2015 CIT Staff Roster Changelog

May 28th, 2016
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  1. L2. Ryan resigned from PAM (1.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  2. Supporter HaniFarps set as inactive (3.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  3. L2. Ramy set as inactive, exams, internet connection issues and such (4.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  4. L2. Ryan assigned FCM duty (4.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  5. L3. Vazz assigned to ARM duty (4.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  6. Supporters Aditya.N & Hanifarps are back active (08.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  7. iDoge removed as supporter because of lack of activity and no improvement after warning (08.01.2015 Support Staff Managers)
  8. Urban set as semi active (8.1.2015 Rabbidrabbit)
  9. Ryan kicked and permanently banned for 704 counts of admin abuse / cheating. He abused his map editor rights to map objects for free outside of zones, and then move them into zones he didn't even have access to map in. (08.01.2015 Arran)
  10. Marking myself (Rabbid Rabbit) as Inactive, travels ~ race development program (09.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  11. L4. xb0x given FCM back (9.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  12. L2. GuebraAnjo resigned from PCM duty (11.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  13. xb0x is active (11.1.2015 Console)
  14. L2. ShaDy marked as semi active (11.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  15. L4. Franco marked as active (11.1.2015 Franco)
  16. L5. Rabbid Rabbit (meself) back from racing development program, back as Semi Active again (12.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  17. L2. GuebraAnjo marked as Semi active, life priorities (14.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  18. L2. Ramy is back (15.1.2015 Nitrocide)
  19. L2. Jtgsuomi's status changed to Long term Inactive, self explanatory (19.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  20. L3. Turismo marked as semi active, exams (21.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  21. L2. Jester promoted to L3 (22.01.2015 L4 & L5 staff)
  22. L1. United passed Trial (22.01.2015 L4 & L5 staff)
  23. Deleted SDM duty as it's redundant since L5 staff are handling staff duties now (22.01.2015 Brian)
  24. L5. Cherry marked as inactive (22.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  25. L1 Trial. Coconut marked as Inactive, health related, L2. Shady marked as active & L3. Nightwolf marked as Semi active, school related (22.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  26. Supporter HaniFarps marked as inactive (22.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  27. L2. GuebraAnjo marked as Inactive, life priorities (23.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  28. Removed duty tags (PAM) from NemO since he hadn't been part of the duty for over a long time (24.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  29. L2. United assigned the PCM duty (24.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  30. L1 Trial. Coconut recovered from health issues (24.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  31. L2. Keith marked as Inactive, health related & L3. Turismo is active (25.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  32. Moved Jamie to Inactive Staff (25.01.2015 Arran)
  33. L2. Kavzor marked as Semi active (25.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  34. L3. Deadly assigned as PAM & marked as Active (26.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit & Nitrocide)
  35. Supporter HaniFarps resigned (27.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  36. Supporter Urban marked as inactive, health issues (27.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  37. L3. Jester marked as Inactive, work / school related (27.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  38. L3. Turismo marked as Semi Active, school related (28.01.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  39. Supporter Urban marked as active (30.01.2015 Nitrocide)
