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Drush Make: Do this instead of x.x-dev

wizonesolutions Dec 14th, 2011 150 Never
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  1. ; Download the module with Git
  2. projects[webform_userpoints][download][type] = "git"
  4. ; Find this revision by clicking View Commits on the project page
  5. ; in the lower right-hand column. Click on the most recent commit
  6. ; in the branch you were going to use. Copy and paste the full revision
  7. ; identifier.
  8. projects[webform_userpoints][download][revision] = "25bfe11d2c6dc6480d0aabc79b1edb54dec06236"
  10. ; Tell Drush Make it's a module. This might not be necessary.
  11. projects[webform_userpoints][type] = "module"
  13. ; You can erase or change the subdirectory. I like to separate
  14. ; my Git-downloaded modules.
  15. projects[webform_userpoints][subdir] = "_custom"
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