Lewd Motion Emotions

Apr 10th, 2016
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  1. [The stupid crying part is inspired by real events. Apologizes that things meander a bit.]
  4. “Come on, this one’s really good.” Robin leads you by the hand hand on onto the couch. She plugged in a flash drive full of shows she likes. You figure if she’s so passionate about it, the least you can do is give it a try. She was right about that last series, although you’re not sure if she’s as against all the fanservice as she says.
  6. “So what’s this one about?” You pull her onto your lap instead of letting her choose a spot on the couch.
  8. “It’s a really deep layered metaphor for growing up, using lolicon mecha maids with light brocon overtones. It’s called ‘Even Though I'm a Maid, It Can’t Be Helped, Baka Onii-Chan.’”
  10. You don’t understand anything she’s talking about, but the opening theme is super catchy and played to nothing but giant robots slugging each other and panty shots, so you’re sold. You wrap one arm around her waist, and enjoy your popcorn with your other.
  12. “It was nice of Clair and the others to take our Pokemon to that spa.”
  14. You both figured after all the training, they could use a break. Not just from training, but from you. You love them, but you understand that not every waking moment needs to be together.
  16. You run a hand along Robin’s back. She’s got her comfy pikachu pajamas on and the fluffy parts feel nice on your hand. She’s really into what’s on the screen. She jumps at an action scene, causing her to straddle on your right leg.
  18. “Watch this part!” She doesn’t even look back. As if you’re watching something else.
  20. Well, okay, you’re only half watching it, but you’re following along. Sakura and Kasugi-Chan are fighting the converse spinners using giant robots powered by friendship, and they need to wear special revealing suits to operate them. Also sometimes they exchange power ups with kisses.
  22. Robin leaps at a plot twist. One of the main characters is actually a half Empty! You sit up, putting a little movement along the leg Robin’s straddling. She leans forward, putting her cute little butt out. Even in her loose fitting pajamas you just want to stick your face right in there and...rawr.
  24. “You’re really excited about that. I thought you’ve seen this before.”
  26. “I’ve only seen the previous four series. This is a post-prequel remake made after the retcon movie, but before the rights reverted to the original studio.”
  28. Man. Anime is complicated. You put both hands on her hips and flex your leg. She’s still way into what’s going on with the plot, barely aware of her body. She’s become so relaxed around you. She has no guard or pretence any more. And that’s what makes her so damned cute!
  30. “YEAH!” She shouts at the screen. Some sort of hype music is playing. Once again, her ass sticks out and she leans forward. You start to bounce her on your knee to the rhythm. Her fuzzy PJs feel nice and warm on your bare legs. You’re wearing a short skirt today. You’re not much of a skirt girl, usually, but it’s warm here, and if you’re going to all this effort to wax, you might as well show off a bit.
  32. You hold Robin’s hips and keep bouncing her. She doesn’t say anything, but you can see the redness start to form on her face, and the warm coming from between her legs. She unzips her pajama’s a bit to deal with the heat.
  34. “Kat, you’re not watching,” she says, voice getting weak.
  36. She’s right. You feel a little guilty. This is something she likes, you should try more. You keep bouncing her, but give your conscious attention to the screen.
  38. And you know what? This is pretty gripping. Beyond just the constant panty shots and pervert jokes and giant robots.
  40. “The time of her execution...has changed.”
  42. You and Robin both jump up. That changes everything! You feel her bouncing in excitment, but you’ve already forgotten to trying to turn her on.
  44. Oh. That horny little minx. She’s doing it on her own now. You lean forward and feel her tiny chest over her fluffy PJs.
  45. “Hmmph.” She squirms adorably. “Kat...”
  47. “Yeah, say my name” you get aggressive. You can’t help it. She’s so vulnerable.
  49. “Kat,” she says again, weakly. “You’re...missing the...” She trails off into incoherent whispering. Her eyes close and she tries to fight against what you’re doing to her body. “Missing the show. I really want to share it with...” You nibble her ear.
  51. “Missing what?” You tease her. You bounce your leg again, causing her to whimper some more. “Turn around,” you order.
  53. “But we’ll miss it,” She’s trying so hard not to surrender to your hands. You slip one down the front of her PJs and under the waistband of her underwear. She gasps. She’s such a closet nympho.
  55. “If you’re so worried about it, then move off of my lap. But if you stay here, then I can’t help it if I get handsy.”
