AnonxCentaurTrixiexShimmy WIP

Jun 2nd, 2017
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  1. "Who the fuck are you, what are you doing in my... house?! Trixie?!"
  2. >The blue creature jolts up in surprise when she hears your outburst.
  3. >"Oh, h-hey Anon, we didn't expect to see you so soon..." Shimmy says sheepishly.
  4. >You didn't even see her there.
  5. >You simply look at the huge blue... thing in front of you
  6. >"O-oh, Anonymous, we-uh, the great and powerful Trixie just wanted to make this a surprise... Even though things didn't go as planned," She says, throwing a menacing glare to the orange unicorn sitting next to her, "We heard that--"
  7. >"Hey! Wait a minute, you're the one that didn't follow the instructions! You used way too much--"
  8. >"Oh pulease! You were supposed to watch over us, so it's your fault!"
  9. >"How could this be--"
  10. "Hush! Could you two shut up for a minute and tell me why is one of my mares now three heads taller than me, has hands and has one huge pair of tiddies?!"
  11. >You can't tear your eyes away from those and start stepping closer
  12. >You haven't seen no boobs in fucking forever, and even though you claimed you were an ass man, you can now feel how much you really were missing this kind of view
  13. >"Well it--"
  14. >"It was my idea!"
  15. >Shim sends a death glare to the blue centaur
  16. >"It was not!"
  17. >"Yes it was! In fact I-aahnn~"
  18. >You couldn't care less about whose idea it was
  19. >As your hands now groping the huge mounds of flesh indicates
  20. >"W-wait don't-nnnh,"
  21. >You don't let her finish, you don't want to stop anyway and pinch one of the nipples
  22. >You groan when you feel it hardening between your fingers
  23. >And you dive forward, your mouth instantly finding the one lacking attention
  24. >"Ahhnnonn~"
  25. >She's obviously not used to her new limbs and her attempts at pushing you off her sensible flesh results in nothing more than you groping and biting harder
  26. >She gives up soon enough and after another couple moans, decides to wrap her arms around your noggin to keep you close
  27. >"I-T-Trixie didn't exp-ah, didn't expect these to feel so good~"
  29. "I missed those so much..."
  30. >You groan again, feeling your boxers getting tighter by the minute
  31. >Ohhh all the things you're going to do to these two babies
  32. >"See? I told you humans loved these things~"
  33. >You don't see it but you know Shimmy enough to know she must be sending her 'told you' smirk to the shivering centaur in front of you
  34. >You could've guessed this would've been her idea
  35. >"Even though things didn't really go as planned--ah~"
  36. >And she deserves a reward for that, your hand leaving Trixie's left orb to scratch behind the smug little thing's ear
  37. >Since she lived so long as a human, her ears ended up being even more sensitive than a pony's
  38. >It didn't take you long to pick up on it, especially after the orgasm you gave her in the middle of the park by simply stroking them
  39. >"You know how to please a mare-nhh~"
  40. >She leans up and into your palm to get even more of your warmth, but then comes down shaking her head to escape it, to your surprise
  41. >Your lips leave the reddening puffy tip to look down at her
  42. >"Buuuut, as much as I'd love to feel your hands on me, this is still your birthday and this-" She points Trixie before continuing, "is your gift, so you should enjoy it."
  43. >oh right, you forgot your birthday
  44. >how come ponk--
  45. >"SURPRISE!"
  46. >The door slams open and a pink flash and a blink later, Pinkie appears standing right next to you
  47. >"Oooohhhh! Who's that? And what are theeese!"
  48. >She doesn't let any of you recover from the near stroke she gave all of you and starts climbing on your back
  49. "What the fuck pinkie what are you fusqdisff--"
  50. >Her hooves stops you from asking any question
  51. >"They're like balloons!"
  52. >She starts poking one with her hoof, giggling when she sees the flesh bouncing up and down
  53. >Which elicits a gasp from Trixie
  54. >"W-what do you think you're doing?!"
  55. >"Well duh! I'm having fun~"
  56. >She pokes it again, giggling once more before Trixie uses her arms to hide them from the pink menace
  58. "Pinkiedqf--just stop!"
  59. >You finally grab hold of her and put her down
  60. >"Awwww, why?"
  61. >Your embarrassment disappears instantly when you realizes that she doesn't understand what she found you doing
  62. >Nudity is perfectly normal for small horses
  63. >You turn to Shimsham for some help but she just shrugs
  64. >Ugh
  65. "We were kinda busy here Pinkie, so could you be so kind and leave and not come back for..."
