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  1. Nerdy Squid :  Thanks for healing me, asshole.
  2. Kradgamer :  no fuk u
  3. Nerdy Squid :  yeah why would I want to not be on fire?
  4. Kradgamer :  waters right there i dont get y u just cant jump in it
  5. Nerdy Squid :  How ridiculious of me to want to be healed.
  6. Kradgamer :  u dont deserve it
  7. BeatBoxingBoo :  mfw any medic says a teammate doesn't deserve to be healed
  8. Nerdy Squid :  I need to earn medic's approval now? awesome.
  9. Nerdy Squid :  Dumbass medic.
  10. Kradgamer :  i dnt heal noobs
  11. Nerdy Squid :  I was on fire, are you retarded?
  12. Kradgamer :  ur a noob are ur retarded?
  13. Nerdy Squid :  I choose to whine moar
  14. BeatBoxingBoo :  from the sound of it, you're the noob, krad
  15. [RANK] Kradgamer is Ranked #2 out of 3407 Players with 17888 Points!
  16. Nerdy Squid :  Thanks mate
  17. Kradgamer :  who the noob now
  18. Nerdy Squid : Rank doesn't mean anything
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