  57. She moans in frustration. “That’s not” another gasp “fair.”
  59. “And yet you’re so wet.” You got to stop teasing her, but whenever you do, she gets soaked. You bounce her harder. “You’re just a horny little girl, aren't you?”
  61. “N-no,” she tries to deny it. She’s a terrible bluffer. That’s exactly what she thinks. She denies it, but she gets so turned on.
  63. “Yes you are,” you pick up the pace. “You’re my cute little slut.”
  65. “N-no I’m not!” She squirms harder. “I-I-I’m a good girl.”
  67. “Yeah you are,” you kiss her neck. “And you do what you’re told, right?”
  69. She’s too far gone to see where you’re going. “Uh huh.” She’s starting to rub against you hard. Her legs are trembling.
  71. You slow down. “Good, then earn it and I’ll let you cum.” You know from experience not to stop touching her entirely. You keep her on the edge. If she backs away, you touch more. If she tries to push her hips into it to bring herself over the edge, you back it away. “Ah ah. Me first.”
  73. She moans in frustration again. Something important sounding happened in the anime and you both missed it. You keep her on the edge for another few seconds and she finally gives in.
  75. “Okay!” She gets off your lap and onto her knees between your legs. There’s no fancy foreplay or teasing. She just pulls your underwear down your legs, tosses them across the room, and starts licking.
  77. “Aw ha yeah.” You rest your arms back on the couch and lean back. This is where it’s at. The top of her head quickly moves up and down as she tries her hardest to get you off fast. Man, she’s really going for it. You put a hand on her head to guide her on your tempo. Something happens on the anime that sounds dramatic, but your body is too tingly to really pay attention. “Mmmm.”
  79. She vocalizes a happy little noise. She likes that you’re happy.
  81. Here you are, in the middle of the Pokemon league, you have money, Pokemon and human friends, an amazing, cute, sexy girlfriend that can eat pussy like a pro, but something just feels off. You bite your lip, keep guiding her with your hand, and let her know that you like it with a deep, low grunt.
  83. “Are you close?” She stops just as you were getting to the edge.
  85. You can’t brush off the feeling that something isn't right. “Am I... did you not want to do this?”
  87. “No! I mean, yes. I mean...” She fidgets. “I want to make you happy.”
  89. You don’t like the way she phrased that. “What’s wrong?”
  91. “Don’t...I’m ruining it. Just relax and I promise I’ll make you happy, okay?” She goes back to eating you out. You have to summon a lot of willpower to get her to stop.
  93. “Wait. Wait wait wait.” You gently try pushing her off. She grabs your legs and keeps at it. “R...Robin.. Wait.”
  95. “MMmmmn” She aggressively mumbles. She adjusts her grip on you to make she she can’t be dislodged and keeps at it. You’re gyrating your hips without thinking about it.
  97. “I’m-” you bring your hands to your chest. This is happening whether you try to fight it or not. Robin is making you cum, damnit. “I'm gonna-”
  99. “Umnhunmn” She mutters, vocalizing her approval. Her command.
  101. You let your eyes roll back and smile as your body takes you over that cliff. Your legs wrap around her head and you do your best not to put too much pressure on her, but the real world is a million miles away. Your ab muscles flex hard and you’re pretty sure your eyes are facing two different directions.
  103. Slowly, your sense come back. Reality sets back in with each heartbeat. You lean back and bring your breathing under control. Lazily, you summon Robin to your side with your hand. She complies and cuddles.
  105. “Was that okay?”
  107. “Phsw,” you blow hair out of your face. “That was art.”
  109. She snuggles in harder. “I'm glad.”
  111. That off feeling comes back. It finally hits you when the new opening theme for the show starts playing. “You didn't want to fool around today. Did you? You really wanted to show me this anime.”
  113. She tenses up. “I'm...I'm sorry. I know you probably think it’s dumb and you want to do more adult stuff.”
  115. A huge wave of guilt comes over you. You look her in the eyes. The eye. “Robin, no, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I don’t want to pressure you. I'm sorry.”
  117. She hugs you. “Now I made you feel guilty!”
  119. You feel a lump in your throat. “No. This is my fault. You just wanted to share something with me and all I ever do is think with crotch.”
  121. She sniffles and holds you tighter. “No. It’s my fault. I never want to complain or,” she sniffs “im-p-p-pose but that’s not helpful. It’s just selfish. I’m always too scared to say anything even when you’re always so reasonable-”
  123. “But I make you feel like you have to hide because I’m so pushy!” You’re bawling now. “I think I just always go to sex because when we first met that’s how we moved from friends to more and I just want to keep the magic from that.”
