23/02/2017 - KTOS

Feb 22nd, 2017
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  1. 23/02/2017 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. ▣ Updates
  5. 【Changes】
  7. Guild:
  8. The Guild War information message has been changed.
  10. 1) Declaring Guild War
  11. "If you declare war, you will be unable to disband your guild until the war has ended. Are you sure you would like to declare war ?"
  13. 2) Disbanding Guild (If a war is in progress or the declaration timer is currently counting)
  14. "Guilds cannot be disbanded when they are currently at war"
  16. ※ Defeating Boss Monster Guild Events have become available again.
  18. Quests:
  19. - The Maximum amount of times a repeatable quest can be completed has been changed to 5 times.
  22. Items:
  24. - Appraised items ability to use functions including, Companion Equips, Transcendent, Add Socket, Awakening, Enhancing stores are temporarily unavailable. Items that have not been appraised can be used normally, however. Please understand that the use of appraisal items has been restricted to prevent a second spreading issue of item duping.
  26. - Remaining Event Items from Laima's Gift & Rice Cake Event have been removed.
  29. 【Skill】
  31. Warlock:
  32. Mastema:
  33. - This skill now also can hit flying targets.
  35. Cannoneer:
  36. Bazooka:
  37. - In the Bazooka stance, the minimum range for the bazooka has been removed. (However, Basic attack is excluded from this)
  39. Monk:
  40. Double Punch:
  41. - Skill's hitbox range has been increased by 20%.
  43. Palm Strike:
  44. - Now inflicts additional damage to the target based upon the target's defense.
  45. *( However, The additional damage cannot exceed the maximum damage)
  46. - 150% Attack modifier has been added to the skill.
  48. Hand Knife:
  49. - Now inflicts additional damage to the target based upon the target's SPR Stat.
  50. *( However, The additional damage cannot exceed the maximum damage)
  51. - 200% Attack modifier has been added to the skill.
  53. One Inch Punch:
  54. - 150% Attack modifier has been added to the skill.
  56. (NEW!) 'Monk: Sustained Strike' Attribute :
  57. - Increases the debuff duration on the [Double Punch] and [God Finger Flick] by 5 seconds.
  58. - * This is unlocked at Circle 3, and has a mastery level of 1.
  60. 【Monster】
  61. High-Level Mob Spawn Triggers - The stats of around 300 monsters in higher level zones have been lowered.
  62. * (Less Max HP, Damage Dealt & Magic Defense)
  63. ※ TN: This should affect mobs in level range 160~330, according to changes from test server.
  66. 【TP Items】
  67. Party Dress Costume (All Classes) - 129 TP (Sale ends on 09/03/2017, then moved to recycling shop )
  68. Midnight Blue Hairdye - 49 TP
  70. ▣ Bug Fixes
  72. Corsair:
  73. Double Weapon Assault:
  74. - Fixed the scenario where using the buff would cause the secondary weapon attack damage to be the same as the primary weapon attack strength for the duration of the buff.
  76. Shinobi:
  77. Bunshin no Jutsu:
  78. - Fixed issue where the damage from clones were not applying in PVP.
  80. Cryomancer:
  81. Snow Rolling:
  82. - Fixed issue when using the skill, only half of the snowball was actually visible.
  84. Psychokino:
  85. Raise:
  86. - Fixed issue where targets affected by [Raise] could not be hit by Necromancer's [Flesh Cannon]
  88. Enchanter:
  89. Enchant Armor:
  90. - Fixed issues with the shop name character limit being too short.
  92. Oracle:
  93. Switch Gender:
  94. - Fixed issues with the shop name character limit being too short.
  95. - If you reverted back to your original gender, your basic hair you had before also changed.
  97. 【Instanced Dungeons/Missions】
  98. Fixed bug in earth tower, where entering the 30th floor would display '10th floor' on the entry sign.
  100. 【Quest】
  101. The Whereabouts of the Key - Fixed issue where the item was not given to the player after completion.
  102. Restraining the Criminal - Fixed issue where even after destroying the device to complete the quest, the device remains unbroken.
  103. Owl Burial Ground Test - Fixed issue where the title reward was called 'None'
  105. 【Graphis/UI/Sound】
  106. Fixed issue when the player is not using any titles, the hair colors unlocked all are marked as 'currently in use'
  107. Fixed issue where Male Hoplites who used [Stabbing] with the Geras Spear would cause the player to wield the weapon backwards during the Stabbing animation.
  110. 【Other Changes】
  111. Fixed issue with the number of pages in Market Search not displaying the actual amount of pages from results.
  112. Fixed issue where if you use a skill and item at the same time, the character would temporarily get stuck.
  113. Fixed issue where you could not use keyboard arrow keys with other functions.
  114. Fixed issue where you could not read the entire contents of someone's party information window if it was quite long.
  115. Fixed issue with lens previewing not working in the TP Shop.
  116. Fixed issue where you could not put companions in a passive state.
  117. Fixed issue where right-clicking the companion buff would cause shared buffs between the companion and player to end.
  119. Source Post:
  120. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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