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  1. [20:48] Nolimit: yo, have a bit off time?
  2. [20:49] azunyashka: hi
  3. [20:49] azunyashka: yes
  4. [20:49] Nolimit: i dont want you be angry, but i'll be leaving the team
  5. [20:49] azunyashka: ok i see
  6. [20:50] azunyashka: you're leaving in another one or in inactive?
  7. [20:51] Nolimit: another one
  8. [20:51] azunyashka: kk
  9. [20:52] Nolimit: but i want you to know i really like htt :smile: you are really good community
  10. [20:52] azunyashka: im not angry since its my fault that i cant offer good enough conditions
  11. [20:52] Nolimit: something special and unique
  12. [20:52] azunyashka: yes but its hard to you since you'r not russian
  13. [20:52] azunyashka: =/
  14. [20:53] azunyashka: will you play in same leagues as we are playing rn? alpha, wardi ?
  15. [20:53] Nolimit: well i will know more today or tomorrow but if there's like lock of lineup
  16. [20:53] Nolimit: i would finish the league in htt
  17. [20:54] azunyashka: if your new team doesnt play there u can play with us ofc
  18. [20:54] azunyashka: as i know in alpha u can change teams during season
  19. [20:54] azunyashka: and in wardi i dont know
  20. [20:55] azunyashka: is it good team? or local
  21. [20:56] azunyashka: i can give you my opinion about it
  22. [20:56] Nolimit: i will speak with a manager today and clear things out, you are really good cw leader but what i lacking is more of a competition, this new i'll be most likely joining wants to build a team of hangry players
  23. [20:56] azunyashka: i think exeed is rly good team
  24. [20:56] azunyashka: ah i see you want more 6k players in roster besides you
  25. [20:57] Nolimit: i will know for sure today or tomorrow or in few days
  26. [20:57] azunyashka: thats our problem yes
  27. [20:57] Nolimit: yeah
  28. [20:57] azunyashka: we have just you and Arctur who is 6k+
  29. [20:57] azunyashka: i was making some negotiations about new 6k players but still no results
  30. [20:58] azunyashka: usually 6k guys want to be paid nowadays  and i respect that
  31. [20:58] Nolimit: i spoke to their owner/manager and they are trying to form a team like this and also he gave clear conditions
  32. [20:58] Nolimit: if i meet those conditions, i would get lan support for big stuff
  33. [20:58] Nolimit: you know wcs etc.
  34. [20:59] azunyashka: hope you'll be satisfied, you're great player and person
  35. [20:59] Nolimit: i just wanted to tell you and dont leave team without saying anything
  36. [21:00] azunyashka: thats how men do things, i appreciate that
  37. [21:01] Nolimit: i will ask the guy which exact leagues he wants me at and if it possible or i wont have a schedule problem i would finish current leagues with htt
  38. [21:01] azunyashka: ok thank you
  39. [21:02] azunyashka: good luck
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