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  1. This is a ... copy-pasta 'dump' of conversations that I have had in the past with people. I collected the things that I've said, and placed them here due to the fact that they can easily be used to explain me. One day I'll get around to organising and using the information here as a reference to type up a proper biography. For now, it remains an unorganised mess of rubbish.
  4. Enter at your own peril.
  8. I'm really awkward in social situations; like... not the typical "I don't know what to say, so I'll make small-talk." kind of awkward. I'm awkward in the way that I speak my mind bluntly, and say exactly what I mean the first time. I don't cater to people's emotions, or desires. I simply be myself, and if they can't accept me for who I am, than I have no reason to call them a friend. Although sometimes I just say nothing, when Idk what to say.
  10. Honestly, I can't promise anyone that I'm someone that people will enjoy talking to, or "hanging out" with. I am very forward with my opinions, and I never hide my thought process. If I wish to say something, or if I have an opinion, then I'm going to share it; regardless of if the person or people in question wish to hear it.
  12. I also have a strange tendency to repeat myself redundantly, in different ways. Like I'll say something, then completely reword it into a different sentence, and say it again. So people might become irritable with me over that, as I don't notice that I'm doing it unless someone says something, or if I read over what I've typed first. ...and even then, sometimes I don't catch it.
  14. I didn't grow up with any friends that were girls. I grew up around boys, and ended up turning into a tomboy. When I was little, I remember hating things that were specifically made for women, and I only wore boy's clothes. I was even mistaken for a boy sometimes, because I was always barefoot, dirty, and I had really short buzzed hair. Even today, I still have a very strong dislike for feminine things, and strictly use things made for men.
  16. Foster care was difficult, but it's in the past. I can happily accept the fact that it happened, and that I was abused, raped and such, and move on with my life. I despise secrecy, and privacy; my life is an open book, so being a "creeper" is kind of impossible with me. I openly share things about myself, and have no wish to hide anything.
  18. In foster care, I was shipped in and out of homes so often from the age of six, to twenty-something, that I couldn't begin to name how many I was in. I stopped counting after 30 homes. I do know that I never had a parental figure I could speak to about things; especially regarding things such as my period. I learned that stuff the difficult/wrong way, by living on the Internet, and hearing scraps about stuff at school.
  20. I used the Internet as a method of escape from reality, and ended up closing myself off from the world; living in my own little bubble of ignorance. There was so much (and still is) that I don't really understand, or know about things. Like, I know I can just Google stuff, but there's some things that even Google can't teach you.
  22. Anyways, I'd like to say that I'm an oddball. I hate compliments, and I can't stand it when people feel sorry for me. I like to focus on what's wrong with me, and ignore any so-called "strengths" that others claim I have. To me, those are non-existent; only my faults matter.
  24. In school, things were... idk. Elementary, and the first year or so of Middle School was fine. We were all kids, and I was just another kid; albeit the weird one that was always angry, or depressed about something due to Irl issues with Foster care and whatnot. Near the end of Middle School and all throughout HighSchool, I was suddenly being noticed by guys and I was noticing them.
  26. I never, ever wanted any part of 'dating' that everyone was doing. I just wanted a friend and to be goofy, and I wanted it to be like it was before all the noticing happened. Just messing around with the guys, and having fun. There was no 'She's a girl, I can't do that.' rubbish back then. >.<
  28. Idk. Around came H'ween, and our high school's H'ween party on the 31st of October in 2007. I wasn't expecting to even go to the party, let alone meet the guy that I was gonna spend the rest of my life with there. Because I hate large crowds enough as it is, I was kinda awkwardly sitting at the very edge of the Gym, at one of the tables that had been set up, and I was nervously chugging Mt. Dews, and eating candy like there was no tomorrow. The loud music echoing in the Gym, combined with the awful humid air of a good two hundred people laughing, and talking made me downright uncomfortable.
  30. I was about to leave, and just walk back to the house, when a guy who looked ridiculously out of place, and just as nervous as I was decided to sit down at my table. He wasn't costumed at all; or so I thought. But neither was I really. His 'costume' was a typical Gang Banger look. Saggy jeans, gold chain, fitted cap, a and huge baggy shirt with a designer jacket. I had decided to 'Cosplay' (for want of a better word) as my namesake; Flannery, from the Pokémon games: (the image I based my outfit on.)
