Missing your master

Jul 26th, 2013
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  1. >It is night, and you sleep idly next to him.
  2. >He's everything for you...he's given everything to you and you are everything to him.
  3. >You understand that there is a bond between you that cannot be shaken, and yet...
  4. >You miss Master.
  6. >Master was kind, he brought you into his fold.
  7. >Turning your life around and into the beautiful mare you now were, you are nothing but grateful to that great man. He loved you, he cared for you, and you were obedient to him.
  8. >But of course, you could not be with him forever...
  9. >Change is often a cruel thing.
  11. >"Master!" You would cry out to him, taking the last few steps before leaping into his arms.
  12. "Oof! Hahaha, how's my little girl doing, huh?"
  13. >"Just great, Master! I finished pulling the sheets from the dryer."
  14. "Oh, did you now? Hahaha, ylittle rascal. Come on, let's go set the bed."
  15. >You giggle as he sets you down, your smile evident on your muzzle.
  16. >The two of you head towards the bedroom to find the sheets bundled inexpertly atop the mattresses.
  17. >"I did it all by myself!"
  18. "I see! Now, go on up there, and take the corner. Don't want it to get least, not yet."
  19. >Sticking out your tongue playfully, you obey. Soon enough, the bedspread is nice and even, and he places the pillows back against the headboard.
  20. >You grab your own special pillow, of course, Master's arm.
  21. >Laying against it while he reclines in the cleaned bed, you feel at peace.
  22. "Hey, I have some good news for you."
  23. >"You do?" You lazily ask, eyes already closed.
  24. "Of course, don't I always? Someone made an offer on you."
  25. >Once the message seeps in, your gut sinks through to the floor.
  26. >Its all you can do to turn and face him, jaw slack, your question in your eyes, unspoken on the lips of your suddenly heavy body that the man before you gave to you.
  27. >"W-what? A new owner?"
  28. "Yeah, a real nice guy, goes by David. He's financially secure enough to take care of you and secluded enough to not get caught with you. It's perfect, really, you'll like him."
  29. >You doubt it.
  30. >You shift, uncertain.
  31. >"Master...why would an owner come now? We've been together for months, why now?"
  32. >He sighs and sets himself in a more comfortable position, wrapping an arm around your curled up pony form.
  33. "You've been here for a long time, you know? A lot longer than any of the others I've made, and I sure have made quite a few."
  34. >Your lip quivers.
  35. "And you mean a lot to me! You're a very special mare."
  36. >You nod as he places his hand beneath your chin.
  37. "Listen, I need you to chin up. You look better when you're happy. Where's that mare I've been taking care of for so long, huh?"
  38. >The sniffles start.
  39. >"Please....p-please!"
  40. >He sighs, looking at you with remorse.
  41. "You should have known eventually someone would find you. You are theirs, after all. I've just been holding onto you for them."
  42. >"I-is that all I was?"
  43. "No, you've been much more. But our time together is over. I need to find another pony to introduce to the world, and then deliver them to their owner, too."
  44. >"It's not's not fair..."
  47. >It still isn't fair. But you're happy...right?
  48. >Looking at your owner, you certainly hope so.
  49. >Slipping out to go get a drink of water from your bowl, you think again on how it all began...back before you would ever think that you'd be walking on all fours in another man's house, his pet by day and his comfort by night.
  51. >You were just a young girl, living by herself.
  52. >Your parents had thrust you into a world of college and loans and debt.
  53. >Sure, you might have been able to pay it all off in a few years, which is better than average, but even once you had your degree, your job wasn't guaranteed.
  54. >And so you sat, day after day, at the computer, living out a fantasy realm on message boards and roleplays, watching MLP until you fell asleep.
  55. >It wasn't much, but it was good enough.
  56. >Then one day, a visitor.
  57. "Heyo! I'm new in the neighborhood and I was wondering if I could use your phone."
  58. >Having interrupted an episode to come answer the door to this jackass, you tell him off kindly.
  59. >"Get fucked, creep. As if i would fall for that stupid line."
  60. >He recoils, surprised.
  61. "Ahh, jeez, sorry. Here, as proof, I can give you the number I need called, and you can do the calling behind your locked door...I'll give you a buck to do it."
  62. >You look at him with a scrutinizing glare.
  63. >"I don't have time to deal with this."
  64. >He clasps his hands together, like he was praying.
  65. "You gotta do it, please! There's a pony at home that really needs to know I'm still alright. I've just moved here, after all, I couldn't take her with me!"
  66. >"Excuse me? A pony?"
  67. >His eyes shift off to the side and back to you.
  68. "Yes? Is that so surprising? Lots of people have ponies. Its only natural with all the MLP craze going about."
  69. >You sigh. He's one of your people.
  70. >"Alright, come in, phone's on the right. I hope it won't take long to tell your 'pony' that you're doing fine enough to bother strangers to talk to them."
  71. >He laughs nervously as he enters.
  72. >He begins his phone call, and curiosity strikes you.
  73. >Perhaps something else, you weren't curious, but hopeful.
  74. >Maybe he didn't mean a literal horse...but his loved one? Or maybe...
  75. >Maybe ponies were real.
  76. "Hey, it's me! M here, just letting you know the mission's goin smoothly, heheh!"
  77. >You can't help yourself, you get a bit closer to eavesdrop, angling yourself to hear the phone better.
  78. >To your surprise, a cute little voice answers him.
  79. >"...ster! I wanna see her soon. When are you coming home?"
