Apr 17th, 2012
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  1. Considerations when using GNU GPL (any version)
  2. Note: This discussion does not refer to paid software based on GPL, the whole argument is based on the link I posted (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-not-lgpl.html), you should probably read this.
  4. I am not a fan of GPL, but neither do I think it's bad. If you'd like the software model of the future to be copyleft, so it be. This is just for those who still think you're giving your code away for free (not solely as in freedom) when using GPL.
  6. Gant: tbh I'd really like to move away from linux as server OS
  7. Gant: if windows was just, well
  8. Gant: less Desktop-y
  9. Gant: GUI and shit like that
  10. Drknzz: Linux rules Servers!
  11. Drknzz: How dare you say such a herecy
  12. Gant: Now you're the hipster.
  13. Drknzz: lol
  14. Gant: I just say what makes sense
  15. Gant: Do you really, REALLY care about open source?
  16. Drknzz: Apache is quite not hip
  17. Drknzz: It's kind of overused for a reason
  19. Drknzz: Well, it's a layer of trust
  20. Gant: Hey RMS, you're fucking wrong: Computers aren't just for nerds anymore.
  21. Drknzz: Don't trust the binary distributor? Compile the code
  22. Gant: yknow what GNU GPL is?
  23. Drknzz: That's a good thing
  24. Gant: Implying, you review every line of code you compile.
  25. Gant: GNU GPL is cancer.
  26. Drknzz: Not quite, but sometimes it's a good thing
  27. Drknzz: It helps learning good practices
  28. Gant: And you know why LGPL is cancer?
  29. Gant: This is why: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-not-lgpl.html
  30. Drknzz: Nope
  31. Gant: These guys just don't get that "open source" isn't appliable to any pice of software
  32. Gant: Instead they talk about "freedom"
  33. Gant: Their freedom is forcing their mindset upon users.
  34. Gant: Thats it.
  35. Gant: GPL is almost political.
  36. Drknzz: Well... it's a choice to take for each project lead
  37. Gant: Using GPL is "I want to force my users to give away their most valueable asset"
  38. Gant: For libraries that is.
  39. Gant: I'm okay with LGPL, merging changes back that benefit the library makes sense.
  40. Drknzz: Then use a license that does not force derivatives to be open source
  41. Gant: But what if I use a license that already does that?
  42. Gant: There's the problem.
  43. Gant: Literally cancer.
  44. Drknzz: Well, it's a matter of deciphereng lawyerse as i see it
  45. Gant: Not really.
  46. Gant: It's easy.
  47. Gant: If you publish your library on GPL, everything based on it must be GPL
  48. Gant: even if a library is just a really small firction of your code
  49. Drknzz: That's bullshit
  50. Gant: Take a logger class in an enterprise ASP.NET app.
  51. Gant: It's GPL?
  52. Gant: Oh crap, you need to use GPL aswell!
  53. Drknzz: Id rather cook up my own solution
  54. Drknzz: Im not just releasign production code on the wild
  55. Gant: well, this is not about you
  56. Gant: This is about everyone.
  57. Gant: They promoting, that sharing and resuing code is awesome.
  58. Gant: And it is!
  59. Gant: But their terms are, that I need to do the same, no matter the code I write.
  60. Drknzz: Nonsense
  61. Gant: And not don't come with "but these libraries are helping you, you should give back because your success is based upon this library"
  62. Gant: Thats bullshit.
  63. Drknzz: I should only give back my mods, and that's if i want to
  64. Gant: Every change you make, is your code, not someone elses work
  65. Gant: therefore changes should be yours
  66. Gant: it doesn't take away the original code
  67. Drknzz: Indeed
  68. Gant: Now Mr. Stallman, the blind libertarian of the IT industry thinks this code shouldn't be yours.
  69. Gant: You used someone elses work, therefore it belongs to EVERYONE
  70. Gant: See how marxist that is?
  71. Drknzz: that's like saying all car companies need to release their private documents referring to physics because they based their work on Newton's
  72. Gant: Yes!
  73. Gant: Now, physics is not something you can put a patent on
  74. Gant: So it's a bad example
  75. Drknzz: Software patents are bullshit
  76. Drknzz: Entirely
  77. Gant: yes, patents
  78. Gant: but code copyright is fine
  79. Gant: but please, if you do use the GPL
  80. Gant: don't claim you're "sharing your code for free to promote innovation"
  81. Gant: because you're basically doing the opposite of asking for a price.
  82. Gant: free is the center, right is paying, left is paying with your own code
  83. Gant: Now what is more appliable? Neither!
  84. Gant: but RMS claims, it would be
  85. Gant: believing this world isn't run on money
  86. Drknzz: That's as blind as it gets
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