  32. Anyways, he was the only one who knew who I was supposed to be. Everyone else who tried to talk to me, only asked why I wasn't wearing a costume. We talked for a bit, and I was utterly shocked that he didn't treat me like I was a girl. He just spoke to me normally, and it was like I was a kid again; no gender barriers. After the party was over, I asked him if he wanted to hang out again after this, and I made it clear that it wasn't a 'date'. He laughed, and said sure. We've kinda been together ever since then, and as far as I'm concerned, I have zero intentions of ever getting with another guy, or breaking up with him for any reason.
  34. I wouldn't say that being with Andrew for eight years is anything to give congratulations for. We've stumbled through life together, arguing, bickering, and crying on each other's shoulder when the time is needed. I can't say that I can rely on him at all times, but nor can I say that I don't love him. It's a very complicated relationship -- If I can even call it that. Regardless, he's the only guy I'll ever want to be with. Sure, I might look at guys and women (I'm Bisexual) online, but that doesn't have any relation to the status of our 'relationship'.
  36. I've never really "dated", nor have I "E-Dated". The only person I've ever been with, is Andrew. We never... "dated", we kinda just.. idk. Latched onto each other as best friends, and it expanded from there. It's complicated lol. And yeah, I was socially awkward as well. If I wasn't so stupidly blunt, and forward with what I say, then I might have been able to make more friends. People always become easily offended, and never talk to me again; either that, or they are my enemy from that point on.
  38. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but I find E-Dating to be disturbing. The "E-Dating" I've come across, and been subject to; were "sexual" relationships, where one role-played such behaviour, and constantly hung out as Boyfriend-Girlfriend. It's not okay in my eyes at all. A normal friendship online, where you feel fondness, and compassion for the other person is entirely different, and it's not something that I can say I've ever seen called ''E-Dating'' before online. It's always right down the other road. Regardless, I'm still against it. Friendship is one thing, and E-Dating is another.
  40. I seem to have rambled on about nonsense. Um. I'm really bad with 'expressing' empathy, and striking up conversations. I usually end up offending someone, or rattling on about rubbish for so long, that it monopolises the conversation, and kills the chat.
  42. My name is Flannery Lue Moore, and I was born on 23/04/1991. The last time I had my height, and weight measured, I was 198cm, and 65kg. Though this was when I was twenty-three years old, about two years ago. That said.. I'm still a ridiculously skinny eating machine today. I eat like a starved hyena, yet all I do is lose weight. I blame my Metabolism.
  44. I graduated from my High School in 2009, and I was on the Girl's Varsity Basketball team from 2006, to 2009. We won the High School Interstate Championship in 2008, and 2009. I tell people that I went to college after that.. but I didn't. I hated school as it was, and I had no intentions of ever returning to school of any kind. The 'story' that I used to tell people, was that I graduated from College with a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing - because I enjoy reading and writing.
  46. I currently reside in the United States, but my heart (and blood) reside in the UK. My family on my mother's side is mostly Irish, but there is a lot of other mess mixed up in there too. My father's side is mostly Spanish (Spain, not Mexico), and a good chunk German. With that said... I know little to nothing about my family, other than what I've been told, as I have lived in foster care since I was six years old.
  48. These past few years, I have done absolutely nothing but sit on my rump and play RuneScape and MineCraft. I have no job, no life, and no "real life" friends. I pretty much live on the computer. I've been asked how do I pay for food and such without a Job, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Quite like how I just repeated that over, and over.... so I'll save the trouble of you having to ask, and explain myself right here.
  50. I have a form of Autism (or so it's currently labelled...), called "Asperger's Syndrome". In the USA, I'm apparently entitled to SSI Benefits simply for existing. SSI is "Supplemental Security Income". I receive $733.00 a month, which I use to pay my rent each month. I rent out a Basement from an "Elderly" couple that I've known since I was 13. They treat me as if I was their Granddaughter, which is nice. I only pay $560 a month for rent, and that's it. I eat with them during meal times, so I don't need to buy food.