  40. Cleaned change log (xb0x)
  41. L2. Zergad promoted to L3 (03.02.2015 L4 & L5 Staff)
  42. L1. Coconut promoted to L2 (03.02.2015 L4 & L5 Staff)
  43. Azoulas marked as semi active (05.02.2015 xb0x)
  44. Added Egekan as trial staff. (06.02.2015 Arran)
  45. L3. Deadly assigned to Map Editor (ME) duty (06.02.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Nitrocide)
  46. L5. Rabbid Rabbit (myself) marked as Inactive, serious family problems & L2. Ramy marked as Inactive, health related (10.02.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  47. L1. Physcopath passed trial (14.02.2015 Cherry & Nitrocide)
  48. Supporter Aditya.N marked as inactive, exams beginning on 16.02 and onwards (15.02.2015 Casual)
  49. Kicked Jtgsuomi, Lelouch and NemO for inactivity. (19.02.2015 Arran)
  50. Removed the 'inactive staff' and 'semi-active' terms from the roster as all staff should be treated as active if they're on the roster. (19.02.2015 Arran)
  51. Added NemO as an honourable (19.02.2015 CocoNuT, Zergad, Vazz, Nitrocide, Rabbid Rabbit & Cherry)
  52. L2. Ramy added to Staff Applications Manager (SAM duty) (20.02.2015 Nitrocide)
  53. Jester demoted to L2 for being 16 days inactive. (21.02.2015 Arran)
  54. Jamie demoted to L3 for being 36 days inactive. (21.02.2015 Arran)
  55. Jester promoted to L3 again because you simply do not demote people who have exams. We're not going to stop working (hard) on our future so we can monitor CIT for free. Also, notified inactivity. (22.02.2015 Cherry)
  56. Moved Jamie from staff list to honourables. (23.02.2015 Arran)
  57. Shehabos added as trial staff. (23.02.2015 Arran)
  58. L5. Rabbid Rabbit, more or less back Semi Active like before [I was inactive] (23.02.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  59. L3. Turismo removed as PCM, half-arsed nature doing his duty even after being reminded and warned countless times, no change. Removed as QAM due to insufficient activity to warrant having said duty (23.02.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Nitrocide)
  60. Removed the FCM duty as all L4+ now handle it. (25.02.2015 Arran)
  61. Added Vazz to ME duty. (25.02.2015 Arran)
  62. PedoBear added as trial staff. (25.02.2015 Nitrocide)
  63. NightWolf given ARM (Account recovery manager) duty (28.02.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Nitrocide)
  64. Added Visma as trial staff. (01.03.2015 Nitrocide)
  65. Added Tiiger as Supporter (07.03.2015 SSM & L5)
  66. L2. United kicked for reverting back to the same attitude that got him his trial failed the last time, know-it-all-better-than-thou, plus discouraging players to help with his insults, threats and generally poor admin decisions. (16.03.2015 L5 & SPM)
  67. Demoted Jester to L2 for excessive inactivity. (16.03.2015 L5 & SSM)
  68. Temporarily suspended staff memberships of L2s. Azoulas and Jester on account of excessive inactivity. The only way to restore it would be to come back as fully active (atleast one full week of full activity). Duties will have to be re-applied for. (16.03.2015 L5 & SSM)
  69. Removed Keith from QAM and ME duties due to insufficient usage/help with/in those duties. (16.03.2015 L5 & SSM)
  70. L2. Kavzor promoted back to L3. (16.03.2015 L5 & SSM)
  71. L2. Coconut assigned as PCM (17.03.2015 Nitrocide)
  72. L3. Deadly resigned from PAM (Punishment Appeal Manager) duty (17.03.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  73. L3. Zergad given PAM duty (20.03.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  74. Urban removed as Supporter (21.03.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  75. xb0x demoted from L4 to L1 due to long term mistreatment of players. (22.03.2015 Arran)
  76. Supporter Aditya is back active (24.03.2015 Casual)
  77. Jester kicked for longterm inactivity as well for knowing his friend cheated and never sharing any information about the cheats even though we discussed it when he was online. (24.03.2015 Cherry)
  78. Vazz promoted to L4. (25.03.2015 Arran)
  79. L2. Prime assigned as PCM (28.03.2015 Cherry & Nitrocide)
  80. L2. Ramy assigned as QAM (28.03.2015 Cherry & Nitrocide)
