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May 19th, 2018
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  2. 18 May 2018
  3. 05:42 - o5.proky: you added me?
  4. 05:44 - Future Sandwich: oh hey I was just trying to get the word out that I’m actually trying to get some direct feedback from the community. i’m sorry i’m not well known in the uk but honestly that and the other folks just being shitposters lack any spirit or real support for this scene
  5. 05:44 - Future Sandwich: I wanted to take the forums exact requests and actually try to create a platform for us to be heard
  6. 05:44 - Future Sandwich: but apparently i’m just a nut
  7. 05:46 - o5.proky: why are you banned from tftv
  8. 05:48 - Future Sandwich: well at first I was banned because I vocalized about how the community started to treat me. then I was banned for a while. then I played some lans and some new seasons and got involved again, got unbanned by enigma, and then right after I get unbanned some random mod band me again for no reason
  9. 05:48 - Future Sandwich: also was against them forcing the community to pay to advertise leagues in the forum as well.
  10. 05:50 - Future Sandwich: I guess i’m just crazy because i’m honest and that’s apparently some sharp contrast to whatever edgy “idc” mindset that seems to occupy kids these days
  11. 05:50 - Future Sandwich: players in this scene now got no soul, no thunder. they don’t care. it’s gunna be the death of the usa scene here.
  12. 05:51 - Future Sandwich: mig’s death here in florida was just another nail in the coffin
  13. 05:51 - Future Sandwich: all i’m tryin to do is stop that from happening
  14. 19 May 2018
  15. 14:35 - Future Sandwich: hey mate you busy at the moment?
  16. 14:35 - o5.proky: ?
  17. 14:40 - Future Sandwich: when you have a chance, could you throw a post up on that thread, I talked to extine and he is gunna go, I just gotta figure out what day during the week in june so it works with his days off, I also spoke with Tyler McVicker from valves news network, he is like a 40% chance on going because I offered to help with his bus ticket. Also aside from the community weapons (I got the list from uberchain) I'm gunna talk to them about making an official 1v1 casual mode, I'm currently designing a map for it and my goal is to have it finished before I go for the most part so I can show the folks on the TF2 team. Also if things work out with that, I have a super special project that I know the entire community is going to freak out about and have actually been dying for since tf2 center took over the lobby scene. I havent shared it with anyone except extine and I wont be goin into further details until after I get back.
  18. 14:40 - Future Sandwich: pretty much
  19. 14:40 - Future Sandwich: if you could share that paragraph above
  20. 14:40 - Future Sandwich: you would be helping me out so much, and I know you dont got anything to get out of it, but its just so damn hard with the way those nerds treat me on that site
  21. 14:41 - Future Sandwich: thanks again if you do, sorry for the spam if you get in game messages - future
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