Douche Anon and the Pregnant Dazzlings (Part 4)

Dec 7th, 2017
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  1. Parts 1-3:
  7. >Be Anon
  8. >Be eying Flash Sentry as he walks away.
  9. >That certainly could have gone better...
  10. >You had a feeling that he wouldn't try to get in your way.
  11. >For now.
  12. >But only time would tell whether or not he would decide to intervene when he decides that your actions were too extreme.
  13. >You sigh, and shake your head.
  14. >Never mind that.
  15. >Its time to plan.
  16. >You look at Brawly and Norman, who are staring back at you with odd expressions.
  17. >You blink.
  18. "What? Is there something on my face?"
  19. >Norman raises an eyebrow at you.
  20. >"Dude. That was disturbing."
  21. >Huh?
  22. "What was disturbing?"
  23. >Brawly looks surprised at that.
  24. >"The way you talked to Flash like that! For a moment I thought you were going to stab him or something."
  25. >How could that possibly have been seen as disturbing?
  26. >Its perfectly natural to ask if someone is going to get in the way of your potentially illegal plans while staring them do-
  27. >Oh.
  28. >You sigh again.
  29. "Sorry. I've been stressed because of you-know-what. I need sleep."
  30. >They still looked perturbed, but nodded.
  31. >"So... what now?" Brawly asks.
  32. >Ah.
  33. >Your smile returns.
  34. "Now? We start to plan our first move. Any ideas?"
  35. >Because frankly you were drawing a blank on that front.
  36. >Another side effect of your lack of sleep you suppose.
  37. >Brawly hummed, taking a bite out of his bagel.
  38. >"Well. What if you called INS? They're pretending to be Mexicans, and I doubt they have any actual legal documents."
  39. >You shake your head.
  40. "Nah, that wouldn't work. ESPECIALLY so soon after the Dazzlings just introduced themselves to my parents. They would immediately suspect that I was involved somehow."
  41. >Unfortunately, you were in this for the long game.
  42. >Norman spoke up.
  43. >"What if we got footage from the Battle of the Bands? Someone had to have recorded it. You could show your parents that."
  44. >You hum, taking a sip of your water bottle.
  46. "That might work, but my parents might also the video is fake. If they don't, how would they react?"
  47. >A look of realization came upon their faces.
  48. >"Ah. They might try to show other people." Brawly says, nodding.
  49. >"Which would probably get the Dazzlings dragged off somewhere to be researched, but the same would also happen to the Rainbooms." Norman finished.
  50. >You nod.
  51. "Not only that, but who would even have the footage?"
  52. >"Its probably the AV Club" Brawly offered.
  53. >Oh yeah.
  54. >You forgot they were a thing.
  55. "They probably filmed it, but who would be keeping it from getting out to the world?"
  56. >"Uh... The faculty? Possibly Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna."
  57. >You sigh.
  58. "And that would require telling them WHY I want the footage."
  59. >That would be an... interesting conversation.
  60. >"Wait a minute, what's to say this footage even EXISTS? The Dazzlings had most of us brainwashed. They probably ordered the AV Club to not film anything." Norman spoke up.
  61. >Ugh..
  62. "Shit, you're right."
  63. >There goes that plan.
  64. >"I'm not so sure. That Adagio chick seems like she has a HUGE ego. What if she made sure the AV Club recorded it so she and the Dazzlings could relive their victory if they actually won?"
  65. >You grunted.
  66. "I don't know.... maybe? We'd still have to ask around and they'd ask us why we want the footage. Okay, let's put 'getting the footage' on hold for now. Anything else?"
  67. >Norman and Brawly went silent, the both of them looking in deep thought.
  68. "What if you wore a wire while around them? All you'd need to do is act all defeated and they'd start to gloat. Just playback the recording to your parents and BAM!" Norman grins.
  69. >"An easy victory. Your parents would still be pissed at your for getting three girls pregnant, but the Dazzlings would probably get abortions once they realize they aren't getting any money."
  71. >Huh.
  72. >You grin.
  73. "That sounds like it would work. But where would we get a recording device small enough for this to work?"
  74. >Norman shrugs.
  75. >"I dunno. You could probably have them ordered on the internet."
