GreentextSavant - 90% of every AnonxSunset fics ever

Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. >Be Anon.
  2. >You hear some very disconcerting noises from Sunset's room.
  3. >It's crying; something that is never okay to hear coming from there.
  4. >Get out of your bed, being Anon, and walk down the hall to Sunset's room.
  5. >You start running because you want to make her feel better as soon as possible.
  6. >Nobody hurts Anon's SunnyBunny. Ever.
  7. >Be Anon, opening the door and finding Sunset in her bed with tears streaming down her face.
  8. >She looks directly at you and the light from the hallway washes over her gleaming eyes.
  9. >"A-Anon!" She says in a croaking voice the name of her super duper white knight protag love interest.
  10. "Sunset..." You step over to her.
  11. >It hurts you so much to see her cry. You can't stand it; all you want for Sunset is happiness, even if it's at your expense.
  12. >Nothing comes before Sunset, not even your life, Anon.
  13. >Be Anon.
  14. >Wrap your arms around Sunset, feeling her shoulders moving up and down with each sob. It's making you want to cry with her so badly.
  15. >"Anon."
  16. "Sunset."
  17. >She hugs you back really tightly, burying her face into your shoulders, letting your generic protag T-shirt soak her tears away.
  18. >Be Anon.
  19. >Getting into bed next to Sunset and keeping her close to you in the warmth under the covers.
  20. "Shhh... Everything's going to be alright." You stroke the side of her head and whisper kind words into her ear.
  21. >She starts to silence herself as she hugs you back. Slowing her shuddering breathing.
  22. >"I love you so much, Anon. I love you so so so so so much..."
  23. "I love you too, Sunset."
  24. >Fall back onto the pillow with your ultimate eternal lover Sunset Shimmer. Be Anon.
  25. >Be Anon.
  26. >AnonAnonAnonAnon.
  27. "Please don't cry. I'm here for you."
  28. >Sunset sniffles and starts to smile the most beautiful smile you've ever seen. With your heads rested on the pillow and your faces touching by the nose.
  29. >You kiss, long and deep. Proclaiming your eternal love over and over again.
  30. >Be Anon.
  31. >ANON.
  32. >With SUNSET, your LOVER.
  33. >Be Anon.
  34. >Sunset has stopped crying.
  35. >Thank GOODNESS.
  36. >You let the door to her room close all the way. It closes because of magic or whatever.
  37. >"Anon..." Sunset start to stutter. "I-I need you right now."
  38. "You need me?"
  39. >"I need you to be here for me."
  40. >Knowing what she's been through, you know you can't let her down.
  41. >She needs you, Anon.
  42. >Be Anon.
  43. >"Anon... can you do something for me?"
  44. "Anything, Sunset. Anything."
  45. >She doesn't say a word, only kisses you again, this time more passionately.
  46. >You feel the endless love rush through your veins and through your synching heartbeats.
  47. "I... love you so much." You manage to briefly say between increasingly eager kisses.
  48. >Wrap your arms around the girl as you both lie on your sides together.
  49. >Sunset is smiling widely now as she feels your embrace keep her warm throughout the cold night.
  50. >You feel her arms do the same thing for you. Her tears are long gone now.
  51. >You can now feel at east that your ultimate eternal lover forever and ever is happy now.
  52. >Be Anon. ANON.
  53. >In bed with your lover SUNSET SHIMMER.
  54. >She starts to curiously fiddle with the front of your pants. You soon realize what she needs you for, accepting her offer with some desires of your own.
  55. >Cup her BEAUTIFUL face in your hands and kiss her once more. And again. And again.
  56. >Soon moving your hands down to her chest, where she arches her back to let you have a better feel.
  57. >"I... love you, Anon...."
  58. "I love you too, Sunset."
  59. >Kiss even more enthusiastically as you start to lift up the bottom of her shirt. You're hard now, and it's entirely for no one else but SUNSET SHIMMER.
  60. >She starts to moan into your mouth, signaling that she wants to perch on top of you as you explore her.
  61. >She sounds so happy now. So much happier than before.
  62. >You want it to stay this way, caring about every second of Sunset's happiness.
  63. >Pull her shirt off as the front of your pants are undone.
  64. >Sunset runs her tongue up the ridge of your nose.
  65. >...
  66. >Be Anon.
  67. >The next morning.
