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IAmCooli Jan 24th, 2020 (edited) 196 Never
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  1. Username:
  2. IAmCooli_
  4. Why do you want staff:
  5. I would like to become a staff member on Valexia for many reasons. One reason is because i love the community. For example, one player decided to help me get the eff. 30 pickaxe and close to max armor. This greatly effected my experience and i would love to become a staff on a server with such a great community. Another reason why I applied is because there is a current shortage on staff that i believe i can fix. I will be on whenever needed to ban rule breakers and i really dislike hackers. Every hacker will be banned on my watch.
  7. What makes you eligible:
  8. I am eligible for staff because i have been playing minecraft for about 6 years and i know many commands. I also know a lot about building and a bit about developing. I can be on for about 5 hours a day to  help ban rule breakers. This makes me eligible because i can be on whenever needed to read discord reports and ban hackers/rule breakers in game. I am a very obedient person. If you tell me what to do, i will be sure to follow it right when needed.
  10. Any previous experience:
  11. I have been staff on many servers before. I have even owned a few succesful servers on and off MineHut. One server i have been staff on in MineHut is WizardWars and Ballista. These servers were very popular for a few weeks time and would reach 10 - 20 players online at once daily. I also know pretty much all the commands needed to be a staff. For example, i know commands such as /tempban, /mute, /warn, /ban, and many more.
  13. Additional Info:
  14. I appreciate the opportunity to apply for staff. If i dont get accepted it's fine. But if i do, mod rank is fine for me. I do not expect a higher rank than mod but if you think i deserve it, i dont mind. Also it is on pastebin because i have surpassed the 2k character limit on discord. Thanks for understanding.
  16. Age (13+):
  17. I am currently 13 years old.
  19. Thanks for reading.
  20. ~Cooli
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