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  1. [04:37:03] <swattlellama> well I'd be perfectly willing to kick your ass, frosty
  2. [04:37:17] <swattlellama> But honestly...w ell, you saw what I said right before I went and put on this OS
  3. [04:37:23] <Frosty> only if its earned not given :)
  4. [22:38:46] <Frosty> it seems to be a common theme with all of these "elite" players
  5. [22:39:00] <Frosty> i ask [CENSORED], [CENSORED], and [CENSORED] every time
  6. [22:39:18] <Frosty> same thing: no no no never no no no
  7. [22:39:37] <Frosty> i mean, wouldnt want to be facing gunk for the rest of my life
  8. [22:40:39] <swattlellama> [CENSORED]'s legitimately busy and taking a break from sauer
  9. [22:40:42] <swattlellama> But yeah, they all say no no no
  10. [22:40:46] <swattlellama> Except [CENSORED]
  11. [22:41:56] <Frosty> thats why i say he's numba 1
  12. [22:42:44] <swattlellama> I like [CENSORED]... well... a litt... eh...
  13. [22:42:58] <swattlellama> I don't like his "no effic no play" attitude, his hate to insta, or how two years ago, I was a hacker to him :P
  14. [22:43:15] <Frosty> hahaha thats awesome
  15. [22:43:23] <Frosty>  "no effic no play"
  16. [22:43:31] <Frosty> thats why theres no attraction to sauer
  17. [22:43:34] <swattlellama> I think that's verbatim, frosty
  18. [22:43:38] <swattlellama> He said that about tesseract.
  19. [22:43:38] <Frosty> 90% of the population is these faggots
  20. [22:44:00] <swattlellama> Yup
  21. [22:44:39] <swattlellama> The community kept sauer fun and light for me for years... it was like it was a fucking house I could go to every day and every night
  22. [22:44:56] <swattlellama> Now it's a house full of strange assholes, and I don't know where the fuck everyone went wrong
  23. [00:23:10] <swattlellama> Well I'm hardly better than the rest of the community am I? :P Hardly, at least.
  24. [00:23:56] <swattlellama> At least in terms of personality and attitude
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