  66. >You eye the titty monster next to you for a second, your eyes going up to find a blushing Trixie
  67. "For at least four hours?"
  68. >Shimsham whistles before sending you that smoldering look of hers, her eyebrows going up and down knowingly
  69. >But Pinkie doesn't pick up on it
  70. >"Okie dokie lokie!"
  71. >She gets up and starts bouncing away, but turns before she gets to the door
  72. >"Oh, Twilight told me she needed to see you for something, and it was urgent, but not as urgent as tittyfucking your mare, so I guess you can totally keep doing that and then see Twilight whenever you're all out of baby batter, okay?"
  73. >She's gone before you can even respond, bouncing and sing songing before she slams the door shut using her tail
  75. >You open your mouth to ask, once more, how Pinkie does that, but Trixie interrupts you
  76. >"Uhm... what is 'tittyfucking'...?"
  77. >You look up at her, then down to her jugs, the right one still slightly glistening with your saliva
  78. >You grin and groan when you feel your dick give an eager throb
  79. >Shimmy chuckles and bites her lip when she eyes your trapped pride
  80. >"I think Anon would be more than happy to teach you~"
  81. >You've been away from these beauties for long enough, and you plunge back in between them, pressing them against your face using both hands
  82. >Sunset giggles at your antics, but Trixie doesn't
  83. >"I-is it going to hurt?"
  84. >You instantly stop to play with your food and look up at her
  85. "What? No! No, of course not, did I ever hurt you?"
  86. >You do your best to reassure her
  87. >"Well, you do slap my rear from time to time when you--"
  88. "These don't count!"
  89. >She rolls her eyes, not convinced one bit
  90. >"Nah, don't worry Trix, you might even enjoy it."
  91. >She stifles a moan with a hand when your tongue finds her nipple
  92. >"W-well then, if Anonymous really wants me to do it--"
  93. "Please."
  94. >You beg
  95. >You know she loves that, she loves feeling great and powerful, she loves being in control
  96. >She inhales deeply when your plea hits her, you can nearly see her heart skipping a beat
  97. >Her eyes leave yours for a second, her mind obviously needing a moment to recover from this emotional surge
  98. >Then they come back on yours, that smug expression you've seen a million times adorning her face. But the blush is still there.
  99. >"H-how could Trixie say no to her favorite assistant?"
  100. >Assistant?
  101. >Shimmy rolls her eyes when hearing that
  102. "Thanks babe, you're the best."
  103. >Her grin somehow finds a way to widen
  104. >"I know, so what does Trixie needs to do to perform this 'tittyfucking'?"
  106. >You take a step back and eye her up and down for a second.
  107. >She's much too tall, you don't have anything big enough for you to stand on to...
  108. >Oh
  109. "Can you, like, lay down?"
  110. >She starts by sitting down, awkwardly so, then her front half goes down as well.
  111. >"Like so?"
  112. >Her tits are at a perfect height
  113. >You make a mental note to sacrifice a couple virgins later to thank the sun for this gift
  114. "This is perfect."
  115. >Your hands instantly find your buckle
  116. >You can't wait to try this
  117. >But a red aura freezes them in place, then push them out of the way
  118. >You don't have the time to groan in annoyance, Sunset is already in front of you with a hoof on each thigh
  119. >"Here, let me~"
  120. >As if you had a choice
  121. >Not that you mind really, she has a way with your clothes, surely due to her past too
  122. >She pushes her muzzle against your groin, right below your shaft, slightly pulling your balls down, and then she inhales
  123. >You grunt
  124. >"You're already so hard..."
  125. >She says, her muzzle following the bulge of your shaft all the way to the tip, then pressing against it
  126. >"You really want this, mmh? You want to fuck these two things," Her horn glows and you see Trixie's tits being lifted and slightly pulled towards you, Trixie gasping when Shimmy's magic tweaks her nipples, "and spray all over them mmh?"
  127. >You groan again
  128. >If you could you'd simply push her out of the way, but your hands are still trapped by her magic
  129. >So you resort to the only other option you know
  130. "Please shimmy..."
  131. >Her smirk tells you that this was the right call
  132. >"Mmmh..."