  80. "Just as soon as I'm finished, you know the drill well enough, right?"
  81. >"Mmhmm. I'll wait with bated breath!"
  82. "Don't hold your breath too long. Be back soon. Bye."
  83. >He hangs up and smiles at you, offering a hand.
  84. "My name's Herman M Karr. My nickname's M. What's your name, miss?"
  85. >Taking his hand, you respond "My name's Ashley."
  86. "Well, it's been a pleasure to meet you, Ashley. Do you perhaps enjoy MLP?"
  87. >You smirk.
  88. >"Who doesn't?"
  89. >He winks and points a finger gun your way.
  90. "That's the spirit! hey, what if I told you I was talking to a real live pony?"
  91. >You brush your hair out of your face and take back your hand. "I'd say you're delusional."
  92. "Mhmm, mhmm. And what if I told you someone out there would love you til the end of their days without breakin your heart?"
  93. >You have to laugh at that one.
  94. >"I'd say you're lying for the fun of it. So mister liar, where do you live?"
  95. >He wags a finger at you.
  96. "I've got one more question, then I can show you where I live. Do you believe in magic?"
  97. >Your eyes roll so hard, you're sure he can hear it.
  98. "I'll take that as a no, but you want to believe. That's why you had to eavesdrop, and why you let me in, why you spend every day in your imagination, or pretending you're someone or something else. You may not believe in it, but you believe in the escape its idea provides."
  99. >You're caught dumbfounded, blinking like a fool while he smirks.
  100. "That's why today, I'm about to work some magic. And today, you'll believe."
  101. >You take a step backwards. Whether this guy was dangerous or not, you'd rather err on the side of caution.
  102. "Hey now, it's written all over your face, I'm not a stalker, I'm just a magic man is all."
  103. >He puts his hands up in the air like you've aimed a gun at him. His smile never fades, however.
  104. "Honest! I came here to you because that's what I do. I save people like you from an unfulfilling life of mediocrity and student loans. If you'll come with me, I can show you. But only if you come with me willingly..."
  105. >Come with him willingly? This weirdo creep?
  106. >Ha! And HA again! What would ever convince you to do something like that?
  107. "I'll show you that little cutie from over the phone. She's looking forward to meeting you, you know."
  108. >
  109. >'re not so easily swayed by the possibility of seeing a real pony.
  110. >"So she was talking about me? You intended to bring me to her all along?"
  111. "That is what I do, after all."
  112. >"You kidnap girls to show them to your pony?"
  113. "I never kidnap."
  114. >You stare at him, unmoving.
  115. >He never makes an attempt to move.
  116. >You tentatively take a few steps away, and he continues his statue-like standstill.
  117. >Alright.
  118. >"Alright. I'll give it a shot. I'll check it out."
  119. >He leads you out to an unremarkable car, which you enter of your own accord after locking up your house.
  120. >With you sitting shotgun, he flops into the driver's seat.
  121. "I hope you're ready for a magical adventure!"
  122. >It was at this point you expected him to reach over and shift the car to Z, and fly off into a magical land of dreams and happiness.
  123. >It was not, however, expected that he would just get on the freeway and head out of town.
  124. >"So you live far, then."
  125. "But of course! Can't be Willy Wonka in the middle of town, yknow."
  126. >"Willy--are you retarded? Who would compare themselves to that?"
  127. "Me, of course."
  128. >His facial expression seems saddened, but he never takes his eyes off the road.
  129. "He was a really cool guy, just eccentric. And you've got to really get that to understand what happens next."
  130. >"What happens--" You are interrupted as the seatbelt suddenly gets very tight, surprising you but not harming you.
  131. >"What's...going on now?"
  132. "You'll see."
  133. >He answers slyly, regaining composure over his smile.
  134. >The seatbelt itself seems to do nothing, but your chair folds back, laying you out on your back, and a tingling spreads through you.
  135. >"A-ahhh?"
  136. >It starts on your back, hairs sprouting and growing, itching.
  137. >You're paralyzed, unmoving, unable to look at yourself while it unfolds.
  138. >The hair growth reaches your chest and you are reasonably certain you felt your breasts shrink in, then slide down along your torso to below your bellybutton.
  139. >The transformation goes noiselessly, save for your gasps of discomfort and surprise, your heartrate quickens and you can't concentrate well.
  140. >As the prickling feeling of fur reaches your legs, you can hear a snap as your pants are busted wide open, and the subsequent ripping as your hips and legs contort into a more equine shape.
  141. >You finally manage to pant out some words.
  142. >"What'!?"
  143. >He laughs, running a hand idly on your now-furred belly.
  144. "Just sit back and let it happen, alright? We'll be home soon."
  145. >The prickling feeling races up your neck, altering your position.
  146. >Your neck is stretched out and your ears feel pinched, you can hear him mumble quietly about how everyone asks that.
  147. >Something begins pushing its way up your back, which you can only assume is a tail.
  148. >As your jaw and nose jut forward suddenly, your eyes get a glimpse of your new color before your eyes seem to lose focus.
  149. >Your soft green fur is pleasantly played with my the car's AC as you at last gain control.
  150. >Your eyes refocus, and you blink several times to make sure.
  151. >"I'm..a.."
  152. >You move your limbs and strain your neck to look down at yourself, taking in the full view of the pony you've become.
  153. >""
  154. "Oh yes, you've become quite the wow!" He chuckles and pats your head.
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