  52. Asperger's (Some people with it, refer to it as "Aspie", or "AS".) as I stated is currently labelled as a form of Autism, but it only affects two parts of your brain. The social part, and the Motor sensory part. With the social thing... I have problems sometimes. I can be too blunt, and too literal. I also tend to speak my mind, without regard for other people's feelings. With the Motor thing... it's varied. Some things I excel with, like Basketball, or Riding a bike, whilst other things like Typing, or Writing with Pen and Paper I am almost unable to do. This goes in complete contrast to what I said earlier about loving to write.
  54. I do love to write, but holding a Pen, or Pencil, and attempting to write things out is a chore. I can do it, albeit with horrible handwriting, but my hand soon cramps up, and refuses to work any further. With Typing, I can only use one Finger. I've tried to learn how to type normally, and I've even had classes. This all was for naught though, as I can still only use one finger. My fingers just don't want to cooperate. -.-
  56. The same thing applies for when I am playing MineCraft. Everyone uses "wasd" to move around, but I don't. I use the Arrow Keys, because I cannot use the "wasd" keys. They are too awkward, and unfamiliar for me. This is how I play MineCraft:
  60. I took that picture during a small debate on reddit ( ), because I happened to mention that I use the Arrow Keys and everyone went absolutely bonkers. I was too embarrassed to admit that it was because of a disability... so I just claimed that it was due to personal preference. All my life, I've played computer games, and in every one that required Movement of some kind, I always used the Arrow Keys. For example, this PC game from the 90's:
  64. I'm a creative player, and I love to build things in excess, meaning "overly large" for no reason at all. I can't stand servers that like to limit players from using every aspect of MineCraft. No blocks should ever be "banned" from usage. At the same time, I also like Survival... to an extent. I only play "Pure Vanilla" survival. That means if it is a server, then it has to be the official Mojang "server.jar", or I will not play it. Creeper explosions, and TnT need to be enabled. I can't stand the children who disable that stuff, out of fear of Greifers. Just ban the imbeciles who grief, and move on.
  66. And again, I'm going to contradict myself. I do enjoy "Bukkit" and "Spigot" servers, but only if they are not a Factions, Minigames, or Prison server. Those horrible versions of MineCraft servers should not exist. They make the MineCraft community look terrible, and they are the ones that all the idiotic 11 year old griefers, and hackers flock to.
  68. If I play a Non-mojang server, then I expect it to have McMmo, Auctions, Towny, Jobs, Disguise, and MultiVerse. With McMmo, every feature must be enabled, and working as the creator intended. The server must have a "Freebuild" creative world, with absolutely no Plots, and no limitations of any kind. In the creative world, all players must be allowed to use "/gamemode" to switch freely between Survival and Creative at will. The closest server I've found that lives up to these desires, is a server called ''MCL+'' - MineCraft Lovers Plus.
  70. All that I have said above about servers, are my opinions on what a real MineCraft server should be like. They are blunt, and to the point without any sugary coating. I'm sorry if I offended someone by sharing my opinion.
  72. I have a bunch of screenshots of builds from previous MineCraft servers I used to play, in here: Along with a bunch of other stuff like old drawings, pictures of me, and my many multiple PC setups, that I frequently change lol..
  74. What? You want to know what my interests are? The things that make me smile? o.O
  75. Well... lets see here. I am very interested in figuring out why people think that it's okay to use a Laptop, or a Mac to play MineCraft. Both of those contraptions should be thrown into the rubbish bin, and burned into a molten, bubbling glob of plastic. Oh. Things that make me Smile? Well... throwing Laptops, and Macs into a boiling pit of Lava makes me smile.. >.>
  77. I love video games. And I mean real video games, not all these new generation "HD" games that everyone is playing nowadays. This new crap can go crawl into a pit and die. I like the real video games like Zelda, Duck Hunt, or Metroid on the NES, or Pokémon Red on the original Gameboy. And even StarFox, or Hexen on the Nintendo 64.
  79. Wii? Ps3? Ps4? Ya'll need to stop pretending to be a computer, and go back to your roots. You were great in the beginning.. now you're all just a stale joke that everyone keeps repeating. It gets to be both sickening, and aggravating to see your pitiful existence is still being supported. ...And Microsoft. What the bloody hell were you thinking when you came up with the xBox? And then the 360... and then the xBone! Seriously. Just stop it. Go back to making Operating Systems, where you belong.
