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Jun 3rd, 2013
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  1. Press Release – Your Anon News Website.
  3. First off, thank you for your patience. We're very excited as we get closer to launch. Our dev team recognizes that timing is crucial because the funding for this project was crowd sourced. Our next press release will have a solid launch date. Also, yes, the perks from the Indigogo fundraiser are being packaged. When we started this project no one expected we'd need a massive mailing operation to box-up thousands of t-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs.
  5. In regards to the website, we've been working hard to design something clean and practical, but also fun to use. Twitter is heavily integrated - Facebook, not so much. Recently, we decided to ditch public comments entirely and replace it with a social chat feature instead. The way we see it, comments are rarely used to their full potential anymore and your friends will be more likely to enjoy your responses this way. Also, we won't auto-attach our .com or account name to everything you tweet - because we're classy.
  7. We will continue to aggregate some of our content from external sources, with permission, via various online independent media sites, as well as videos from YouTube, Vimeo and the like. We are introducing a strict aggregation policy, however. While we believe information should be free, we also understand the value of journalism as a profession - *cough*Sun Times.
  9. In addition, we will be accepting content from the public. The introduction of this content will also be held to specific standards in regards to its quality, authenticity and relevance. Basically, we don't give a damn about exploding Kardashian butt implants. Some basic guidelines will be made available soon for your benefit.
  11. There is the opportunity for you to have some of your content featured in the initial launch as well and we'll provide those details in the next day or two. We're expecting a great deal of interest, so at the moment we're devising a way to mitigate this inevitable, tedious revision process.
  13. After observing the events of the last few days, understand that one of our goals is to make questions like, 'Why isn't CNN-Turk airing footage of these massive protests,' irrelevant. Its time to start getting the real news out there, to everyone. We have to stop relying on big corporations to do that for us. Also, cocks.
  15. Again, thank you for being patient. More to come soon.
  18. - YAN Staff
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