  76. >You cringe.
  77. "Which my parents are currently forbidding me from using?"
  78. >Norman frowns.
  79. >"True, so one of us would have to order it. Its probably expensive as hell too. BUT, one of us has a part-time job at a Target."
  80. >The two of you look at Brawly, who groans.
  81. "Ugh, fine. My next paycheck comes in two weeks. I'll pick one out when I get home and send you pics. But you owe me. I was going to spend that money on a new drum set."
  82. >You nod with a smile.
  83. "I already owe you for deciding to help me with this. It... really means a lot. Thanks."
  84. >Brawly looks surprised.
  85. >"Uh, wow. Your welcome?"
  86. >You frown.
  87. "What?"
  88. >"Its rare to see you be so nice."
  89. >Your frown turns into a scowl.
  90. "Don't get used to it.
  91. >He laughs.
  92. >"Heh, I won't."
  93. >Norman snaps his fingers, drawing your attention.
  94. >"Wait a minute, if its going to take two weeks for Brawly's paycheck to come, plus however long its going to take for the recorder to get here, then its going to be a while before we can set this up."
  95. >You hum.
  96. "Time the Dazzlings will use to suck up to my parents."
  97. >And you certainly couldn't let that happen.
  98. >Then you parents might be reluctant to believe any recording you might bring to them.
  99. >"So we need something to hold them off until then." Norman says.
  100. >The three of you went silent at that.
  101. >What to do?
  102. >"What if you put them on edge? Make them too scared to really make a move?" Brawly offers.
  103. >That sounded PERFECT!
  104. >It was like a lightbulb went off in your head!
  105. >"But how would we do that?" Norman asks.
  106. >You grin.
  107. "I have an idea. We make them realize how far they're going to have to go in order to make this little plan of theirs work."
  109. -------------------------------------
  111. >Be Adagio Dazzle
  112. >Be in College Writing
  113. >Be half-asleep.
  114. >You already knew all of this stuff, so your presence was mostly redundant.
  115. >But for the sake of the plan you had to keep up the act of being a high school student.
  116. >Such is life.
  117. >As the worthless, middle-aged human teacher droned on you had your mind on other things.
  118. >Mainly your progress in getting buddy-buddy with Anon's parents.
  119. >It wasn't as fast as you would have liked, but progress was being made.
  120. >They hadn't invited you, Aria, and Sonata into their home.
  121. >But they HAD given you their phone numbers in case the three of you 'needed' anything.
  122. >You smirked.
  123. >You'd be sure to tell them if you did.
  124. >You had enjoyed the look on Anon's face after his parents were yelling at him.
  125. >It was so sad.
  126. >So... defeated.
  127. >So empty.
  128. >And you loved every second of it.
  129. >You would have taken a picture if you could have at the time.
  131. >And there goes the bell.
  132. >You whistle, gathering your things as you stand up.
  133. >You ignore the glares from other students and even the teacher as you walked out of the classroom.
  134. >You walk through the hallways, smirking as people whispered.
  135. >They hated you, Aria, and Sonata of course.
  136. >But it wasn't as if their opinions actually MATTERED.
  137. >Sonata and Aria were worried that they might pull something.
  138. >But you weren't.
  139. >What could they do to?
  140. >"Oi, Cheese-Puff."
  141. >You stopped.
  142. >You turned around.
  143. >It was Anon.
  144. >Standing right behind you with his arms folded.
  145. >With a smug grin on his face.
  146. >"We need to talk."
  147. >You glare at him.
  148. "Excuse me?"
  149. >He rolls his eyes.
  150. >"I know you didn't lose your hearing as well as your singing voice. You know exactly what I said."
  151. >.......
  153. >He laughs and runs away.
  154. >"You'll have to catch me first, Cheese Puff!"
  155. >You growl, chasing after him.
  157. >His laughter only infuriates you more.
  158. >"Never!"
  160. >You were going to drown him.
  161. >You were going to drown him like a sack of dumb puppies.
  162. >These were thoughts that were going through you head as you chased Anon through the school as he yelled various insults at you.
  163. >Eventually your chase ended at a dead end hallway, with Anon turning into a classroom.
  164. >Perfect.
  165. >You follow in after him, only to realize that you might have made an error in judgement.
