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  1. I'm a good seller from Viet Nam . I have more cc now and more shop so i wannt sell all my cc i have . If who want to buy it let's contact me now through Y!H
  2. My cc i have and some price :
  3. us = 2$ per 1
  4. uk = 5$ per 1
  5. eu = 20$ per 1
  6. au = 10$ per 1
  7. ca = 10$ per 1c
  8. inter = 15$ per 1
  9. some cc on worldwide ...
  10. And i have more bank login and more paypal acc veritified who need contact me quickly  to have good price . My id Y!H
  11. If who want tracks or dumps can contact me
  12. I have some rule :
  13. no test no demo if who not trust and want cc free let's get out
  14. send money first, don't cry with me u have been lost money by scamer i very hate
  15. i accept LR or WU
  16. Thanks for read my topic let's contact me quickly ok ? My id Y!H :
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