  81. L4. Vazz assigned as SPM (28.03.2015 Nitrocide)
  82. L2. Azoulas re-added to the roster and suspension lifted (02.04.2015 Cherry & Nitrocide)
  83. L2. Physcopath added as PCM. (03.04.2015 Nitrocide)
  84. L3. Deadly dropped as ME (Map Editor), insufficient activity duty wise, also baring in mind activity report (06.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  85. Trial L1's PedoBear, Shehabos & Visma promoted to L2 Staff (08.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit, Nitrocide, Brian, Vazz, Franco)
  86. L2. PedoBear added to PAM duty (10.04.2015 Nitrocide)
  87. L2. Keith removed as PCM due to lack of activity (12.04.2015 Nitrocide)
  88. L2. Shehabos added as PCM (12.04.2015 RabbidRabbit & Nitrocide)
  89. Supporter Randp resigned (12.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  90. Removed CFM duty as it's redundant. I will still handle group stuff even without that duty (13.04.2015 Brian)
  91. Temporarily removed Cherry's admin rights upon her request due to real life issues that may end influencing her judgement (16.04.2015 Brian)
  92. xb0x promoted to L2. (16.04.2015 Arran)
  93. Removed the QAM duty. (16.04.2015 Arran)
  94. Approved xb0x for Map Editor Duty (17.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Nitrocide)
  95. Added Nvidia as Trial Staff (21.04.2015 Staff Team)
  96. L3. Zergad resigned. (22.04.2015 Brian)
  97. [s][flag]us[/flag] L2. [url=;u=15067]Azoulas[/url] moved to Inactive Staff. (23.04.2015 Arran)[/s]
  98. Supporter Aditya.N resigned (24.04.2015 RabbidRabbit)
  99. L2. Azoulas resigned for being unable to be active. He will be welcomed back when his real life allows him to play again. (22.04.2015 Brian)
  100. L2. PedoBear given PCM duty. (25.04.2015 Nitrocide + Rabbid Rabbit)
  101. L3. Deadly moved off of list due to being Inactive Staff. (25.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  102. L2. Ramy promoted to L3 as we need an arabic staff who ACTUALLY HELPS with arabic players' logs. (29.04.2015 Brian)
  103. L2. Prime resigned from PCM duty & L2. Shady given SAM duty. (30.04.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  104. L3. Kavzor resigned from PAM duty. (01.05.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  105. Removed the Support Staff Manager duty, the Minister of New Citizenry will take up this role. (08.05.2015 Arran)
  106. Removed 'Supporters' section of this topic, the Minister of New Citizenry can maintain the supporter roster in their board. (08.05.2015 Arran)
  107. Egekan Passed Trial (12.05.2015 Brian)
  108. Trialed ToxiK (12.05.2015 Brian)
  109. L3. Turismo demoted to L2 for blatant inactivity, ignoring fellow staff requests of help with arabic complaints/logs, taking everything as a joke as well as ignoring higher staff advice about how to improve himself and his staff duties in CIT (12.05.2015 Brian)
  110. Added Kerimchan as Trial (13.05.2015 Brian)
  111. Gave all rights back to Keith since he came back from inactivity (14.05.2015 Brian)
  112. Cherry resigned, moved to Honourables. (14.05.2015 Arran)
  113. Toxik removed from Staff, "I agree that the information on this application is correct and truthful" - Discreditable and dishonest information given he did not write his own application. (15.04.2015 Vazz, Rabbid Rabbit, Nitrocide)
  114. L2. Turismo given PAM duty (23.05.2015 Nitrocide + Rabbid Rabbit)
  115. L2. Shehabos and L2. xb0x promoted to L3 (23.05.2015 Brian - Rabbit)
  116. Nvidia passed trial (23.05.2015 Brian - Rabbit)
  117. xb0x demoted to L1 for continued abusive behaviour towards players. (23.05.2015 Arran)
  118. Lelouch added as Honorable for reasons stated above (25.05.2015 Brian)
  119. Reduced changelog length (25.05.2015 Brian)
  120. L3. Kavzor promoted to L4 (26.05.2015 Brian - Arran)
  121. L2. Keith added as PCM and L3. Shehabos added as ARM (29.05.2015 Nitrocide + Rabbid Rabbit)
  122. L3. Ramy resigned as SAM. (30.05.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  123. L2. GuebraAnjo resigned as SAM. (01.06.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  124. L5. Rabbid Rabbit set as inactive. (03.06.2015 Brian)
