Apr 3rd, 2018
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  1. 234,ICEBREAKER,Icebreaker,"Boosts Attack during a hailstorm."
  2. 235,JACKPOT,Jackpot,"Sharply boosts a stat after a critical hit."
  3. 236,CONFOUNDING,Confouding,"Contact with the Pokémon may confuse the attacker."
  4. 237,ADHESIVE,Adhesive,"Prevents escape after the foe makes contact."
  5. 238,FIERYSPIRIT,Fiery Spirit,"Always gets critical hits on burned targets."
  6. 239,COURAGEOUS,Courageous,"Halves damage taken on switch-in."
  7. 240,FRACTURE,Fracture,"May scatter Spikes on contact."
  8. 241,NURTURER,Nurturer,"Heals incoming allies slightly."
  9. 242,TREMORDASH,Tremor Dash,"Raises Speed if hit by a Ground-type move."
  10. 243,RUBBERSKIN,Rubber Skin,"Grants immunity to Electric-type moves."
  11. 244,REALITYWARP,Reality Warp,"Temporarily inverts all type matchups."
  12. 245,CONDUIT,Conduit,"Strengthens HP-draining attacks."
  13. 246,SCAVENGER,Scavenger,"Restores HP after getting a KO."
  14. 247,PLOTTWIST,Plot Twist,"Restores HP if hit by a Fairy-type move."
  15. 248,REGURGITATE,Regurgitate,"Powers up attacks after eating a Berry."
  16. 249,PLAGUESURGE,Plague Surge,"Turns the ground into Plague Terrain."
  17. 250,SPOOKYSURGE,Spooky Surge,"Turns the ground into Spooky Terrain."
  18. 251,ACIDICSURGE,Acidic Surge,"Turns the ground into Acidic Terrain."
  19. 252,GRAVEYARDSHIFT,Graveyard Shift,"It powers up Ghost-type moves if it's hit by one."
  20. 253,UPDRAFT,Updraft,"Summons a Tailwind at half HP."
  21. 254,PLAYBACK,Playback,"May force the foe to repeat its attack."
  22. 255,MOONFIRE,Moonfire,"Boosts Fire-type moves during rain instead of sun."
  23. 256,PUDDLE,Puddle,"Creates Water Sport when entering battle."
  24. 257,REELIN,Reel In,"Prevents Water-type Pokémon from escaping."
  25. 258,PERMAFROST,Permafrost,"Halves Fire-type damage and stops burns."
  26. 259,PARASITIC,Parasitic,"Steals the target's stat boosts."
  27. 260,PATHOGENIC,Pathogenic,"Spreads on contact and hurts most Pokémon."
  28. 261,ROCKSTAR,Rock Star,"Sound attacks become Rock-type moves."
  29. 262,PECKINGORDER,Pecking Order,"Powers up Flying-type moves."
  30. 263,NOVELIDEA,Novel Idea,"Transforms Unown at half HP."
  31. 264,HIVEMIND,Hive Mind,"Summons a swarm of Combee when strong."
  32. 265,OVERFLOW,Overflow,"In rain, Sp. Atk is boosted but HP decreases."
  33. 266,SUNBATHER,Sunbather,"The Pokémon gradually regains HP during sun."
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