  166. >The room was dark, and empty.
  167. >The lights were off, and the shades were pulled down.
  168. >*THUMP!*
  169. >You jumped forward in surprise as the door slammed behind you.
  170. >*CLICK!*
  171. >The lights turn on.
  172. >You see Anon sitting nonchalantly on one of the desks, smiling at you.
  173. >You look behind to see two uncomfortable but firm teenage boys standing in front of the door, arms folded.
  174. >Damn it.
  175. >Your fists clench as you turn back to glare at that smug bastard.
  176. "What is this?!"
  177. >Anon laughs again, a sound you were starting to hate with a fiery passion.
  178. >"Sorry for the insults-oh wait, no I'm not!"
  179. >He laughs harder, causing you to grit your teeth in anger.
  180. >"But I needed to talk with you in private about our situation. You understand, right? Its not like you would have said yes if I asked you."
  181. >He stands up and walks towards you, arms behind his back.
  182. >The little shit still has that smug grin.
  183. >Time to wipe it off his face.
  184. >You chuckle.
  185. "What is this about? Some feeble attempt at scaring me away from out of your life? How pathetic."
  186. >He snorts.
  187. >"As if. Like I said before, I just want to talk."
  188. >You fold your arms.
  189. "Well, I'm listening."
  190. >He chuckles.
  191. >"I just wanted to tell you that you're not getting away with this."
  192. >What?
  194. >You burst out into laughter of your own.
  195. "Really? You set up this little meeting JUST to tell me that?"
  196. >He frowns.
  197. >"Well, not entirely."
  198. >You fold your arms.
  199. "I'm listening."
  200. >His grin returns.
  201. >"I'm going to tell you EXACTLY why this scheme of yours won't work."
  202. >Oh this was going to be worth a laugh.
  205. >Be Anon
  206. >Be in an empty classroom with Adagio, Norman, and Brawly.
  207. >Be pissed at the orange-haired cunt in front of you.
  208. >You could see it in her eyes.
  209. >She wasn't taking you seriously AT ALL.
  210. >Damn it.
  211. >You told Norman and Brawly that a knife would be more effective in scaring her.
  212. >But they said NO!
  213. >Its not like you were actually going to use it on her...
  214. >You sigh.
  215. "Tell me, Adagio. How much money do you actually expect to GET from this little scheme?'
  216. >She frowns.
  217. >"What do you mean?"
  218. >You shrug.
  219. "Its not like my parents are letting me go off to college anymore now that I'm going to have children to support after all. Tell me, what kind of job do you think a plain old high school graduate actually get? How much do you think that job is going to pay me?"
  220. >She scoffs.
  221. >"I doubt your parents would let their grand-children starve."
  222. >You chuckle, circling around her much like she did to you the other day.
  223. >Fitting.
  224. "Have you ever had a job?"
  225. >She chuckles.
  226. >"What? You mean wasting the day away taking orders from a human for money?"
  227. >She snorts.
  228. >"As if I'd demean myself like that."
  229. >Your smile turns predatorial.
  230. "Well too bad, my parents would expect you to get one after your kid is born."
  231. >Her eyes widen.
  232. >You hum.
  233. "Well, not necessarily you. They'd want at least two out of three of your little group to have jobs. Someone has to stay home and watch the kids after all."
  234. >You notice her fists clench, and smile.
  235. "My parents are very no-nonsense people, you see. They'd give you a few dollars if you were struggling financially, but only if you were working as hard as you could. They did that with my Uncle Unknown."
  236. >Adagio snarls at you.
  237. >"So what?"
  238. "The mention of hard work brings me to my next subject. The kids themselves. Let's not joke around here, we both know you and your friends have no actual intentions to care for them properly."
  239. >The both of you share a laugh at that.
  240. >You see Norman and Brawly silently glaring at you.
  242. >You roll your eyes.
  243. "BUT, they wouldn't stand for anything like that. Even if I'm not getting involved with actually raising the kids, they would visit you. A LOT. They'd even offer to babysit every one in a while. They are BIG family people. Its part of the reason why they were so pissed at me"
  244. >You stare at her seriously.