  125. Nitrocide resigned as SPM. He will generally overlook staff performance instead of doing monthly reviews. (05.06.2015 Nitrocide)
  126. L3. Deadly set back as active (05.06.2015 Nitrocide)
  127. L4. Kavzor added as the new SPM (05.06.2015 Nitrocide)
  128. L3. Nightwolf is back active (06.06.2015 Brian)
  129. xb0x kicked for repeated unacceptable behaviour. (06.06.2015 Arran)
  130. Removed the ME (Map Editor) duty. ME's will now be appointed within the community. (06.06.2015 Arran)
  131. Changed PAM to BAM as appeal managers task isn't to deal with punishment appeals anymore (07.06.2015 Kavzor)
  132. L2. Egekan assigned to the PCM and SAM duties and L2. Turismo given the PCM duty. (08.06.2015 Nitrocide)
  133. NinjaTuna added as L1. Trial staff. (08.06.2015 Brian)
  134. Fixed a dead link. (09.06.2015 Arran)
  135. L2. Prime is back active (10.06.2015 Brian)
  136. Casual kicked for inactivity. (12.06.2015 Arran)
  137. Nitrocide demoted to L4 for inactivity. (12.06.2015 Arran)
  138. Added Snipe as Trial Staff (15.06.2015 Brian)
  139. Added Denos as Trial Staff (15.06.2015 Brian)
  140. L3. Shehabos set as inactive (moving to another place) (17.06.2015 Brian)
  141. Added Jamaw as trial staff due to his contribution with Fairness topic and his hardwork. He can contribute and help in a better way now. He will keep MoF position. (19.06.2015 Brian)
  142. Denos failed trial due to either being ignorant or a liar. (28.06.2015 Arran)
  143. Nitrocide resigned. (29.06.2015 Arran)
  144. Ramy resigned. (29.06.2015 Franco)
  145. ShaDy resigned. (30.06.2015 Franco)
  146. Added Nitrocide as Honourable (30.06.2015 Arran)
  147. Added Ramy as Honourable (30.06.2015 Arran)
  148. L2. Pedobear promoted to L3. (01.07.2015 Brian)
  149. Added Lelouch as Trial staff (01.07.2015 Brian)
  150. Added Jtgsuomi as Honourable. (03.07.2015 Arran)
  151. Visma resigned. (06.07.2015 Franco)
  152. Added iEx_TcR as Trial (10.07.2015 Brian)
  153. L2. Egekan, GuebraAnjo, Keith promoted to L3. (13.07.2015 Brian)
  154. L1. KerimChan failed trial due to lack of shown interest (14.07.2015 Kavzor)
  155. Wilz added as L1. Trial staff (15.07.2015 Kavzor + Vazz)
  156. Removed CocoNut from PCM and added GuebraAnjo instead (16.07.2015 Kavzor)
  157. L2. Prime set as inactive because he disappeared without notice (16.07.2015 Vazz)
  158. L5. Rabbid Rabbit is back active. (17.07.2015 Brian)
  159. L1. NinjaTuna passed Trial (17.07.2015 Headstaff)
  160. Prime kicked from staff due to disappearing and not saying gone inactive. (20.07.2015 Arran)
  161. L1. Snipe passed Trial (20.07.2015 Kavzor)
  162. L3. GuebraAnjo given SAM duty (21.07.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Kavzor)
  163. L4. Kavzor and L4. Vazz promoted to L5 (24.07.2015 Brian + Arran)
  164. Added Som3a to the Honourables list since he was not on the list for some reason despite being honourable (26.07.2015 Vazz)
  165. L3. NightWolf promoted to L4 (28.07.2015 Headstaff)
  166. Removed PCM duty from L3. Shahabos due to inactivity (29.07.2015 Kavzor)
  167. Added Nvreformat to the Honourables list since he was not on the list for some reason despite being honourable (29.07.2015 Franco)
  168. Randp added as Trial Staff (30.07.2015 Brian)
  169. L2. Physcopath resigned from PCM due to upcomming inactivity (31.07.2015 Kavzor)
  170. L3. Pedobear replaced as PCM by L2. Snipe due to Pedobear being inactive from the board (31.07.2015 Kavzor)
  171. L1. Lelouch passed Trial (01.08.2015 Vazz & Kavzor)
  172. L3. Pedobear removed from the team as he's completely gone without notice (05.08.2015 Kavzor)
  173. L1. Ex_TcR promoted to L2. Trained staff (09.08.2015 Kavzor)
  174. L1. Wilz promoted to L2. Trained staff (12.08.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  175. L1. JaMaW promoted to L2. Trained Staff (13.08.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  176. L2. NinjaTuna resigned (14.08.2015 Kavzor)
  177. Lucifer added as Trial Staff (14.08.2015 Staff Team)
  178. L2. Ex_TcR assigned SAM duty (18.08.2015 Kavzor)
  179. L2. Turismo promoted to L3. Trusted staff (19.08.2015 Headstaff)
  180. Dom added as L1. Trial staff (19.08.2015 Kavzor)
