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Jan 14th, 2016
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  1. The author goes by darkseed2012 and inugans online.
  3. Here are a few excerpts from the book which he posted online.
  4. >
  6. Here is his image hosting account. He photographs fire with color filters, among other things.
  7. >
  9. Here is his personal website, which he failed to keep renewed. There's a popup which blocks you from clicking any links, but you can get around it and view the site by turning off the tab's page style. You still need a login to see forum topics, though.
  10. >
  12. Here are his youtube accounts:
  13. >
  14. >
  16. Also, here's a thread from last summer about him photographing demons that he summoned. One is literally a jacket on a coat rack with a filter applied. There's also some shit about alien hell mentioned.
  17. >
  19. And here are the links provided in the 4plebs thread if you're the pro-spoonfeed type.
  20. >
  21. >
  22. >
  23. >
  24. >
  25. >
  26. >
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