رسالة الاتصال بالشركات

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  1. :::::::: مدونة المجانيات
  3. Dear <هنا نكتب إسم الشركة>
  4. My name is (اكتب إسمك ) creator of “إسم موقعك”, a channel review website that focuses on beauty and fashion and
  6. (او نكتب )
  7. a blog website review website that focuses on tech gadgets
  9. . Our Youtube Channel can be viewed at the following link (هناك تكتب موقعك / شبكاتك الإجتماعية ). We have been reviewing the latest and greatest technology since 2010. We have over 5,000 subscribers on our mailing list and I have reviewed products from companies such as (هنا تكتب اسماء بعض الشركات التي تصنع الاجهزة الرقمية). We just came across your product, (هنا اكتب إسم المنتوج الذي تحب مراجعته (الحصول عليه)) and love the clean design and unique function. I feel it would be a great fit for our SUBSCRIBERS of tech savvy people who love these type of products. If you would be willing to send me a sample of (اكتب إسم المنتوج ) I would be able to put together a honest blog post review of the product on ourCHANNEL . I will include the product URL and price at the end of the blog post so people know where to purchase it from. If you are interested in offering my viewers a discount or promotional code I would be happy to include that in the blog post . Once the review is complete I will run a competition for my subscribers to win the product, that is unless you would prefer I send it back to you which I am happy to do.
  10. If you require any additional information I would be happy to provide it.
  11. My mailing address and contact details are below.
  12. Thank you for your time
  14. هنا تكتب إسمك وعنوانك بالكامل
  16. :::::::: مدونة المجانيات
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