Zephyr Part 6

Jul 19th, 2012
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  1. "Not ready my ass."
  3. Oh. Oh no.
  5. Before you know it you've backed into a corner, with him advancing on you the entire way. He's overweight, hairy, and the look of excitement on his face is absolutely terrifying. The look in his eyes...
  7. This person means to do you harm.
  9. "MA-Mmmmph!"
  11. A hand clenches over your muzzle, blocking your call for help, you struggle against it, but his grip is firm, and stars fill your vision as his free hand slaps you hard on the side of the head.
  13. "Ssshhhh, baby, no use spoiling the moment. You're mine, after all."
  15. No. No no no. You don't want this. He pulls you in close, hand painfully tight on your jaw as he does. You begin to buck in the hopes of getting free, but all that gets you is another slap, this time right on the ear. Somewhere among the burning sensations coming from your ear you feel a small trickle of warmth. He drew blood with that.
  17. Soon you're pressed against him, absolutely terrified of him in ways you never were with Master, and in a low, craven tone he starts whispering to you.
  19. "You're exactly what I wanted, you know that? Such a pretty white coat. You're so pure, so beautiful. I'm going to love you so, so much, and that flawless body of yours is gonna show every last inch of it."
  21. Tears come unbidden as you realize you're at the mercy of a sadist. He doesn't just want to hurt you, he wants to get off on it!
  23. "He's trying to keep us apart, my pretty little p0ny, but don't you worry darling, I'll pay whatever he wants to get you home. I've got such a wonderful home for you. Steel and locks I made myself, just to fit you."
  25. Could Master really mean to sell you to him? Somewhere you think you feel your heart breaking at the notion of him caring so little. You have to get away from him. You have to get to Master. Your struggles renew in desperate thrashes to get loose, but his grip is iron and you're too weak. Master's only a room away, but unless you can scream that may as well be miles.
  27. "It's alright, my love. You can squirm all you like. Daddy loves it when you squirm."
  29. He lifts you by your muzzle, so only the tip of your rear hooves touch the ground. Moving them makes gravity strain your jaw and neck, effectively ending your kicks. His other hand begins to wander, first along your face and neck, and then down to your wings. He takes a painful grip on the base of one, and brings his face right up to the side of yours.
  31. "They're so perfect. Flawless. Breaking them is going to be a night to remember."
  33. He's looking into your eyes, and just seems to drink up your fear.
  35. His hands begin to wander, and his whispers degrade into short, heavy breathing, and as he presses you against him again you can feel him through his pants.
  37. You shut your eyes as tight as you can. This isn't happening. You're not here. You're still in bed curled up with Master and Autumn and when this bad dream is over they'll both be there for you. You're outside staring at the stars with Master and Autumn. Anywhere but here. Anytime but now.
  39. The door swings open and he freezes. You begin to struggle madly, trying your best to scream through his hand. Master walks through the door, smile still on his face.
  41. "Hey Zephyr, you still out here? Gizmo's abou-"
  42. His face goes blank for a moment when his eyes fall on you, and for a moment you're afraid this might have been some kind of setup. You're looking him right in the eyes, silently pleading for him to be the Master you think he is. Silently begging him to save you.
  44. You see his face contort in anger, and hope flutters in your chest.
  46. "What the hell do you think you're doing here? I told you she wasn't ready! I told you not to come here toda... Is she bleeding?"
  48. He pulls you close and stands to face Master, his other arm now squeezing your chest, restricting your breath and dampening your efforts at thrashing free.
  50. "I've got your money, what else matters?"
  52. "You put her down right this instant and get out of my house."
  54. "I'll double your money and take her today."
  56. Master's voice falls to become steady, and deathly serious. He takes a step forward, and your captor seems to realize that Master is large, fairly well-muscled and very angry.
  58. "Put. Her. Down."
  60. His hands suddenly unclench and you fall to the floor. You land ungracefully and it crushed your tail something fierce, but adrenalin and fear carry you to Master as quickly as your body could possibly take you. Master puts himself between you and him, both hands clenched in fists as he makes his next demand.
  62. "The deal is off. Get out of my house."
  64. Your would-be owner begins to ascend the stairs, but only after making a final, chilling threat.
  66. "She IS mine, and I WILL have her!"
  68. "Come back here again and I swear no one will ever find you in these woods."
  70. Finally, you hear the front door close, and Master wheels around and grabs hold of you.
  71. "Are you hurt?"
  73. You open your mouth as if to reply, but only a pitiful sob escapes as you break down into tears. Master's arms wrap around you, and while your initial reaction is to jerk away from the sudden contact, soon enough you're sobbing into his chest. He holds you tight and whispers kind words to you, just like when he took you from the cell. He saved you! He'll always save you!
  75. "Listen, Zephyr, this is important. Did he... do... anything?"
  77. You just shake your head no, still pressed into his shoulder. You want to tell him that it would have happened if he hadn't been there. You want to tell him everything that happened. You want to tell him that you love him. All that will have to come later. Now is the time for tears, and to hold onto him as long as you can.
  79. >>3312147
  80. At some point while you were crying Gizmo and her owners emerged on their way out. They seemed concerned, and for a moment the shame of having to tell anyone what happened makes you feel even worse, but Master quietly played the situation off and sent them on their way without a fuss. Autumn seems to realize the gravity of the situation, and you feel a hoof softly settle on your back. Finally, tearfully, you retell everything he did and said.
  82. You can't see either of their faces, but you can feel Master's muscles stiffen when you tell him about your wings. Your sobs fade to sniffles, and as he carries you up the stairs to the living room, you see a clearly distressed face lost in thought. He sets you down on the couch, wraps you in a blanket, and tells Autumn to look after you for a few minutes. He silently looks out a window toward the driveway, and seemingly satisfied by what he saw, heads into the kitchen.
  84. The moment he's out of sight you start feeling nervous. He.... he said he would have you. He said you were his. What if he's still out there? What if he comes back? Your eyes begin to flit back and forth around the room at any possible entryway, and you find yourself trying to shrink into the couch cushions. You jerk away from a sudden touch on your neck, only to realize that it's Autumn, gently nuzzling you as she sits on the side opposite the couch cushion.
  86. The reminder that you are not alone helps you keep yourself under control for the time it takes Master to return, though the sound of his footsteps sets you on edge for a moment before he returns. For just a second, the possibility entered your mind that it could be that... man, and suddenly an icy fear gripped you. Master returns to find you silently cowering from him, even as he lays two bowls of what smells like hot cocoa on the coffee table in front of you. For a few minutes the three of you sit in complete silence before a long sigh escapes Master's lips, and he begins to speak softly.
  88. "I'm sorry. I didn't.... None of the other buyers have been like that. At least, I don't think any were. I never considered that someone like that would want a p0ny."
  90. He rests his face in his hands, and continues. "I started doing this because I needed the money. I thought that as long as the p0nies and the owners were happy together, what I was doing wasn't too terrible. Autumn was a freak accident, but you... Everything about you has gone wrong. I should have left you be. I should have left all of you be. What if I sold someone like you to a freak like that and didn't even realize it?"
  92. He looks up at you, and while he's kept himself from tears, you're certain that you're looking at a man in the midst of a crisis. He reaches out from his chair and begins to softly stroke your mane, and you begin to crash from the fight-or-flight adrenalin rush, as sleep threatens to claim you, you murmur out a final response.
  94. "Will you be here when I wake up?"
  96. "Yes."
  98. You manage a barely audible "Love you, Master." before sleep suddenly takes you.
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