  82. ...I apparently enjoy complaining. O_o Speaking my mind is definitely one of my biggest interests. Sadly.. some people (Err.. I mean almost the entirety of society) don't want to let me have an opinion. They'd rather talk about how proud of their country they are, or how amazing they think their achievements are. But nope. Crazy miss Flannery ain't allowed no opinions. So everybody tell her to stuff it, and start idolising herself like the rest of our corrupt society.
  84. Hmm.. what makes me Smile... I really don't know. I know what I'm interested in, but none of that really makes me Smile, unless it has something to do with Ferrets.. >.> But even then, sometimes when I'm joking about Ferrets online.. I'm sitting here like.. who cares.. I'm bored... Why can't something interesting happen?
  86. ......
  88. Hey! Why are you reading this text you creeper? You like sniffing in other people's business? Well sniff this! *Throws a ferret at your face*
  92. *Ferret Noises* *Lots and lots of epic Ferret Noises*
  94. Flannery Lue Moore is my birth name; Flannery is an old Gaelic word, meaning quite literally "Red Eyebrow". Why my parents named me it, I'll never know. Anyways, I also use it as my username on some sites, since it's extremely unlikely to be taken. If it's a gaming site, or something equivalent, then I'm more likely to just use 'Lue', or 'Quavelen'. Lue is pronounced as 'Loo', and it drives me up the wall when people say it like 'Loo-EE'.
  96. I'm what I like to call a 'Mutt', or a 'Heinz 57'. My bloodline is so mixed up, that I'm not any specific thing. I swear, I probably have a little bit of everything in me, but because of how facial features look; I prefer to say that I am mostly Irish, and Spanish. (Spain, not Mexico.) Lately, I just say I'm Irish. Mostly because of my name; it bloody screams Irish. Saying I'm Irish, just makes things easier in a conversation.
  98. I've never met anyone Irl with my name before, so it was an utter shock when I found out that someone with my name existed within a Pokémon game. I became madly obsessed with her, and Pokémon in general after that day; my obsession increased tenfold once I discovered that her grandfather's last name in the Anime is 'Moore'. It's like I stumbled upon something frighteningly awesome.
  100. I'm an incredibly slow typer, and I only use one finger to type. I type at 'around' 60wpm. I say around, because all the Wpm tests I've found require me to type words that appear on the screen. I have to look at the keyboard whilst I'm typing. If I look away, I can't type. The tests always score around 39wpm, and 45wpm. So I assume I'm closer to 60.
  102. Cancer. That's something that really makes me reel backwards a bit. Like, mentally. I'm really odd about it when other people claim to have a 'serious' medical condition, or had an accident that landed them in a hospital. I don't wish to offend anyone, so I try rather hard to dance around such topics as best as I can; which is difficult for me. Um... with basic, really common medical things like OCD, ADHD, and Asperger's, I'll easily believe it. But Cancer, and other serious things like being paralysed... I have extreme difficulty trusting the legitimacy of those claims. I'm sorry. =/
  104. I don't want, or need any 'proof' of such things. Even if people sent me numerous pictures of medical documents, pictures of them in the hospital, and really anything at all; I still would never believe it until/if I had met them in person, and seen it for myself. Again, I'm sorry. I don't wish to offend anyone.
  106. I tend to be really anti Sci-Fi when it comes to games, idk why. The only two online games I have ever given a shot that were Sci-Fi, was Star Wars: The Old Republic, and EVE Online. I didn't really like either of them. And long before that; on my Nintendo 64, I had a Star Wars game that you played as Han Solo. I also currently own a Star Wars PC game pack called Star Wars Fan Favourites 1:
  108. ...But, I don't play it. I tried each of the games on it, and then gave it up as a bad job. I'm just more into the whole Fantasy/Medieval thing. As far as movies and books go though, I love Sci-Fi. I just can't learn to like it as a video game.
  110. The only two games that I've ever been able to stick with, are RuneScape and MineCraft.
  112. RuneScape is a game that can be described as needing little to no input.
  113. You only need to use the mouse, as the Keyboard is only used to chat, and other minimal functions like typing in the name of an item at the Grand Exchange. There is zero keyboard requirement for gameplay at all. Gameplay itself only requires a mouse; In fact, you can't even play RuneScape with just the keyboard. It's a "Point and Click" game, with a grid movement system. It's been around since 2001 (Technically 1998, but it was called 'DeviousMUD' back then.) and is known to be one of the world's oldest 'active' MMOs in existence; maybe only second to 'Ultima Online'.
