KTOS - Q&A Vol.2

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  1. KTOS Q&A Vol.2
  3. Note 1: (Vol.1 Is currently unavailable, i'll post a link in the general thread when i have the time to translate it)
  4. Note 2 : This is a Q&A, There may be lines ending with  ('Servername',공공공) This is just the players who asked the question and their relative servers, i've left them in where they are available.
  6. SECTION 01 - General / Combat System.
  8. Q1. Is it possible to be accompanied by multiple companions at the same time? ( Ausurine, 프리티님)
  9.     - In General You can only have 1 Companion with you. However, If you are a Falconer you may also take a 'Hawk' Companion - in which case, It is possible for Falconers to care for 2 Companions at the same time.
  11. Q2. Could you tell us the maximum buff skills that can be applied simultaneously? (Gabija, 라우즈님 )
  12.     - Swordsman Class - 7 Buffs.
  13.     - Archer, Cleric, Wizard Classes - 5 Buffs.
  15. Q3. Is there an 'expiration time' time where we must collect our items from the market? I was curious if our items / silver can disappear without us collecting them after a certain time period. (Laima, 빵찰떡님)
  16.     - There is no time limit for receiving an item and it will not disappear, the same goes for the silver.
  18. Q4. Does increasing your armor-related attributes increase the resistance from debuff states?
  19.     - No, only the  defense will increase for the Property/Attribute.
  21. Q5. If you are equipping all of the same monster gem in the area that can be weapons / armor, does the skill level +2?
  22.     - No, It is not possible to attempt stacking +1 skill level effects of monster gems to try to get +2, +3 etc. skill level.
  24. Q6. Can the Guild Leader's rights be passed to someone else? ( Vakarine, 혈랑님)
  25.     -Yes, It's possible. However, It can only be transferred to another Templar. ( Only Templars Classes can trade rights)
  27. SECTION 02 > Class / Skill
  29. Q7. [Peltasta] How many times can you use [Langort] , [Umbo Thrust] and [Butterfly] before a cooldown is applied? ( Ausurine, 파티님)
  30.     ✷ Langort = 1 Time
  31.     ✷ Umbo Thrust  = 2 Times
  32.     ✷ Butterfly = 2 Times
  34. Q8. [Peltasta] What chance can i reduce the enemies defense with [Umbo Thrust] ? (Ausurine, 파티님)
  35.     - 'Umbo Thrust' causes decreased-defense state at a 100% probability.
  37. Q9. [ Wugushi ] For the duration of poisons, does all the damage get dealt without missing?
  38.  - Yes. The Accuracy of a character doesn't have an impact on the poison damage (It can't MISS basically) .
  40. Q10. [ Elementalist ] ' Frost Cloud ' Can't hit flying monsters. (Vakarine, 신마님)
  41.     - Flying type monsters cannot be hit with Frost Cloud.
  43. Q11. [ Monk ] 'Iron Skin', 'Golden Bell Shield' Can the character move during the casting of these skills? (Ausurine, 코노모리님)
  44.     - No, You're unable to move. You have to stop casting the spell or wait for the channeling to finish before you can move again.
  46. Q12. [ Paladin ] Does the HP Regeneration of [Restoration] Apply to monsters that have been Converted?
  47.     - Nope.
  49. Q13. [ Paladin ] What's the maximum amount of monsters i can convert? (Ausurine, 치킨두마리먹었다님)
  50.     - 1 Per Skill level.
  51.     - Example: Having level 10 of the skill means it is possible to convert up to 10 monsters.
  53. Q14. [ Rogue ] Is there any statistics that increase the damage of daggers, like DEX and STR?
  54.     - The strength of the dagger is in proportion to the player's Strength stats.
  56. Q15. [ Sorcerer ] 'Summoning, 'Salamion', Can i have both of the summons from these skills out at the same time? (Ausurine, 존엄님)
  57.     -Yes. You can enjoy using both of these summons at the same time.
  59. Q16. [ Corsair ] ' Iron Hook' Can i throw a lot of enemies with this skill? (Vakarine, 토끼왕님)
  60.     - You can capture a single target with Iron Hook and throw the enemy by using'Keel Hauling' 으로 끌어, It Can cause damage.
  61.     - However, if a player learns the 'Iron Hook: Chain' attribute, it is possible to throw up to 3 enemies.
  62.     ( In that case, you can't use Keel Hauling though.)
  64. Q17. [ Pardoner ] Are skill scrolls crafted by [Simony] empowered by the creators SPR stat? (Ausurine, 도사님)
  65.     - Whatever stats  the caster of the scroll has, the Simony Scroll will be based upon the level it has been assigned with if scalings are considered for empowerment.
  67. Q18. [ Fletcher ] Is the effect of [Bodkin Point] Cumulative? (Gabija, momo님)
  68.     No, It doesn't accumulate. To one target only once, The [Bodkin Point] Skill only applies physical defense reduction in proportion to its skill level.
  71. Q19. [ Necromancer ] Do skeletons created from [Raise Dead] have increased damage in proportion to the casters INT stats or Items?
  72.     - The damage can be increased under certain conditions, and other conditions the damage won't increase, An example is shown below:
  73.         ✷ Increasing INT first and then using [Raise Dead] > The damage of the Skeleton Soldiers will be increased.
  74.         ✷ Using [Raise Dead] first and then Increasing INT > The damage of the Skeleton Soldiers will NOT be increased.
  76. Source Post:
  77. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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