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Maribelle Hisakawa - DOotCG RP

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  1. {Identity}
  2. [Name:] Maribelle Hisakawa
  3. [Nickname:] Mary-san or Miss Mary. Maribelle Riverlight when asked to “speak in Common”
  4. [Date of Birth:] ???, 5BDA, started moving around 5DA
  5. [Favorite Color:] Blue, Pink, Iridescent or well-gradiented things. Good color combos in general
  6. [Affiliation:] Neutral, Demon Lord by Principle
  8. {Orientation}
  9. [Preference:] Having a New Owner One Day (Bi, leaning straight)
  10. [Gender:] Female
  11. [Species:] Living Doll
  12. [Family:] “Bio”: 'Mom and Dad, + Other dolls, she figured
  13. “Second”: Formerly human owner and her family
  14. Currently doesn't mind getting her own family one day
  16. {Appearance}
  17. [Hair:] Golden blonde, med-length, wavy
  18. [Eyes:] Emerald green, with tinges of purple
  19. [Weight:] Pretty light
  20. [Height:] 4’10”
  21. [Skin Color:] Alabaster, aka really pale
  22. [Clothing Description:] Fancy dresses, ranging from simple but cute or elegant, to really frilly or lacy or detailed. Generally Western, but she’s partial to kimono as well.
  24. Usual garb is a white dress reaching halfway down her thighs, with poofy sleeves and a ribbon. She wears solid white stockings and opera gloves covered by her sleeves to cover her ball joints.
  25. [Body Type:] Slender and petite
  27. {Personality}
  28. [Description:]
  29. Selfish, whimsical, finicky and not so reliable, she is nevertheless one with an eye for quality. As well as a head on her shoulders and a heart. At times.
  31. She likes fun and pretty things, and she not only goes lengths to achieve what she wants, but she also likes to enjoy what she goes through when she does. She has a somewhat profound side, but more than that is her cheerfulness and sides of immaturity, making her blunt and impatient.
  33. She's also very whimsical and finicky, moving on from a topic, interest, or grudge seemingly out of nowhere, while sticking to any of the above, depending on whatever rhyme or reason she’s following at the time. That's not to say she doesn't have long-term goals and interests. She just happens to focus on her short-term ones more when something catches her eye.
  35. Related to this is her pickiness for things she gives consistent interest in and a lingering want for variety. This gives her some sort of eye for quality (and flaws), but it makes her high-maintenance even to herself, on top of her being a doll, and it's why she moves from place to place so much without having found (or been found by) a man yet. This is subject to change, of course, because of things like the instinctual neediness and deep down loneliness, one she can't ignore for long.
  37. Though not terribly malicious unless she hates one's guts, and she's reasonably lucid and sane, she has an interesting sense of humor (or revenge) all the same. One consistent habit she's had, among others, is letting her presence be low through either magic or just being quiet, then freaking people out by declaring that she's right behind them, complete with either a toy knife or a true dagger of Demon Silver.
  39. [Flaws:]
  40. She has the trademark selfishness of living dolls. This manifests in her self-centeredness, fondness for decadent things and drive to do many things to get what she wants. Stealing, eavesdropping on and even betraying people are things she's not above when the situation calls for it. This also shows in her brattiness, acting pouty and somewhat disagreeable when she doesn't get what she wants.
  42. She also holds grudges easily, even petty ones, and she holds them for a long time. She tends to act rather snippy and mocking to those she has pettier grudges for, and outright threatening to those who truly incur her wrath.
  44. Also, while not exactly lazy, she's easy to distract and to lose or gain interest in things, so she's not the most reliable for long term work. While she sees value in business or acting when one has to, she still can't help but not give it her all once she loses interest. Being a petite doll doesn't help, as even though she's a monster, she doesn't excel physical ability-wise, and her dress sense isn't overridden by such things as ease of movement and action.
