Tamako guidebook PV TL

Dec 11th, 2014
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  1. Tamako Memory's Note PV Translation (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky1LGb_4NNc)
  3. An official guidebook for "Tamako Market" and "Tamako Love Story" has had it's final details determined!
  5. - Story Explanation
  6. (Green text): A huge analysis of the entire story of Tamako Market and Tamako Love Story!
  7. (BG: Description of episode 1/confession scene in movie)
  8. "What was Tamako's feelings when Mochizou confessed to her...?"
  9. (Naoko Yamada: Until that point, Tamako wasn't aware of how she felt. Perhaps she had kept those signs of happiness hidden deep inside her from an early stage.)
  10. Green text: The important scenes in "Tamako Love Story" are also published with explanation comments!
  12. - Mini-story
  13. A newly written mini-story by Mutsuki Ichinose detailing what happened after the movie: Anko's Lovey Dovey Happy Diary
  14. What did their relationship look like from Anko's point of view...?
  16. "If the rain stops, we'll do that another night."
  17. ”Yea, yeah. I'll toss you the can phone."
  18. .....What? Her face looks a bit....
  20. - Characters
  21. Character setting sheets will be printed with designer Yukiko Horiguchi's comments!
  22. "I wanted Tamako's design to feel like she's from the Showa era, kind of that nostalgic feeling. (re: split ends/black hair)"
  24. - Cast interviews
  25. Dialogue with Aya Suzuki x Atsushi Tamaru (Tamako x Mochizou), Yuki Kaneko (Midori), Juri Nagatsuma (Kanna), and Yurie Yamashita (Shiori)
  26. "Long interviews with the main cast of Tamako!"
  28. - Production staff interviews
  29. - Tamako Love Story Director's Diary
  30. - Tomoko Kataoka Insert Music Column
  31. - Promotional Illustration Collection
  32. - Setting Materials Collection
  34. The definitive publication of the "Tamako" series!
  36. Specs:
  37. Price: 3000 yen plus tax (if in Japan)
  38. Sale date: Planned for late January 2015
  39. Pages: 240
  40. Size: A5
  41. Full Color
  42. Sold by: Kyoto Animation
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