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  1. Squidward (Malamar) @ Choice Scarf  
  2. Ability: Contrary  
  3. EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe  
  4. Jolly Nature  
  5. - Topsy-Turvy  
  6. - Superpower  
  7. - Knock Off/Destiny bond
  8. - Switcheroo
  9. Hear me out Emvee.  I know what your thinking, "Scarf Malamar (or Malamar in general) is a trash sweeper, it could not do work in OU"  The first statement may be true, but the second one couldn't be further from the truth.  The goal of this set is to cripple common setup sweepers. If you don't already know, topsy turvy takes the opponents stat changes and reverses them.  So a +6 Serperior gets outsped by Malamar because of the scarf, then brought down to -6 with topsy turvy.  +6 +6 Clefable gets topsy turvied.  +6 Azumarill needs to be intimidated, but then you live the aqua jet and bring it to -5 with topsy turvy.  SD bisharp or a bisharp that got boosted by defiant gets outsped and topsy turvied, and it will definitely predict super power and go for sucker punch anyway, and you have the option of tricking it a scarf as well.  Tail glow manaphy gets wrecked by topsy turvy,  You live a +2 Aqua jet from Crawdaunt and can topsy turvy it, trick it and switch into water resist/immunity, you also live a +2 aqua jet followed by a -2 aqua jet, so if you have already tricked away your scarf, you can topsy turvy a +2 crawdaunt and proceed to hit it hard with superpower.  This thing is so good against so many common setup sweepers in OU, use it if your cool.
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