  125. She cries into your shirt. “But it’s my fault for-”
  127. “Will you fags just stop it already?”
  129. You both turn to see Clair. “Clair!” You both jump on top of her. Your faces bury into her pillowy chest. You didn’t even notice her come in. “Clair we left you out!”
  131. “Hey,” she softens just a little. “Calm down. You’re getting my shirt all wet.”
  133. “But I’m a terrible girlfriend!” You bawl some more. You don’t know what’s making this all come out at once. Seeing Robin upset and it being your fault just opened the floodgates.
  135. “No I’m the terrible girlfriend!” Robin yells. “I’m selfish and I always cause problems.” Her voice rises a bit at the end of her sentences as she cries. “ And I project my issues on to you too and dominate you when yoouuuu. And I always make Kat do all this stuff,” she sniffs. “And I was the one that pushed for this three way relationship and I’m always neglecting you.”
  137. You hug Clair and Robin. “I pushed for it and I’m always neglecting you both.”
  139. Clair’s tearing up now too, but she fights it hard enough that she doesn’t get a full drop. She just has misty eyes. “I didn't want to make issues for you stupid dykes, I got greedy and inserted myself and now everything’s a mess!”
  141. Robin pushes herself deeper between yours and Clair’s chest. “That’s not true. Everything’s great!”
  143. You nod, wiping a tear on Clair’s boob. “You both make me so happy.”
  145. “Then why is everyone crying?”
  147. “I don’t knowwww!” Robin cries.
  149. The three of you hold each other in a girl, teary mess until things calm down. You’re still confused about what happened here exactly.
  151. “You two are sickening,” Clair mumbles. “You’re both hormonal dumbass teenagers with no sense of perspective. I mean, you’re crying about what to watch or do on your night off? You’re so damn head over heels for each other that you blow up the dumbest shit into an emotional breakdown because you want to be perfect for each other. But you’re already perfect for each other.”
  153. You and Robin look into each other’s eyes. Her fake one blinks a heart at you before turning normal again. You turn to Clair. “We’re all perfect for each other.”
  155. Clair blushes, hard. “Don’t feel like you have to include me in your weird emotional dyke feelings. I'm fine just making you my bitches,” she puts an arm around both of you in the pimpest way she can manage.
  157. “She’s right,” Robin lifts herself up a bit you get eye contact with her. “You just proved it. You know us so well. We all work together.”
  159. Clair’s completely red now. “C’come on. You’re embarrassing yourselves.” She can’t hide her smile. “You guys go back to doing your slutty dyke thing. I'm going,” she gets up and stumbles, “I’m going to get some juice from the lobby and hang out there for a bit.” She practically skips on her way out.
  161. You and Robin hold hands for a bit, just smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes.
  163. You eventually gesture to the TV. “Come on, let’s find where we left off and watch the rest.”
  165. Robin fidgets. “Actually...”
  167. “It’s okay. I really want to see it. I missed some stuff, but I like where the plot was going.” You also liked where the camera was going. That series had great panty shots.
  169. “W-we can put it off for another time...” She looks down, rubbing her thighs together. Robin doesn't have much of a figure, except her waist and thighs. With her baggy PJs, you can’t see the definition of them too much, but knowing what’s under there makes you bite your lip. “Tonight we can do... you know,”
  171. You decide to play with her, just a bit. “We just talked about this. It’s alright. I know you want to watch it, and so do I. Don’t force yourself to go along with what I want.”
  173. She starts to panic. She assumed you’d pick up her hint and ravage her. “I’m not forcing myself...” She barely mumbles. Despite loosening up a lot since you first met, she still defaults back to this shy little girl once in awhile.
  175. You seductively run your hand along the side of her face, lifting her chin. “So you want to have sex?”
  177. She blushes. “If-if you want to...”
  179. “Robin...” You wag your finger, then press it in the middle of her chest. “What do you want?”
  181. “I want to [incoherent]”
  183. “You want to what?”
  185. “I...”
  187. “I can’t hear you. Robin, if you don’t tell me clearly what you want, I won’t know.” You feel a little pushy for teasing her like this, but it’s also a good idea for you to both make sure you work on your communication.
  189. She steadies herself. “You’re right.” She breathes in. She breathes out. You nod along, giving her time to get herself together.
  191. “I... want...”
