Nov 23rd, 2020
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  1. Still locked into Alice's thoughts, I saw the vision suddenly shift, but I had no time to see what the outcome would be.
  2. I launched myself across the lot, throwing myself between the skidding van and the frozen girl. I moved so fast that everything was a streaky blur except for the object of my focus. She didn't see me- no human eyes could have followed my flight- still staring at the hulking shape that was about to grind her body into the metal frame of the truck.
  3. I caught her around the waist, moving with too much urgency to be as gentle as she would need me to be. In the hundredth of a second between yanking her slight form out of the path of death and crashing to the ground with her in my arms, I was vividly aware of her fragile, breakable body.
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