Infernal Gate: Vision

Nov 22nd, 2017
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  1. Is there an action you'd like to make but its not in the game rules?
  2. Do you have an idea for a perk that would make your roleplay more wholesome?
  3. Good! It means you were gifted with the sight!
  4. Those were not merely ideas you just had, no! Those are visions!
  5. You are a prophet! And those visions you had must be fulfilled!
  7. When you look into the flames you can do one of two things...
  8. --
  9. 1: Draw a new vision
  10. --
  11. Fill up this sheet -
  12. Name: [Name your vision!]
  13. Vision: [What is the vision about and what does it give? For example: A vision that allows you to build mines on cliffs, a vision that allows your armies to be upgraded twice, a vision that allows you to raid for stealing slaves, etc. Make it up to fit your playstyle!]
  14. Fluff: [Optional, but QM likes it! Fluff what you saw in your vision.]
  15. Fulfillment: 0% [Leave Blank. The QM will decide on how long it takes to study the vision you came up with based on how detailed and powerful you made it to be.]
  17. --
  18. 2: Study your visions
  19. --
  20. You can study one of your previous visions. Roll 1d100, the score will apply to the fulfillment of the vision. Once you finish fulfilling a vision (to 100%+) You gain the bonus from it
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