  68. >Last night was SUCH a great night. Sex with Sunset Shimmer is the best sex to have. It's the only sex you want to have.
  69. >Sunset Shimmer is your one and only waifu. No exceptions.
  70. >You love her so so s o so much.
  71. >You and Sunset sit in the same chair, eating bacon and eggs together with hearts in your eyes and also floating around your heads because you are SO IN LOVE.
  72. >Sunset smile at you with the cereal spoon in her mouth, loving YOU AND ONLY YOU ANON.
  73. >Keep her close. Really really fucking close.
  74. >"I find it hard to describe how much I love you with all of my heart ANONYMOUS THE ANON."
  75. >You slip out of your guy fawkes mask and kiss her tenderly.
  76. "I was about to say the same thing to you, Sunset. My dear, beautiful lover for all of time.
  77. >Be Anon.
  78. >You finish eating and even wash the dishes together because love.
  79. >Sunset gases into your eyes as the soap bubbles float past your heads and pop loudly around you ears.
  80. >You can see the little hearts in her turquoise eyes.
  81. >After breakfast, you get dressed and head off to work.
  82. >Be Anon.
  83. >Drive in your car that YOU and SUNSET bought together because you love eachother so much and share all your money.
  84. >You're at work.
  85. >Writing up TPS reports because your boss thinks that doing that would be great.
  86. >You have a picture of your LOVER Sunset on your desk. Next to another picture of her.
  87. >Next to like 10 more, lol.
  88. >Sunset sends you an email because she wants to hear about how you're doing, Anon. Answer the email even thought you have a job to do that involves the TPS reports.
  89. >You'd risk anything and everything for Sunset Shimmer.
  90. >Be Anon.
  91. >Sunset sends you an email that you did not expect to receive.
  92. >[Dear Anon, I've been kidnapped by ninjas. Please quit your job and save me.]
  93. >You leave work to go save Sunset from the ninjas.
  94. >Throw a banana peel after your boss so he’d slip and slide buying you time to escape the company. Flick him off and tip your fedora and sandals with socks towards him because you’re that enthusiastic about quitting your job over a girl because you LOVE HER.
  95. >Be Anon.
  96. >Get into your car and drive, speeding and breaking traffic laws FOR SUNSERT.
  97. >She can sense you coming because that’s how much you two love eachother. But you’re not out of the woods yet, that’s the next exit.
  98. >Use telepathy of love to find where Sunset is and locate the secret ninja hideout in the middle of times square.
  99. >Drive five more feet and you’re in the middle of the specific ocean and you put on your scuba gear and go diving in your samurai armor to defeat the ninjas.
  100. >They fire laser missile torpedoes at you that go high speeds because super cool ninja technology.
  101. >You use the power of your LOVE FOR SUNSET SHIMMER to dodge them and unsheathe your katana and slay the laser missile torpedoes.
  102. >Find the Atlantis hideout underwater and infiltrate the facility.
  103. >You’re breathing heavily, standing there with your bulging muscles glistening with seawater and your rugged five o clock shadow on your chisled protag face that’s blank because YOU’RE ANON.
  104. >Be Anon.
  105. >You’re surrounded and attacked by a billion ninjas but you defeat them all and their headmaster who was a totally villainy looking guy.
  106. >Sunset shimmer is in the fortresses basement tied to a railroad track and screams for you.
  107. >”Anon! Anon!”
  108. “Sunset?”
  109. >”Anon!”
  110. “Sunset!” You run towards her BEAUTIFUL voice.
  111. >”Anon! Please rescue me! I love you and only you and no one else ever ever!”
  112. “I love you and no one else ever ever too, Sunset Shimmer!” You said.
  113. >She kisses you and you kiss her back, wiping away her tears with your LOVE.
  114. >She piggy back rides you out of the empty ninja gymnasium and you leave Rarity under the bleachers to drown because SHE’S NOT SUNSET WHO CARES ABOUT HER?
  115. >You also leave every other female character there to drown to make sure you will never mate with another living being other than Sunset. You wipe out all life on earth to make sure you and Sunset repopulate the planet for the good of fucking waifuism.
  116. >But Sunset dies anyway because forced tragic ending. She goes back to crying in her room in hell because she’s a demon and you can’t go to the same hell because you’re an atheist, so you go to atheist hell and never see Sunset again.
  117. End.
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