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  1. BUNNN: hi
  2. Gold Installs: hello/привет
  3. BUNNN: hi, listen to me
  4. BUNNN: i know you use my crypter for crypt your ppi
  5. BUNNN: i'll release new update today
  6. BUNNN: you get banned or we can deal with something else
  7. Gold Installs: why you want ban?
  8. BUNNN:
  9. BUNNN: 1. I don't allow mass spreading
  10. Gold Installs: and what you want to not ban?
  11. BUNNN: first hit me with your email registred with fc
  12. BUNNN: i can code you one crypter for you only
  13. Gold Installs: hernyoooo  ymail
  14. Gold Installs: .com
  15. BUNNN: USA >100LR 7C4379C5
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