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Village ratings p2

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Jul 8th, 2013
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  1. Village ratings part 2
  2. By Burrowield
  3. For NMR
  4. Still on phone!
  6. Ratings deplete!
  8. I realize I haven't touched on this in my previous paste. But ratings do deplete.
  10. The cost for starting a war is three ratings of choice. Defending is free. When a territory is conquered the recourse rating of the attacker will diminish by one. When an attack is a fail the military rating will decrease by one.
  12. For each enemy, Currently at war with you, When you're ready aggressor. production capacity is reduced by 0.3
  14. Starting an alliance costs one intelligence. Finding out about a territory being attacked costs one intelligence.
  16. Your resources will deplete with one per month. This is to supply your village and country. When defending and failing nothing will deplete.
  18. Only PC attacks on certain resources when preapproved by staff and the defender can deplete resources.
  20. When the country is not at war (the agressor) it will have a plus one bonus to their production capacity of that month.
  22. NPC countries can also attack in rare cases.
  24. A village has to be attacked last when no territories remain.
  26. A Village will have a military rating of 7. Plus one for each PC involved. The same goes 4 aggressor will have his military rating plus one for each PC involved
  28. This means wars are expensive and can't always be maintained.
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