DeuceCon 4: The Final Chapter

Deuceler Aug 28th, 2018 390 Never
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  1. Apparently we aren't done yet!
  3. tl;dr - DeuceCon is happening October 12/13/14th over on Attendees are all invitation only, and I'll be announcing runs / runners as soon as all are confirmed. Hope to see you there. [Feel free to read on for the full story.]
  5. I assume if you are reading this you have an idea what DeuceCon is. If not, it's a speedrunning event that I (Deuceler) have hosted since 2014 at my home. It's a non-charity based event that's put together for people in the community to hang out and show off games for the sake of showing off games. Attendance has varied at this event over the years, and it's constantly teetered on the edge of not happening because I'm an indecisive douche.
  7. In 2016 the event was it's largest with 32 attendees, an overwhelming number for my home (and wife.) I planned on moving the event to a venue space and expanding, but once I ran numbers and understood what that meant for the event I decide to slow things down. 20k in donations / fundraising for an event that is people just hanging out and playing video games, in my opinion, is too much to ask and directly conflicts with the events original intent. So in 2017 I housed a small group without streaming and we all just hung out and did races, randomizers, and a 4-player collaborative beating of Cuphead.
  9. This year things are coming back around a bit - the event has been shortened to three days as opposed to the four days of previous years. This is to better accommodate the working folks vacation schedules and travel time. I've also missed out on taking my wife to the Texas State Fair every year since we've been residence due to the event, and I owe it to her. Anyone who has been to DeuceCon can agree she's probably the most tolerant partner on the planet.
  11. All of this years attendees have been selected and invited by me to bring things back into the fold. I'm in the process of trying to move from my current home so things are going to remain small, but knowing the runners it's going to be a lot of entertaining runs. We'll of course be partaking in many post stream activities (I've heard you aren't allowed to be at DeuceCon without a drink in your hand) and I've always wanted to incorporate some different things onto the stream, so maybe we'll see some random games being played like CAH or Werewolf.
  13. Layouts are being designed by fellow speedrunner Ourolen (His commissions are open and you can check out his stuff here:
  15. I'm not sure the fate of DeuceCon after this year, I just know I like hanging out with friends and playing video games among other things #ppma. Thanks for reading!
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