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  1. Deimos and its merge with Anthoria
  3. Dear players,
  5. As all of you know and as many of you have already pointed out on our forum, we are currently facing a situation that is totally different from what we had to deal with before – this time it is Deimos whose population is lower compared to the one on Phobos and we all are starting to feel this difference. Now we have a huge piece of news for you that will definitely turn the things around on less populated Deimos.
  7. Although it might not be obvious on the outside, we have been trying to somehow resolve this issue for several weeks, maybe months. The first step, which worked in the past, was closing the registrations and prohibiting the creation of characters on Phobos. We are aware of the fact that some of you or some of your friends who wanted to be on the same server as you are may have been a little bit upset about this measure. Thus, we were searching for another option and the one that was eventually negotiated will please all the participants. And by saying “participants” we do not only mean you, our players, and us, the TS team!
  9. This solution could increase the population of Deimos, and maybe even Phobos subsequently, by HUNDREDS OF NEW PLAYERS!
  11. you wondering how we are going to do it? Please, read the whole article, because this step is a one-time-only exception from the current unwritten rules that Twinstar followed, follows and will follow.
  12. So what is going on? For certain reasons, the WotLK realm of the server is ending its existence these days. As you all know, it is a project with a long-time history and with a really big and quality base of players. We will not bother you with the exact numbers of active accounts, characters playing on Anthoria and others but believe us: Those figures are definitely worth it.
  13. The fact is that even though in the past we were trying to realize such a merge with one other project in a similar situation, we are not keen on these types of actions. However, then the AnthoriA team contacted us coming with a really great attitude and respectable ways of negotiation. Both sides have agreed that it is all about the players and what is best for them – AnthoriA will enable its players to play on one of the best WotLK realms on the CZ/SK scene and, what is more important for us, Deimos will get some fresh blood you are calling for! In the end, we did not have to discuss some exaggerated demands, we quickly found a common ground on preliminary conditions (most of them suggested by us) and for the transfer itself, we have settled on the following:
  15. 1. Dividing the transferred accounts into two groups – we call them “normal” and “extra”
  16. - “Extra” characters have to meet some special requirements – it has to be a level 80 character with a certain played time (will be specified).
  17. - “normal” characters are all the other characters who meet the requirements to be transferred.
  19. 2. “Extra” players will be given two options concerning the transfer:
  20. - They will be given a certain amount of TS stars to buy a character from our auction (these are characters levelled up by our players who then decided to “sell“ them). The amount of Stars will be chosen carefully so that a character with appropriate gear can be bought for it.
  21. - They will be given a level 80 character with basic gear and gold (these pieces of equipment will also be chosen carefully to correspond with equipment of the characters purchasable in the auction for the Stars from the previous option).
  23. 3. “Normal” versus “Extra” – “normal” ones can choose only the first option which means they will get certain amount of Stars according to the level of the character on the account. For these Stars they can buy a character in the auction. The amount of stars given according to the level is:
  24. - 50-59lvl = 350
  25. - 60-69lvl = 450
  26. - 70-79lvl = 750
  27. - 80 = 850** (** will be specified later based on the situation in the auction on October 22, 2012)
  29. Important note concerning the two previous points: The crucial thing for the level 80 characters and the whole mechanics of the merge is the total number of the level 80 characters in the auction and the number of the characters who want to be transferred from AnthoriA. Because of the fact that on October 17, 2012 a major database cleanup of both servers will be carried out and the auction emptied, we are asking all Deimos players to put all the characters they want to offer in the auction. If there are not enough characters in the auction to cover at least 80% of demand on Sunday, October 22, 2012, the alternative of giving characters with the appropriate level, basic gear and gold will be realized.
  31. 4. Other conditions
  32. - A Death knight character is excluded from this merge because of the known restriction (another level 55+ character must be present on the account).
  33. - The option the “extra” players will choose cannot be taken back.
  34. - All the characters “transferred” from AnthoriA will be deleted from its database and you will not be able to transfer them to another server.
  35. - Even if a player has more than one character on his account, he will be able to go through the transfer process only once (for one account, no matter how many characters you have on it, you will get only one character or only one amount of Stars here).
  36. - We are considering the possibility to enable the transfer only for the characters (accounts) who logged in the game during the last 90 days.
  37. - After the transfers start AnthoriA’s WotLK realm will be shut down.
  38. - Players with any form of VIP will not get any compensation on Twinstar.
  39. - AnthoriA players will be sent email-bound codes, which means they have to create their game account with the same email as they have on AnthoriA (if you are a player from AnthoriA and you already have an account with the same email as you had on AnthoriA, you are excluded from the transfer)
  40. - For some time (will be specified later) players will not be able to send the Stars gained via this transfer to another account.
  42. 5. Schedule of the action:
  43. - October 11 – 19, 2012 – voting in the account manager
  44. - October 21 – 22, 2012 – sending the codes to Anthoria players
  45. - October 23 – 31, 2012 – it will be possible to use the code in-game or in the account manager
  47. We of course care about your opinion, we want to know what you think about all this and your votes are going to be an important factor in deciding whether we will agree with this “fusion” or not. The poll is obviously relevant only to Deimos players and that is a condition our forum cannot handle. For this reason the poll was placed in the account manager, where all Deimos players can express their opinion.
  49. At the same time you can discuss this merge in THIS topic on our forum. It is the only topic for this subject and any other topics created will be deleted. The same will happen to any off-topic, insulting or rule-breaking posts. Their authors will be, of course, punished according the rules (points, mute, ban).
  51. Further information can be obtained by reading the FAQ.
  53. Thank you for reading.
  55. For Twinstar Team
  56. Jeniczek
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