Summer cup punishments

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  1. Punishments:
  2. In Rule order:
  3. 3. Warning, though nicklamers shall be banned
  4. 13. Player warned, repeat offences, player will be banned.
  5. 17. If the exploit resulted in damage to the base or enemy players or alters the game(i.e. scouting on top of a mountain) no matter how minute, the suffered clan wins the round, and the offending player is banned for two match.
  6. If the player is exploiting but doesn't strictly alter the game, he/she receives a one match ban.
  7. 18. The player gets a one match ban.
  9. One further point: If a nicklamer or cheater wins the game for a clan, that clan will be given a loss instead. It's up to you to check you've got the right people playing.
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