  181. Added a few missing duty ranks to a couple of people (20.08.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  182. MasterYi added as L1. Trial staff. (23.08.2015 Kavzor)
  183. Added MHP as L1. Trial staff (24.08.2015 Rabbid Rabbit / Vazz + Staff team)
  184. L5. Kavzor is inactive for a currently unknown period of time. (26.08.2015 Vazz)
  185. L2. Physcopath given PCM duty (28.08.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  186. L3. Deadly given ARM duty (01.09.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Vazz)
  187. Uber added as L1. Trial staff (02.09.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Staff team)
  188. xb0x added as L1. Trial staff (09.09.2015 Vazz / Rabbid Rabbit / Franco + Staff team)
  189. L1. Lucifer passed trial (09.09.2015 Brian)
  190. L1. RandP passed trial (09.09.2015 Brian)
  191. Cherry added as L1. Trial staff (10.09.2015 Franco + Staff team)
  192. Moni added as L1. Trial staff (10.09.2015 Franco + Staff team)
  193. IronMan added as L1. Trial staff (11.09.2015 Franco / Brian + Staff team)
  194. Kavzor returned semi-active. (11.09.2015 Kavzor)
  195. L3. Deadly promoted to L4. (13.09.2015 Brian)
  196. NinjaTuna added as Trial staff (13.09.2015 Deadly / RR + Staff team)
  197. Snipe promoted to L3 (13.09.2015 Vazz + Headstaff)
  198. Cleaned changelog (13.09.2015 Vazz)
  199. L1. Dom promoted to L2. Trained staff Dom (17.09.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  200. Added back a variaton of FCM called FMM, they'll handle xCM ranks as they please (20.09.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  201. Assigned FMM to those who already had the access (20.09.2015 Kavzor)
  202. L2. Coconut forced marked as Inactive staff, no activity IG / Forum (21.09.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Franco)
  203. L1. MHP passed Trial (23.09.2015 Brian)
  204. L2. Nvidia, Lelouch and Psycopatch promoted to L3 (23.09.2015 Brian)
  205. L3. Keith removed from PCM duty due to inactivity (27.09.2015 Kavzor)
  206. L2. Randp given PCM (27.09.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  207. L4. Franco promoted to L5, try not to break stuff k thx. (29.09.2015 Arran)
  208. Uber and IronMan passed trial (02.10.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  209. L1. xb0x passed trial (02.10.2015 Franco & NightWolf)
  210. L2. JaMaW added as FMM (03.10.2015 Franco & NightWolf)
  211. L2. Randp resigned as PCM (04.10.2015 Franco)
  212. Cherry and Moni passed trial (08.10.2015 Kavzor & Brian)
  213. MasterYi passed trial (10.10.2015 Kavzor, Franco & Rabbid Rabbit)
  214. Harb added as L1. Trial Staff (10.10.2015 Franco)
  215. Re-introduced the old SSM duty, these people will oversee the supporters on a regular basis (11.10.2015 Multiple Staff + Supporters at the time)
  216. Zach added as L1. Trial Staff (12.10.2015 Deadly & Franco)
  217. L3. Egekan resigned as SAM (13.10.2015 Franco)
  218. L2. IronMan assigned as SAM (16.10.2015 Brian)
  219. L2. Moni assigned as BAM (16.10.2015 Brian)
  220. L2. Jamaw assigned as PCM (16.10.2015 Brian)
  221. L1. NinjaTuna passed trial (18.10.2015 Vazz & Brian)
  222. L3. Turismo promoted to L4 (18.10.2015 Vazz & Brian)
  223. L2. Randp resigned (19.10.2015 Turismo & Franco)
  224. Tiiger added as Trial (21.10.2015 Brian)
  225. L5. Kavzor set as inactive due to school. (22.10.2015 Brian)
  226. Denos added as Trial (23.10.2015 Franco)
  227. FidoDido added as Trial (24.10.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  228. L2. CoCoNuT set back as active. (25.10.2015 Brian)
  229. L2. xb0x assigned to ARM so he can refund his CEM team without waiting months for a L4+ to popup. (26.10.2015 Brian)
  230. L2. MasterYi added as FMM. (28.10.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  231. L2. Ex_tcr given PCM. (30.2015.2015 Rabbid Rabbit + Franco)
  232. L5. RabbidRabbit set as inactive due to real life issues. (1.11.2015 Brian)
  233. L5. Franco resigned as FMM ( 3.11.1015 Franco)
  234. L3. Shehabos and Psycopatch promoted to L4 (3.11.2015 Brian)
  235. L2. Lucifer promoted to L3 (3.11.2015 Brian)
  236. Added back "Inactive Staff" list as keeping names of those who aren't here active brings only mess (3.11.2015 Brian)