  46. [Virtues]:
  47. For one who can hold grudges for quite a while and for whatever reason, she has such lenient conditions to let go of them. Even for one who holds petty grudges very long, they don't last forever, and at times, before such “conditions” to escape them are “fulfilled”, she can let go of them on her own for whatever reason as well.
  49. She has a sharp side (no pun intended) to make up for her impatience, letting her catch on to things quick enough. She also has some semblance of a moral compass still, thanks to the influence of her beloved lost owner, and she still has enough people skills to act sociable and charming.
  51. In addition to all that is a caring side that that makes it so that her self-centeredness also happens to include those she takes interest in, especially those she comes to love. She can still act like a brat to them, but she'd come to be devoted them and generally prioritize doing fun things with them, or even come to help them out, no matter how disinterested she is in the task.
  53. [Diet:] Spirit energy. Desires the taste of her husband's semen one day, but the usual sources like food, supplements and handies suffice.
  54. [Favorite Things:] Being the center of attention. Girly and opulent things, like jewels and dresses. Variety in experience and possession. Above that, the prospect of loving and being loved, and being someone’s possession, or more than that, finding a family of her own.
  56. [History:]
  57. Maribelle was among the life-sized dolls made by a toymaker couple in some sort of cultural hub city. She was made to be bought, in this instance by a Zipangese noble who sent a servant to buy a work of art. She truly was a masterpiece, but one he found most fitting in the hands of his beloved daughter.
  59. As a nobleman's daughter, Fuyu had many luxuries to enjoy, but as an aspiring samurai, she barely had time to fully enjoy them due to her studies and training. This made the times she could truly play very precious. There were also times where she rebelled and snuck out to meet other kids and boys, and even at least one time she did so with Maribelle on tow. Mary, being a doll, didn't do much, outside of bask in the sentiments of each experience.
  61. The rise of an inma Demon Lord came and went, but as the family were nobles of primarily human affairs, it was “simply” big news that can potentially affect their state. The family matriarch died, and while Fuyu discovered love and garnered respect, she failed to become a samurai for numerous reasons.
  63. Undaunted, she tried to find ways to help her father beyond being the usual good wife, eventually finding herself turning to espionage and assassinations for her father and his men, reluctantly approved by her father, having figured out very late when she first snuck out but never got signs, proof or even answers for interrogations to go far.
  65. Reports of monsters sneaking in and adapting to life (or taking one of the state's own) found a slow but worrying rise... Then, the nation happened to be in the path for “a night parade of a hundred demons”, setting in stone a series of events that would turn the land into a Demon Realm.
  67. The Hisakawas tried to evacuate with the others who wanted none of this, but Maribelle was dropped and lost in the confusion, and despite her resilience for a doll, her dress was tattered and she was damaged, left to collect dust and Demonic Energy and who knows what else.
  69. Passing by was succubus who was attracted to the night parade happened to pass her by. Fascinated by the doll's craftmanship, looking beautiful despite the damages, and pitying her for her sorry state and the sentiments stored in her, the succubus infused her with Demon Energy, speeding up the process that finally gave her sentience, movement, and awareness.
  71. Awareness of the love and neglect she received, the betrayal of being dropped, and the sorrow of her owner screaming her name as she's dragged with the crowd.
  73. She was accompanied by the succubus in her resolve for revenge and reunion. She picked up some Spirit Energy supplements to keep herself moving, terrible as it tasted. As Fuyu and her family said, though. Medicine always tastes bitter, even if it's for melancholy... That's how it went, right? There's also the Demon Silver Dagger the succubus gave her as a freebie. Perfect for self-defense and venting out frustrations.
  75. Eventually, the succubus found the guy she wanted, and Mary had to leg the rest of her quest alone. Thankfully, he didn't even leave the Realm. In fact, she found what she was looking for when she happened to go what could have been the former home of the Hisakawas.
  77. It's still their home, and it still looks the same. Yet it's warped to decadent yet obscene levels by the amount of Demonic Energy inside. She found the source to be the old mistress of the house, back from the dead and straddling her husband who'd apparently only deserted the doomed crowd when he found her among the other crowd, the one full of monsters.