  115. MineCraft on the other hand, requires full usage of the keyboard to really play it. So I think RuneScape would be the better option for anyone who doesn't want to worry too much about having to pay close attention. However.... RuneScape has an awkward learning curve. Not a difficult one at all, no. Just... um. It's like it tosses you into the game after a tutorial that does little to help you out. It expects you to use your brain, explore and learn on your own.
  117. RuneScape was my very first online game, and it was where I spent the majority of my life to escape reality.I started playing it in August of 2001, and I can't seem to ever just leave it. I've played hundreds, if not thousands of other MMOs over the years, and RuneScape, and MineCraft (started that in 2009) are the only ones that I keep returning to. Every other one I just play for a bit, then never return. I get really nostalgic about RuneScape and MineCraft, so I can relate to anyone who feels nostalgia over a game that they played for years.
  119. RuneScape is one of those games that you either hate, or love with a passion; and once you learn to love it, it suddenly becomes impossible to quit, as it's never ending. RuneScape was a "SandBox" game, before that term even existed to describe games. You can literally do anything you want. You want to chop down a tree? Do it. Want to go fishing? Do it. Want to build yourself a house? Go ahead. It's not as sandboxy as MineCraft, Wurm Online, or other such "true" SandBox games, but it's far more so than almost any other MMO in existence.
  121. I despise PvP, and I avoid any kind of gameplay that causes me to be vulnerable to player attack. RuneScape has plenty of PvP, but it's not a major part of the game's mechanics. It's simply 'there', and people are welcome to participate, but they don't have to, to progress in the game.
  123. Playing by myself is why I get so bored, and keep bouncing back and forth between MineCraft and RuneScape. With MineCraft, that's an even more prominent issue. It's difficult for me to find a server that has people online who actually chat. They're usually all afk, or silent players ...Either that, or there's simply no one online. With RuneScape, it's an awful volatile community that is full of trolls, and jerks. So I kind of just float around, and try to discover something to capture my attention.
  125. My reasons are kinda long, and entirely based upon my experiences, interactions, and opinions.
  126. First, and foremost; Video and Voice. In a way, I guess I'm a hypocrite in this regard. I have a "fear" of showing my face, and letting my voice be on the Internet in any way, shape or form. In the past, I had/have a FaceBook account and I used to use it quite often. This was long before they added the "timeline" feature, and we simply had what was called a "wall". I had pictures of me, and I would always post about Irl stuff, and I was kinda clueless and silly.
  128. Then one day I got one of those "Do you know (name here)?" emails from Facebook. They are pretty common, and something I'm kinda used to. But it was the profile picture that caught my attention... whoever it was, had decided it would be okay to use one of my pictures as their profile image. Now whilst they weren't using my name or anything, they were acting as if my face was theirs.
  130. That kinda opened up my eyes to more of the atrocities of the Internet. I realised after reverse image searching some of my pictures, that they were being used by many others; not just that one person in the email. I ended up deleting every picture I had uploaded, and instead switched to some generic pictures of things I liked, or that related to me in some way.
  132. I simply have a ... "fear", or taboo, or something; I don't know what to call it, about putting my face, or voice online due to that incident.
  134. The voice thing was influenced by that situation, but it wasn't the crux. I had shifted over to using Skype more often after that, and I didn't use my Microphone or Webcam on my laptop. I simply used text. I eventually made a few "real" friends; or so I thought at the time, and I decided it would be okay to stop hiding my face from them. Please note that these "friends" I met, weren't all at the same time. It was multiple instances over the course of several years. Every time that I lowered my defensive barriers to speak face to face with them, it immediately switched over to them wanting to "E-Date" me, or them suddenly treating me differently, and turning into SJW-type people for me. There were also instances where they were horrified by my voice. They said I sounded like Kesha, and it makes them want to saw off their ears. I don't know why they always compare my voice to her, as I believe that I sound nothing remotely like her. >.<
  136. I absolutely despise "E-Dating" as I've mentioned before, and any other such things. Whilst SJW type people are ... "okay" in my eyes, I still see them as a burden, and an annoyance; especially if they don't let me resolve my own issues without them stepping in. I've been with my Bf Irl for over eight years now; again, like I've said before, and any kind of "E-Dating" rubbish really makes me angry. I believe very strongly that such behaviour is not okay for the Internet, and should only be displayed Irl.