  237. L3. Lelouch removed from FMM duty for inactivity. (3.11.2015 Franco, Shehabos)
  238. L3. GuebraAnjo removed from PCM and BAM duty for inactivity. (3.11.2015 Franco, Shehabos)
  239. Removed myself from BAM, ARM and SPM because after a year of continuous immense activity, life hit back on me and I am currently unable to perform these duties. (3.11.2015 Vazz)
  240. L3. Egekan resigned as PCM. (4.11.2015 Shehabos)
  241. L4. Turismo and L4. Physcopath removed as PCMs, as they can already handle complaints by being L4 (4.11.2015 Shehabos, Franco)
  242. L4. Shehabos resigned as FMM and ARM (4.11.2015 Shehabos, Franco)
  243. L5. Franco resigned as ARM (4.11.2015 Shehabos, Franco)
  244. L2. Dom assigned as FMM (4.11.2015 Shehabos, Franco)
  245. L2. Uber assigned as PCM (4.11.2015 Shehabos, Franco)
  246. L5. Kavzor resigned (6.11.2015 Brian)
  247. Deleted PCM duty. All staff should check complaints, deal with them and be helpful. (6.11.2015 Brian)
  248. Pepo added as Trial (6.11.2015 Franco)
  249. L3. Keith set as inactive. (7.11.2015 Shehabos)
  250. L2. IronMan Promoted to L3. (10.11.2015 Brian + Vazz)
  251. L2. MHP promoted to L3. (10.11.2015 Brian + Vazz)
  252. L1. Zach passed trial (10.11.2015 Brian + Vazz)
  253. L2. NinjaTuna added as Map Editor. (14.11.2015 Brian)
  254. L2. Uber added as Map Editor (14.11.2015 Franco + Shehabos )
  255. Set my self inactive due to computer issues (15.11.2015 Shehabos)
  256. L3. Lucifer added as Account Retrieval Manager (16.11.2015 Franco)
  257. L2. Moni, CoCoNuT, MasterYi moved to inactive staff list (18.11.2015 Brian)
  258. L2. Ex_TcR promoted to L3 (19.11.2015 Brian + Franco)
  259. Marked myself as inactive until mid December due to school. (20.11.2015 NightWolf)
  260. L4. Deadly demoted to L3 (started being inactive one week after he got L4 promotion) (23.11.2015 Brian)
  261. L3. Snipe demoted to L2 (announced long inactivity - security related demotion) (23.11.2015 Brian , Franco)
  262. L3. Deadly resigned as ARM and BAM (24.11.2015 Shehabos)
  263. L3. Deadly set as inactive due to school (25.11.2015 Shehabos)
  264. L2. MasterYi is active again (26.11.2015 Shehabos)
  265. L3. MHP added as Account Retrieval Manager (26.11.2015 Franco, Brian, Shehabos)
  266. FidoDido, Tiiger, Denos, Harb passed trial (28.11.2015 Brian)
  267. L5. RabbidRabbit set back as active. (30.11.2015 Brian)
  268. L2. Uber promoted to L3. (30.11.2015 Brian)
  269. Added Leader of Community and Leader of Development duties. (30.11.2015 Arran)
  270. L5. Franco resigned as SSM (01.12.2015 Franco)
  271. Set my self active (3.12.2015 Shehabos)
  272. L3. Lelouch and L3. Keith demoted to L2 (Inactivity and security related demotion) (5.12.2015 L4 & L5)
  273. L2. Moni returned from his inactivity. (6.12.2015 Shehabos)
  274. Brought back QAM duty. (7.12.2015 Brian)
  275. Assigned QAM duty to Ex_TcR and Lucifer. (7.12.2015 Brian)
  276. L2. CocoNuT kicked due to long term inactivity. (8.12.2015 Franco)
  277. Pepo passed trial. (8.12.2015 Franco)
  278. L3. Nvidia assigned as ARM (08.12.2015 Franco)
  279. L2. Wilz set as inactive due to real life issues (8.12.2015 Shehabos)
  280. L2. Snipe is back active. (9.12.2015 Brian)
  281. L3. GuebraAnjo resigned (9.12.2015 Franco)
  282. L2. FidoDido assigned as ME (11.12.2015 Franco, Turismo)
  283. L3. Ironman assiged as ARM (11.12.2015 Franco, Turismo)
  284. L2. Snipe assiged as QAM (11.12.2015 Franco, Turismo)
  285. Jocke added as Trial staff (12.12.2015 Shehabos)
  286. FalconHawk added as Trial staff (12.12.2015 Turismo)
  287. L2. Wilz is back active. (16.12.2015 Franco)
  288. L2's. Snipe and Ninjatuna given Map editor duty and SAM respectively. (18.12.2015 Franco & Rabbid Rabbit)
  289. L2. xb0x promoted to L3 (18.12.2015 Franco & Brian)
  290. L3 xb0x & L5. Rabbid Rabbit marked Inactive due to travels (20.12.2015 Rabbid Rabbit)
  291. Marked my self as inactive due to real life issues once again. (25.12.2015 Shehabos)
  292. Marked myself as active. (25.12.2015 NightWolf)
  293. Moons added as Trial Staff. (26.12.2015 Franco)
  294. Rover added as Trial Staff. (28.12.2015 Brian)
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