  79. Mother gave her a tastier Spirit Energy to keep her going before she'd went upstairs, packed her things, and happen to find Fuyu, now a kunoichi, but with the same wicked aura as the succubus she'd met.
  81. Mary was so happy. So happy, in fact, that she tried to stab Fuyu in the back for her betrayal and to let off steam, not caring that she'd lost instantly by Fuyu's kunai-tipped tail lashing at her and sending her to the floor.
  83. But that didn't stop her. On the contrary, she kept trying to land a hit on Fuyu, screaming vicious and loving words. Meanwhile, Fuyu'd casually deflected and dodged each attempt on her energy and dodging streak, only saying loving words and expressing her joy to see her beloved doll moving, like she'd always imagined her to.
  85. The confrontation escalated further, ending with both parties on the floor and just laughing. From there, one sticky situation led to another as the days passed by and they saw what's turned of their home. It seems Fuyu really did have a crush on the ‘rival' family's son. And to Mary's genuine glee, it seems Fuyu truly does love her as to give her a good share of some treats, and right from the source.
  87. Even with all this love, Mary eventually found herself growing less interested in these treats, and while she still loved the Hisakawas, she felt like she'll be truly fulfilled when she finds more of the world. Fuyu is her beloved owner , and nothing will change that, but she couldn't help but feel she could have more, really.
  89. With that, she took a long time to prepare, mostly consisting of whining to herself and settling things before finally saying goodbye and leaving her home.
  91. She was a stow-away who was too stubborn to use her “pocket” money to pay for travel fees... at first, anyway. Thus ensued her quest for self-fulfillment, of a series of grumbling as she'd fix her hair and each one of her clothes, and a wish to find what she's lacking.
  93. An obvious answer is a husband. Sadly, no one in the pleasure districts she'd visited or even worked in truly caught her attention, neither other nobles or even nice men of whatever age. Not even Heroes did it for her forever. Similarly, she'd only found herself fascinated by the towns she visited, if only for a bit, before she gets bored and moves on. She always found herself missing things like culture festivals and trips to each toy shop, though.
  95. She eventually found herself in a certain Western Order city, known for being a cultural hub, having picked up some tricks for glamour and hiding her true nature. She has to, or the Order and its people would mock her, put her to a cruel trial and execute her. She blended in, looking to be an opulent and strangely childish yet adult enough young woman who could roam by herself.
  97. She found a quaint little shop, with an old couple hard at work with their dolls and their other wares, while their children, acting as assistants, welcomed her in, marketed each doll and gave her a tour around the place...
  99. And got no form of response, only tears. She saw the shocked look of recognition in the woman's face, then that on the man's. She’d barely let out a seemingly out-of-nowhere ‘thank you' before she left, confusing the family, barely keeping her glamour up as she'd left the city by ship without looking back.
  101. The ship happened to be headed for Zipangu. She'd figured it'd happened sooner or later. It's like some sort of cruel joke. Like some kind of penny dreadful or melodramatic drivel that comes up in the plainest of plays.
  103. Why does she keep crying when she keep thinking of her place of birth? She'd already seen more that would define her. Why isn't she even angry with them for being unable to love a monster such as her?
  105. Why can't she get truly, fully mad at The Order as a whole for its hatred of monsters?
  107. Not like any of them really spoke to her or made the situation escalate any further. And anyway, she's been away from her true home, Zipangu, quite long enough. She hasn't even seen all of it yet, either.
  109. She misses the Hisakawas, but nowhere near enough to try to come back to them... Well, not yet, anyway. She now has more pressing matters to attend to, like the feeling of warmth all over her body, and the need for more than just supplements and some filling treats. Seems her light eating and neglect of her needs are catching up to her.
  111. She'd contemplated all that during the trip back to Zipangu, this time having paid for it and acted like a normal passenger during it. As before, she stepped off the ship, and ventured for places to fulfill her unspoken quotas for fun.
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