  138. And now let's go back to my aforementioned Laptop. I had a Toshiba Laptop from like, 2008 to 2012. It had a built-in Microphone, and Webcam. Are you aware of what a "Rat" is? If not, it's easily understood by calling it via its unabbreviated name: Remote Administration Tool. I used to play things called "Rsps", and they were full of shady people that delved into the world of Black-Hatters. I've been ratted before, by downloading Rsps clients (They are Java, so it's easy enough to do.) and attempting to play the Rsps.
  140. Many of the Ratters decided to try and talk with me, when they realised I wasn't a guy. They also were utter creeps (Like, not the normal definition of a Creep. They constantly tried to see me naked, and badgered me for such images.), and acted really disgusting. I can't say that I'll ever use a Laptop again, unless it does not have a Mic, or Cam. I currently do not own either of them, and I have zero intentions of buying one.
  142. I think that about covers a brief summary of "why", although it's quite short, and there's so much more that I'd like to explain and expand on.
  143. Sorry for the rambling. >.<
  145. Um, back to RuneScape; it's entirely free to play. You never have to pay out of pocket for anything. Sure, you "can" pay for stuff, but you can earn anything, and everything via InGame play. There is this item called a "Bond" that you can buy on the Grand Exchange with the gold coins you've earned by playing the game. A Bond can be used to obtain 14 days of Membership, among other things. Also, RuneScape is a very resource-light game. It doesn't even require a graphics card. It's heavily CPU based; so the better your processor, the better performance you'll receive.
  147. MineCraft on the otherhand isn't free. You need to buy an account, but that's it. After you purchase an account, you don't ever need to pay anything ever again. It's much like a console game that you go out and buy the disk for. Once you buy it, it's yours. As far as computer requirements go though... you need a decent gaming rig to play.
  149. Like for example, Mojang's (the people who created it) help website says this: And the page is here: And I would really recommend better specifications than what that page lists, as that won't even get you 60fps. So if you're looking for a game that isn't heavily demanding on your PC, then you can't play MineCraft.
  151. I honestly don't adhere to any TimeZone, as I pretty much sleep and wake up whenever I want - as long as my insomnia isn't acting up. Sometimes when it decides to haunt me again, I'm awake for stretches that can last longer than a week. I've had Insomnia for my entire life. I learned to deal with it, and eventually it recedes... but, it always comes back. After two-three days, I start hearing things. After about five, I start seeing things... and after that, things just continue to slide uncontrollably downhill.
  153. I don't believe that I'm attractive in any way, shape, or form. I'm just a freakishly skinny weirdo who hates makeup, and lives like a slob. I eat like a starving hyena, and yet the prospect of gaining weight seems to elude my body. I hate it. 65Kg is extremely underweight for my height; 198cm. My hands look like skeleton fingers, with webs between them, and you can pretty much see every rib, and bone in my body. Even my shoulders and collarbone are freakishly skinny. They're really wide, as my arm-span (wingspan? xD) is pretty far. I've been told that if I ever built up muscle, I could be 'huge', because my body-frame is giant.
  155. I might eat a good 10,000 calories a day, and it still does no good. According to several different doctors, I have a metabolism that's abnormally high. But anyways... here's a summary of me, for those who don't want to read all that above:
  157. • I'm a bat-crap crazy lady who lives in her own mind, and does pretty much what she wants, without regard for other people's feelings.
  158. • I am absolutely, positively madly obsessed with Ferrets.
  159. • I play MineCraft, and RuneScape. I've played hundreds (Maybe thousands?) of other MMOs over the years, but I have only stuck with these two.
  160. • I am hyper, and "Bubbly" almost 24/7, until I get angry. Then it's like the wrath of hell itself is boiling in my mind. Yes, I have severe anger issues. No, I'm not She-hulk. I mean wat o.o
  161. • I get angry at people for not speaking, or typing in English. And I get even angrier, when those same people try to speak or type in English, and sound like an idiot with their grammar and spelling.
  162. • I prefer creative mode in MineCraft, but I absolutely hate plots, and World Borders. If the world isn't "Infinite", then I refuse to play the server. If the server has plots, then the same thing applies. I wouldn't touch the bloody thing with a ten-metre pole.
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