2.19.0 Patch Notes

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  1. Fixed Recipes / Recipes Additions/Removals
  2.     Added use for poor ore
  3.     Fixed treated wood barrel recipe using only oak planks
  4.     Buffed rusty ladders
  5.     Added new map recipe
  6.     Added new ladder game
  7.     Removed cheaty flint and steel recipe
  8.     Removed refined iron from plateIron ore dict
  9.     Fixed cheaty steel tank walls
  10.     Added new carpenters slopes/gate recipes using lumber in place of sticks
  11.     Fixed obsidian pipe exploit
  12.     Fixed not being able to make silverwood saplings
  13. Fixed physics
  15. Added mods
  16.     Presence Footsteps
  17. Updated mods
  18.     Mekanism
  19.     Better Foliage
  20.     Immersive Engineering
  21. Removed Mods
  22.     Better Sleeping
  23. Config Tweaks
  24.     Depacified cows
  25.     Better moon
  26.     Removed "EA Block of Generalities in Purpose"
  27.     Renamed vanilla iron to "Processed Iron"
  28.     Added stone info
  29.         Some punny puns, info on what type of rock it is,  what metals and minerals spawn in that rock,
  30.             and whether or not the rock works as flux, or as a preservative
  31.         Players can now search for the stone where they are, and find out what ores there are. This can also
  32.             be seen by searching for the metal/minneral name e.g. "copper"
  33.         From player lashtear
  34.     Changed shard spawning mechanics
  35.         Water is now only in rock salt
  36.         Order is now in metamorphic
  37.         Fire is no longer in sedimentry rocks
  38.         Entropy is now in igneus intrusive rocks
  39.         Earth is no longer in igneus intrusive
  40.         Air is now only in igneus intrusive
  41.     Disabled Carpenter Blocks ownership
  42.     Made snow harder
  43.     Disabled sleeping
  44.         spawn can still be set by right clicking the bed
  45.     Disabled bunch of chisel stuff
  46.     Blast furnace should no longer be destroyed by falling blocks
  47.     Disabled placement of TFC workbench to make it clear that it cannot be used
  48.     Made gold heavier
  49. Bug Fixes
  50.     Coke Oven not showing in NEI
  51.     Smoker not showing in NEI
  52.     Rolling Machine not showing in NEI
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