Leon Hessel

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  1. Name: Leon Hessel
  2. Class: Pegasus Rider -> Falcon Knight
  3. Character Specific Skill: Adept
  4. Affinity: Poison
  5. Personal Fault: On The Brink: While below half HP, -2 DEF.
  6. Personal Skill: Aerobatics: While above half HP, +15 Evasion.
  7. Personal Skill: Lash Out: While at half HP and below, +10 Crit.
  8. ////Personal Skill: -
  10. Preferred stats: SPD, SKL
  12. Weapon Profs: Piercing (C), Lance (D)
  14. Level: 2
  15. Total Level: 7
  17. Progression spent: 300/300
  19. HP:  18 (40%)
  20. STR: 4  (55%)
  21. MAG: 1  (00%)
  22. SKL: 4  (60%)
  23. CON: 4       (+2)
  24. AID: 3    
  25. LCK: 2  (50%)
  26. DEF: 3  (20%)
  27. RES: 1  (30%)
  28. SPD: 3  (50%)(+2)
  29. MOV: 4  
  31. Trainee lvl2: HP, SKL, LCK, RES, SPD
  32. Trainee lvl3: HP, SKL, SPD
  33. Trainee lvl4: HP, RES, SPD
  34. Trainee lvl5: SPD, PREF STAT SKL
  35. Promotion to Pegasus Knight: +2HP, +1LCK, +2RES, +3SPD, +2CON/AID
  36. Pegasus Knight lvl2: HP, STR, SKL
  37. Sikrit Book: +2 STR
  39. Current Stats:
  41. HP: 24
  42. STR: 7
  43. MAG: 1
  44. SKL: 8
  45. LCK: 4
  46. CON: 8
  47. AID: 7 (+12 Pegasus)
  48. DEF: 3
  49. RES: 5
  50. SPD: 12
  51. MOV: 5 (+2 Pegasus)
  53. INVENTORY:       Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Crit |  QL
  54. Slim Lance       Pier (E) |  1  |  5 |  4 |  85 |   5  | 35/35
  55. Vulnerary                                                 3/3  
  56. Chest Key                                              |  2/3
  58. Battle Stats (Slim Lance):
  59. At: 11
  60. Rng: 1
  61. Hit: 102
  62. As: 12
  63. Eva: 28
  64. Crt: 9
  65. Dg: 2
  67. Promotion Stats (future reference):
  68. Falcon +1 HP, +2 STR, +2 SKL, +1 DEF, +3 RES, +2 SPD, +3 CON
  70. Bio: Leon was born the third son of minor nobility, to a family with ambitions a mile long and the drive to grow. Most of the Hessel household was involved in the military for the purpose of advancing their status, and having a reasonable amount of funds at their disposition also meant that most of them either rode into battle, wore well-crafted armor, or both. And while the family estate's stables did hold good horses, their pride and joy were its wyverns. Breeding huge flying lizards might not seem too impressive at first, but the fact wyverns require more dedication and resources to maintain than more traditional mounts made the family the sole supplier of scaled beasts in their area as well as gave them bragging rights about their financial situation.
  72. Leon grew up in a fairly demanding environment amidst several brothers and sisters who were being primed for military service, much like he was. Unfortunately for him, he was one of the runts of the litter, the other being his older sister Lea, who still beat his height by two thumbs. While his siblings—Lea aside—were tall and well-built, Leon quickly noticed during puberty that no growth spurt would close the gap and he'd have to accept his average height and build. That would've been easier hadn't it been for the fact he was expected to display same level of physical excellence as his stronger brothers and sisters. He got tired of hearing "try harder" and "if you try hard enough you can do it". He had some trouble dealing with wyverns thanks in part to the size of the beasts the family had been breeding over a few generations and the fact all the good riding tack sets were made for people bigger than him.
  74. Lea was the one to find a solution for her and her younger brother's problems. She visited a different region, sent a letter home calling for Leon and after a few months he and Lea arrived home with a pair of pegasus in tow. The winged horses were docile, agile and well-suited to Leon's fighting style, something he hoped would be appreciated by his family. Instead it triggered a fair measure of teasing, harassing and general bothersome behavior on the part of his brothers and sisters. Instead of stopping the vulgar bullying, Leon's father thought it could help correct what he considered errant behavior within his children. While Lea was the second oldest sibling and took the opportunity to leave the estate and join up with the crown's forces, Leon had to stay for longer.
  76. So Leon was bound to his stay in his family's state withstanding constant bullying until he could finish his training... Or at least that'd have been the case hadn't he one day decked one of his younger (and bigger) brothers in the chin when they decided to make fun of the runt of the litter. From that moment on, Leon had finally had enough and his aggressive combat style seemed to jump into his manners towards his siblings, to the point he was shipped off to join the kingdom's forces in short order. His family's displeasure was clear, as the suit of armor that'd traditionally have been commissioned for him was absent and he had to make do with standard-issue army material. Leon has cooled down after spending some time away from the rest of his family, but he can still get snappy and his fighting style speaks volumes of how much frustration he has to unleash.
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