  245. "And if they see that those kids have been abused in ANY WAY, you can bet your pretty little ass you're getting deported and they're getting custody."
  246. >You take amusement in the look of realization on her face.
  247. "Yeah, you're in this for the long run if you want any sort of benefit."
  248. >You smirk.
  249. "Of course, you could just get an abortion and end it right there."
  250. >Adagio glares at you.
  251. >"This. Changes. Nothing."
  252. >You shrug.
  253. "Suit yourself. Boys, let the lady leave."
  254. >Norman and Brawly step out of the way, allowing Adagio to angrily stomp out of the room.
  255. >You waited a moment until she was out of hearing range, before sighing.
  256. "I still think a holding a knife would have been more effective."
  257. >Norman glares at you.
  258. >"Okay, no. For two reasons. One, you don't want to give her MORE ammunition to use against you. Two, its a fucking KNIFE. Jesus man, do you WANT to get expelled?!"
  259. >Oh.
  260. >OH.
  261. >Shit.
  262. >You facepalm.
  263. "Wow, I am a dumbass."
  264. >You sigh again.
  265. "Thanks for not giving into my stupidity."
  266. >Brawly snorts.
  267. >"Trust me, that's half of the reason why we're helping you. So you don't do something stupid enough to land you in jail."
  268. >You laugh.
  269. "Well then, I'm glad you two are here."
  270. >Norman snickered.
  271. >"Besides, I think you just bringing that stuff up worked."
  272. >You raised any eyebrow at that.
  273. "What do you mean?"
  274. >Norman shrugs.
  275. >"Well think about it. The Dazzlings have had their powers for hundreds of years. They're probably so used to using them to keep things going their way that they don't have much foresight. From the way Adagio reacted, she hadn't completely realized how much actual work needs to go into this plan until now."
  277. >Huh.
  278. >That actually makes sense.
  279. "So.... what now?"
  280. >Brawly shrugs.
  281. >"Class, we're late enough as it is."
  282. >You and Norman nod.
  283. >The three of you shut the lights off in the classroom and leave.
  285. ------------------------------------------
  287. >Be Adagio Dazzle
  288. >Be stomping through the hallways.
  289. >Be pissed at a lot of things
  290. >At Anon.
  291. >At his two shit-stain friends.
  292. >And at yourself for not thinking this through.
  293. >You were going to have to get a job!
  294. >You!
  295. >A SIREN!
  296. >You growled, pushing your way through the usually hallway traffic.
  297. >This.... was going to be MUCH harder than you had anticipated.
  298. >But you weren't out of the game.
  299. >Not by a long shot
  300. >Anon was going to learn his place.
  301. >Under your heel.
  303. --------------------------------------
  305. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  306. >Be in Chemistry class.
  307. >Be taking notes.
  308. >You take notice when Adagio Dazzle walks in with an angry expression.
  309. >You had been paying more attention to the Dazzlings since that jackass Anon told you he got them pregnant.
  310. >That was certainly concerning....
  311. >You weren't sure how to react to this news.
  312. >Where are they living? Do they have enough money to support themselves AND three children?
  313. >Should you even TRY to help Dazzlings?
  314. >Its not like any of them have attempted to change or even APOLOGIZE for their actions.
  315. >But you of all people have no right to judge.
  316. >Adagio looks rather angry.
  317. >Maybe it had something to do with Anon?
  318. >He had made it VERY clear when you talked with him that he had no intention of helping raise the kids or even work out some pseudo child-support arrangement.
  319. >Then again, he had also told you that the Dazzlings were only doing this just to get money out him.
  320. >You hummed.
  321. >Still, maybe you should help them out?
  322. >Perhaps they might even change with someone assisting them?
  323. >You frowned.
  324. >The only problem is the Pinkie Promise you made to Anon.
  325. >Pinkie would NOT be happy if you broke it.
  326. >At All.
  327. >As in you might have to skip school for a couple of days.
  328. >You saw what happened to last person who broke a Pinkie Promise.
  329. >You did not want any of that.
  330. >They would have to tell you if you wanted to help them.
  331. >You snorted.
  332. >Fat chance of that happening.
  333. >BUT, you'd keep an ear open just in case.
  335. -----------------------------------------------------
  337. END OF PART 4
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