Classroom of the elite vol 11.5 (C1 part 1)

Dec 26th, 2019
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  1. Part 1
  3. Sport Centre.
  5. Where all students and teachers gather.
  7. For each person involved. It's not every day we can see the adults lined up, now they are watching us attentively.
  9. This is the time when grade 3 students take the first step towards a fresh start.
  11. He who went on to university, he who sought a job, and he who decided to stop because they can’t find a way.
  13. The children mentioned are able to stand above the community.
  15. I am thinking. 2 years from now ... How will I stand in that place...? And what will I think at that time.
  17. (TLN: that place means community life)
  19. Although I have set the path to go, I want to believe I can imagine various things. Believe .., what I learn here will be the provision of life in the future.
  21. "With this ..., now we will listen to the words of the representative who made it through the battle for 3 years, who graduated as class A."
  23. Adults who facilitate this, talk like that through a microphone. More than that ... Silence surrounds the gym.
  25. "Class A representative ..."
  27. If the name called is not Horikita Manabu or the name of his classmate. Then, there is definitely a change in class from the results of the last exam.
  29. For an instant, many students felt a strong urge from that feeling. Because as long as you are enrolled in this school, graduating as class A is the single biggest goal.
  31. "... Horikita Manabu-kun please come on the stage"
  33. When that name sounded, Horikita might feel very relieved from the bottom of her heart. It is unknown how many obstacles were imposed by Nagumo, but it looks like Horikita's brother managed to safely pass as Class A.
  35. As he walked to the podium in an impressive manner, the gaze of all students and related parties changed.
  37. "Speech. On this day ... You can feel the breath of spring in the scent of plum flowers, we welcome this graduation ceremony."
  39. Horikita's brother speech begins.
  41. Starting from explaining gratitude for this great graduation ceremony. After that talk about the day he came to school 3 years ago.
  43. "When I first entered this 'Advanced High School', I felt a different atmosphere from other schools. Taking on the future together with great responsibilities, I clearly still remember promising to make these three years meaningful three years."
  45. The atmosphere when he spoke slowly .., somehow I feel a calming feeling. After the admission ceremony 1 year ago, the Student Council President who was standing in the same place ... Was somehow like a different person.
  47. As the calm continued, I felt the change occur.
  49. Not only Horikita's brother, but also the students enrolled, have grown every day and every month.
  51. "Even though this is my personal problem, as the student council president last year there were words that I wanted to convey to the students in grade 1."
  53. Horikita's brother spoke as well as connecting his thoughts with me.
  55. "Obviously very different compared to last year I saw this in the same place, I really could feel everyone's growth"
  57. 1 year ago ... we grade 1 students gave off an uneasy atmosphere and were made silent by the attitude of Horikita's brother. At that time many students could not see it. Now ... None of the students are whispering to each other.
  59. Then ... Horikita's brother looked at the students with a soothing look.
  61. "Also ... For now, all of you who are about to be in grade 3, I hope you can lead the students who will become grade 2 students, while maintaining the discipline of this school with all the strength and enthusiasm available."
  63. After a few minutes, the speech was nearing its end.
  65. "I promise you that what you have learned in this school will definitely play a role in your future life and become the most valuable asset."
  67. Once again ..., Horikita's brother looked at all the students.
  69. "Next year and 2 more years ... The person who will stand here, will definitely understand this feeling..."
  71. Someone who gives an Answer.
  73. In other words ... A leader who will graduate in class A. Grade 2 has completed it ... Is that Nagumo who will be the main candidate? For grade 1 students still in battle ..., whether it's Horikita, Ichinose, Ryuuen, or Sayakanagi.
  75. Or maybe from someone new leader who is not of them all.
  77. School life has gone fast 1/3 .., but only still one third of that is. From now on the class will change, students will continue to decrease. Even so ..., the leader who wins will be allowed to stand there as a representative.
  79. Slowly, brother Horikita read the parting words clearly.
  81. "... Thank you very much ... For these 3 years."
  83. Finally ... It's close to finishing it. After the parting words for students, continue for the teachers and also to the school.
  85. After the parting words end. The graduation ceremony continues to the next step ....
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