  133. >She ponders on it for a second
  134. >"Okay, but only this once, because it's your Birthday. I'll have to tease you double next time~"
  135. >You nod
  136. >You shouldn't, you should try to negotiate, but you just want release right now
  138. >There goes your pants
  139. >But she decides to use her teeth to remove your trousers, your dick flopping down against her muzzle when finally free
  140. >She giggles and gives your tip a quick lick to clean it from any pre, her eyes always on yours
  141. >You think of staying there for a second, to have her simply blow you, but she doesn't feel like it and drops down
  142. >"Come on big guy, she's waiting~"
  143. >Oh right
  144. >She helps you with your clothes, sending them somewhere, and you take the couple steps to get in front of trixie, your manhood proudly standing slightly below her neck
  145. >You lean down to give each nipple a pinch when you get in range, your cock giving an eager throb when her skin rubs its underside
  146. >"How should Trixie..."
  147. >"Oh, here, let me..."
  148. >A red flash later you see Trixie's mouth surrounded by the unicorn's aura
  149. >Then you see liquid dripping down her lips
  150. >Then some more
  151. >Then a lot
  152. >"W-whaht?! Whaht dishd hyou dho?!"
  153. >"Don't worry, I just helped your mouth provide more lubrication, Anon's going to need it."
  154. >"Whaht, no! Shthop--"
  155. >Your hands stop her grumbling, cupping her cheek and lifting her face to yours
  156. >You don't say anything, you don't need to, you see she understands how much you want this
  157. >"O-ohkaysh..."
  158. "Thanks oh great and powerful... drooler."
  159. >She doesn't have the time to object, your hand finds your shaft and you prod her salivating entrance
  160. >Your tip gets past her pouty lips but her teeth doesn't let you in
  161. "Aw come on babe, I'm just joking..."
  162. >She hmph and turns her face away from your grasp, leaving your dick bobbing
  163. >"Trickshie dhidn't findsh it funnay."
  164. "Come on, don't leave me hanging like that..."
  165. >No response, but you still see her saliva dripping down her shoulders and snaking down her frame
  166. >The mare behind you nuzzles your leg to get your attention, then tilts her head signaling you what to do
  167. >You roll your eyes, but smile knowingly
  168. >You cup her cheeks once more and lean forward
  169. "Come on Trixie, you know I love you."
  171. >You see a shiver traveling down her back at your words
  172. >And she loses control of her neck, letting your hands pull her face towards yours
  173. >And you kiss her
  174. >Tenderly at first, then you press further into it when you hear her moan, your tongue going past your lips and forcing hers open
  175. >She doesn't fight it, her tongue doesn't even have the strength to fight it, she just lets you do as you please
  176. >But her augmented drooling capabilities forces you to back out sooner than you would've liked, the excess fluids instantly flowing down her chin and her torso, lubing everything on the way down
  177. >Your dick gives another throb at the sight
  178. >The loving expression on Trixie's face slowly fades away when your cock catches her attention
  179. >She bites her lip and places her hands on your legs, awkwardly pulling you towards her
  180. >"Theh ghreat and pohwerful Trickshie loves hyou evhen more..."
  181. >You moan when you feel her devouring the first two inches of your shaft
  182. >She moans too when you start stroking the side of her face using one hand and your second one slowly passing through her hair
  183. >"Awww, you're just so cute together..."
  184. >Trixie simply groans around your pride but doesn't stop her ministrations when she sees and hear the small mare coming up beside her
  185. >You know she doesn't really feel left out, but you can't help making sure
  186. >So your right hand leaves Trixie's cheeks to find hers
  187. "You know I love you too, right?"
  189. >Her eyes open up a bit in surprise, you're not usually so emotional when your dick is being sucked, but her smile let you know she doesn't mind it, one bit.
  190. >"I know," She gives your palm a loving kiss, using her hoof to press it harder against her face and to keep it there, right where she wants it to be, "And I love you too, my big, strong stallion~"
  191. >A moan escapes Trixie's throat when your cock gives another throb, surely due to the butterflies partying inside your chest
  192. >"And I love you too Trixie, even if I prefer it when you're sucking a dick, you're much less annoying that way."
  193. >The centaur grunts when she sees you smirking, spitting your dick out of her mouth in annoyance
  194. >"How habouht hyou show yhour lhove for Trickshie by helphing her, Mmh?!"
  195. >Then she sends her right hand behind shimmy's head, grabbing a handful of her mane and pulling her against your wet balls
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