2019/11/19 13:21]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Think what you want, but i'm not going to show you every little conversation that I had with everyone.
  230. [2019/11/19 13:22]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I don't want that anyways. I guess I want only one thing at this moment and that is for you to admit that at lost not every complaint you got against me, is true or with merit and that you, yourself, conducted yourself poorly in communicating with me. But I won't get that so let's leave it at that. I do not hate you Ego but I see a bias nonetheless.
  231. [2019/11/19 13:23]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So let's stop talking. Ban me if you want for what I supposedly did or wait until more complaints come in I guess
  232. [2019/11/19 13:23]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'll only ban you if you prove yourself to be problematic for other players, or spread toxicity.
  233. [2019/11/19 13:23]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Am I apparently not problematic for other players since I got that many complaints?
  234. [2019/11/19 13:24]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): Just your ability to run things on staff
  235. [2019/11/19 13:24]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): not your ability to roleplay.
  236. [2019/11/19 13:24]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Ah. I see. Even better. In any case. I am grateful however that you talked with me now even if I do not agree or see your point
  237. [2019/11/19 13:25]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): As such, have a good day. And make sure that more events for storyline will be run because quite a number of players are a bit sad that there most likely won't be as many events anymore
  238. [2019/11/19 13:26]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): And that is feedback that I got so take that however you like Ego
  239. [2019/11/19 13:26]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): What makes you think there won't be any events?
  240. [2019/11/19 13:26]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): The story teller team already is producing stuff for the future
  241. [2019/11/19 13:26]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Oh, finally after one day that I'm gone?~
  242. [2019/11/19 13:26]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): About time
  243. [2019/11/19 13:27]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): In any case, I do hope you find peace, and happiness, possibly even help to better yourself.
  244. [2019/11/19 13:27]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Looking forward to the events then
  245. [2019/11/19 13:27]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): excellent!
  246. [2019/11/19 14:00]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So much for leaving me be...
  247. [2019/11/19 14:00]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): /me sighs
  248. [2019/11/19 14:00]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): You went and messaged players.
  249. [2019/11/19 14:00]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): just now
  250. [2019/11/19 14:01]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I messaged Orchidya, yeah. Asked her if she had any problems with me since we were friends. She proceeded to answer more than she had to and I decided to remove her as my friend and wish her a good day
  251. [2019/11/19 14:01]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Is that not allowed?
  252. [2019/11/19 14:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): and an argument blew out
  253. [2019/11/19 14:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): I'm not sure why you're playing dumb.
  254. [2019/11/19 14:02]  EGO (Nergal Ninetails): In any case have a good Day and I hope you find happiness.
  255. [2019/11/19 14:02]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): For fucks sake Ego.
  256. [2019/11/19 14:02]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Really?
  257. [2019/11/19 14:04]  Second Life: Inventory item 'Orchidya' offered
  258. [2019/11/19 14:04]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Not as if it changes anything but have fun reading it if you want
  264. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Can I ask you a question?
  265. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): sure
  266. [2019/11/19 13:28]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Be honest and blunt. Do you have any problems with me and if so, which?
  267. [2019/11/19 13:29]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): oh ffs are you seriously asking me a question like that out of the damn blue?
  268. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Yes?
  269. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): and i ask you why
  270. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Because I wanted to know?
  271. [2019/11/19 13:30]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): *want to know
  272. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Well this question pissed me off LOL to thats a problem right there
  273. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Damn you are easy to piss off
  274. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): xD
  275. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): oh ya with drama yes
  276. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): drama?
  277. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): also hello to you too , how was your day
  278. [2019/11/19 13:31]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I just asked a single question!
  279. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Shitty but thanks for asking. I hope your day faired better
  280. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Questions like that are literally asking for drama
  281. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I hate questions like that
  282. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I am a person that if i have issues with you personally, i wouldnt talk to you
  283. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I did not mean to cause any drama, really. I just wanted to know your honest opinion was all
  284. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I thought you realized that when we talked
  285. [2019/11/19 13:32]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Fair enough
  286. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Well... yes and no. Right now I'm not really sure anymore about anything
  287. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): anything else you wanted to ask me?
  288. [2019/11/19 13:33]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Well... how are you enjoying RPing your kitsune?
  289. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): yea its fun. They find him cute
  290. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Who knew xD
  291. [2019/11/19 13:35]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): But yeah. I'm just irritated after talking to Ego I guess which is why I asked you that question
  292. [2019/11/19 13:36]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): If your asking me if I was asked questions or about complains yes I was. My truthful answer was that I just do not find you fit to be a mentor , i must admit I did tell him that but nothing else
  293. [2019/11/19 13:36]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): the other shit that was thrown at him came from other people
  294. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Is that what you wanted to hear Nick?
  295. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): No, not really but fair enough
  296. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Look i was asked and i said the truth
  297. [2019/11/19 13:37]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I just think it was too much for you
  298. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Also your personality does not match being a staff and you said it yourself that is all Im gonna say
  299. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Would have liked if you actually gave him a reason or example for why you think so but again, fair enough
  300. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I did
  301. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): He asked me why i think s
  302. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): so
  303. [2019/11/19 13:38]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I have him reasons.
  304. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Now are we done talking about this?
  305. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I was done before. I said fair enough
  306. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I didn't want to continue talking about this
  307. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): ok
  308. [2019/11/19 13:39]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Have a nice day~
  309. [2019/11/19 13:40]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): u too Nick
  310. [2019/11/19 13:41]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Knew your gonna do that xD
  311. [2019/11/19 13:41]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Mhm. Of course. Why would I not~
  312. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I do not need friends who throw me under the bus. Simply thinning out my FL again
  313. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Throw you under the bus?
  314. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): You said yourself you act like that because your german. SO you realize how you act yourself
  315. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): just use an excuse... Im german
  316. [2019/11/19 13:42]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): That is no damn excuse
  317. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Of course it's not. It's an "inside joke" that happened ever since I played CaH with friends two years ago
  318. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Being german is no accuse for anything lol
  319. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Well u used it
  320. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Not as a serious excuse
  321. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): And throwing you under the bus. DOnt be funny
  322. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Again, inside joke.
  323. [2019/11/19 13:43]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): being rude to others
  324. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Which right here, you doing this shit proves my point Nick
  325. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): Are you done? I did not want to have a drama conversation
  326. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): You said you hated it yourself
  327. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): I simply do not see any reason to associate with you anymore. That is all
  328. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): I do
  329. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): LOL ok
  330. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Borkhemian Bhorksedy (Salbar Skytower): So have a nice day~
  331. [2019/11/19 13:44]  Orchidya Decay (Moonie Ghanduhar): Bye Nick
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