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Feb 2nd, 2018
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  1. Hello for the final time. I hope this note finds you well. To prove the legitimacy of this communication, a .01 transaction will be made from to at 6:15 GMT.
  3. After several discussions, the contact information and personal identity of one of the developers was obtained, who in exchange for immunity has shared certain details regarding the rest of the team. These details are sufficient, and the reward for information relating to developer identities is now closed. As promised, the 50 ETH reward will be issued shortly and routed through the wallet at 0x10b15218f99d45ffbcb839a6594e6886de8b774c as evidence.
  5. Here are the instructions to the PoWH developer team. You are to reimburse the address 0xe7612aab36474720df55fbe1fe538f88df2d8cd3 with 283 ETH. This is the sum of the 233 ETH sent to the shadowfork as well as the 50 ETH invested in obtaining information. Some fiat currency was also expended in verifying leads, but as this is a crypto-related matter we shall leave that out of the conversation.
  7. If the funds are not received within 24 hours, travel arrangements will be made you may expect a visit within one or two weeks.
  9. You may think that I am bluffing, or that you have guarded yourself well enough to be safe. Perhaps. Then let us see who truly has weak hands.
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