Past you is amazing (Cel/Anon) (RGRE) (slightly lewd)

Nov 9th, 2016
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  1. > Be Princess Celestia
  2. > However, you don't know why you are Princess Celestia in the glue fact- horsepital
  3. > And your head aches, which is no fun, you need cake
  4. > You look around your bed, and oh, hello handsome
  5. > Some slender minotaur looking stallion is reading a book in a chair by your bed
  6. > He doesn't look like a nurse, you wonder what he is doing here
  7. > Not that you're complaining
  8. > You clear your throat
  9. "Hello, is there something I can help you with? Although I may be indisposed at the moment."
  10. > He drops the book in shock, staring at you with wide eyes
  11. > You hope he doesn't catch a case of too formal language
  12. > He surges towards you, wrapping his arms around your neck and nuzzling just below your head
  13. > You freeze, enjoying the male attention, but desperately hoping nopony gets the wrong idea
  14. > After a few minutes, he pulls back, tears in his eyes
  15. > "I'm glad you're alright, Sunshine. You really had me worried there."
  16. > ...what?
  17. > You search his face for any kind of familiarity
  18. "Do I know you?"
  19. > He gives you a weak smile
  20. > "I'm your coltfriend."
  21. > What
  23. > The doctor mares are very patient as they explain your situation
  24. > It seems you had some sort of climatic battle with a sorcerous pod of narwhals, and got a bad case of magic dissonance when you subverted the spell they were weaving
  25. > Point is, you lost a full year's worth of memories
  26. > The doctors explain that it would be best to take some time off to recover, and linger around familiar things
  27. > Which apparently includes a hot young coltfriend
  28. > Well done, past you
  30. > You return to your quarters to find things are not quite as you left them
  31. > Of course, you have quite a few friendship reports more than before, but that is to be expected
  32. > However, the second dresser is new, along with a kitchenette with an apron hung up nearby
  33. > One thing has your undivided attention
  34. > A delicious aroma permeates the room
  35. > Anon chuckles behind you, low and pleasant
  36. > "I should have known you'd wake up once the cheesecake was done."
  37. > You stare at the oven and fridge in wonder
  38. > You were never able to get the hang of baking, something to do with juggling a stellar furnace and operating a small oven
  39. > But now, you can have cakes whenever you want, without the judgemental stares, ah, that is, without bothering the stallions in the castle kitchen
  40. "I think I'm in love."
  41. > Anon chuckles again and gives your flank a swat as he passes by you
  42. > "That's what you said last time. Now come on, let's eat this thing."
  43. > He bends slightly to retrieve the cheesecake from the fridge, his rump jutting out impudently
  44. > You have never been so turned on
  46. > You stare at the dark ceiling, too tense to sleep
  47. > This might have something to do with the stallion beside you under the covers
  48. > No matter what he says, you still feel weird acting...intimately with a stallion you barely know
  49. > Goodness knows you fantasized about this sort of thing enough, but Anon is so kind and real, with his own feelings
  50. > What if he figures out that you are actually a super lewd mare?
  51. > Your fretting is interrupted by an arm across your neck and the firm, hot length of a stallion snuggling up against you
  52. > You let out a strangled whisper
  53. "Anon?"
  54. > He just murmurs sleepily and snuggles closer
  55. > Hnnngggg
  56. > You gaze down at his sleeping face, taken at how alien yet adorable it is
  57. > You smooth his hair to the side with a wisp of magic
  58. > He sighs happily
  59. > You smile gently, savoring the sweet experience
  60. > As you lay your head back on the pillow, you relax
  61. > Well done, past you
  62. > Well done
  64. > You wake as you often do, wet between the legs and restless
  65. > Then something pokes your hip, and you remember you aren't alone
  66. > You glance to the side, and there is Anonymous, still cute, especially with his bed head
  67. > Still, what is poking you?
  68. > His arms are around your neck, his legs tangles with yours
  69. > That just leaves...
  70. > You feel very warm all of a sudden, both from blushing and,
  71. > You wink, very wet
  72. > Anon stirs, gazing at you blearily
  73. > Then he sniffs and you feel deep shame
  74. > He grins
  75. > "My, but you are having a very good morning."
  76. > You cover your face with a wing, trying to block out the embarrassment
  77. "It's just morning dew, it happens to all mares in the morning."
  78. > He rubs your belly, which is Not Helping
  79. > Those fingers feel sooo goooood
  80. > "Are you saying I'm not stallion enough to get you wet?"
  81. > For added emphasis he grinds his hot length against your flank
  82. > You hold back a groan
  83. > Curse stallions and their sexiness and whimsy
  84. "No, you're very handsome and, oh stars and void..."
  85. > You wink again, a bonfire in your belly
  86. > But you are Princess Celestia, and you must be true to yourself
  87. "I just wanted our first time to be..."
  88. > Oh no, you just tipped your sunhat
  89. > "Oh yeah, I remember that. I thought you were just trying to be romantic because I am a stallion."
  90. > Is it possible to die of embarrassment?
  91. > Alas, it's probably not possible for you, alicorn that you are
  92. > He kisses your cheek
  93. > "That's pretty cute, Sunshine. So I guess the question is, do you want breakfast, a shower, or-"
  94. > He nibbles on your ear
  95. > "Me."
  96. > You're going to need new sheets
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