  193. “You want.”
  195. She stumbles. “I-I-I w... want.”
  197. She’s initiated plenty of times before. She’s got a drive that almost puts yours to shame. “You want what?”
  199. “I.”
  201. “You.”
  203. “I w-w-wh”
  205. You yawn, thrusting forth your chest. You’re relaxing today, so no bra. “You want to go to bed? Yeah. It’s pretty late.” You begin to get up.
  207. “I-I-I-I want you to fuck me retarded!”
  209. You turn around in complete disbelief.
  211. Robin covers her mouth, horrified. “I-I didn’t mean...Oh...”
  213. You crawl over and lower her hands. “I won’t tell Clair you said that.” She almost laughs. You grab both her wrists, pin her against the couch, and start ravaging her.
  215. She whimpers as you break your kiss and move your mouth down her neck. You assault one of her many weak spots at where her neck meets her collar bone. Her legs wrap around yours and she pushes her hips up.
  217. You back off and completely unzip her PJs. Her small, girlish frame quivers. You dive right in, fingers sliding under her panties and mouth taking in her perky, conical breast. You’re rewarded with more needy whimpering.
  220. You have an idea. “I’ll be right back.”
  222. “Okay!” Her chest rises and falls. You love that happy look on her face.
  224. You scramble into the other room and grab your bag. Where is it? There! You grab a double sided dildo and rush back to Robin.
  226. “How are we going to-”
  228. You don’t tell, you show. You gently push her onto her back, motion for her to spread her legs, and do the same. You scoot in nice and close.
  230. “I’m putting it in,” you want. She nods and you press it into her. Robin is wet, but tight. You press in a little, ease back, and press in farther. Over and over again, you push in. Eventually, you can go in and out without having to force it or risk hurting her. Her face shows she’s gone from bracing to enjoying.
  232. You put the other end in yourself. You take a little bracing too, but you’re a gold medalist at the masturbation olympics and now how to get your own thing going easily.
  234. You both have one end now. You put your hands on the floor, half-wrap a leg around Robin, and start pumping.
  236. “Kat!”
  238. “Robin!”
  240. “Kat!”
  242. “Robin!”
  244. “K-ah~” She leans her head back. She doesn’t want to put the mentally distracting effort into remembering your name. It’s really on now. You’re not paying much attention to getting yourself off, instead, you do everything you can to illicit a reaction from her. She starts to lose her awareness as you keep at it. Her thigh muscles flex as she pulls you in. She moans and gasps.
  246. Yeah. You’re a sex god. If you can’t feel cocky from this, when can you?
  248. Robin starts to go over the edge. You keep it going steady so she doesn’t lose it. She grits her teeth grasps the carpet “KAT I LOVE YOU.”
  250. You try not to pause. She’s said it a million times, but just the way she says it now penetrates through your lewd, cocky grin and tingling body, right to your racing heart. You smile and push forward. “I love you too.”
  252. The disjointed lewd mess that is her face gives as caring a glance as it can. She can’t vocalize words any more. Her body shudders and shakes so hard that you know she’s going to have sore abs tomorrow. But you don’t stop.
  254. “Ka...Kat,” she sputters, half laughing, half worried. Her head bobs with each thrust. “I. Can’t. Take. More.”
  256. “What’s 2 + 2?”
  258. “What-” she almost loses the strength in her arm holding her up. “4.” She doesn't manage to look at you.
  260. “You’re not retarded yet.” You thrust harder and faster, stopping her need to tell you that’s not nice before she can.
  262. You keep at it for a long time. After her arms grow tired, you go ass to ass. It’s a little tricky at first, but once you get a good hold of her wrists you can lazily but quickly pull you both together. There’s a satisfying slap noise each time you bring it in.
  264. She grunts and moans. You know that sign.
  266. “How many times does that make?” You’ve cum twice now, and to be honest you’re more than done. Robin’s got a good half a dozen in tonight.
  268. “I...I don’t know..” She seems barely aware of what’s going on anymore.
  270. “What’s 2 plus 2?”
  272. “I... don’t know.”
  274. You stop, stretch your back, and get her standing straight. You examine her face. Is this what that ahegao thing is?
  276. “Are you okay?” Maybe you went a little overboard.
  278. She weakly grabs your arm. In a satisfied, sleepy tone, she mutters. “Mine.”
  280. “Yours.”
  282. You kick the clothes and accessories aside and carry her to bed. It’s cuddling time.
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