Picture Perfect

May 17th, 2016
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  1. Six years in and you have never worked your way up the food chain of the Department of Licensing. But that was okay, you had a position you loved. Actually, you could say it was a position you coveted and desired. You were in charge of photographing recipients for the various licenses. Sound like a boring job? It wasn't. It was a cushy government job with benefits, as well as benefits that only you would enjoy.
  2. A pretty purple mare with a flowing mane sat down. You smiled at her, but she wasn't really having it. She had probably just waited 2 hours to get her license renewed or something silly. Your smile leveled out to a neutral expression as you went into autopilot.
  3. “Please look at this dot and smile.”
  4. The mare complied.
  5. You paused, just long enough to make it frustratingly too long.
  6. The mare's nose twitched and she quickly lifted a hoof as if to say something before she let our a delicate double. She tried to stifle, failed, and managed to keep the sneezes quiet.
  7. She re-composed herself, ran her hoof through her mane and looked back up at the dot.
  8. You smiled.
  9. “Here is your photograph.” You pointed to the monitor screen at the photo of a sneezing mare. You could even see bits of visible spray. You had been given permission to upgrade the department's camera, so you got the most high tech, pixel heavy camera you could buy.
  10. Here pupils shrunk as she looked horrified at her sneezy photo.
  11. “You-you- have to retake that!”
  12. You casually looked over at the image, then slowly turned back to her. “Yah?” You bellowed slowly.
  13. “Seriously, you have to retake that! Something came over me and . . . and . . . Please!” Her voice frantic and panicky.
  14. “If you say so.” You slowly spun your stool back to the camera then repeated your mantra. “Please look at this dot and . . . “
  15. “I know, I know. Smile! I'm kind of in a hurry here!” The mare interrupted and placed her hooves in her lap as she smiled towards the dot.
  16. You were not too fond of her rushing you, and she was starting to be somewhat rude. You nodded your head at her and slipped your hoof to a button beside the camera.
  17. The purple mare's nostrils quivered once again and she raised her hoof to her snout and sneezed a subdued, but wet sneeze into her hoof. “Hhrrrggggxxxsssnnntt!” She moved her hoof from her nose, “Aw crumb!”
  18. You gave a slight smirk as your tail swooshed back and forth. You aimed your eyes to the tv monitor and in a monotone voice said, “Here is your new license ID,” You paused, then put emphasis on the mare's name as your read it, “Amethyst Star.”
  19. She lowered her wet hoof and looked at the screen. She made a high pitched squeal.
  20. “What the heck! Why did you take it when I sneezed?”
  21. You turned to look at her. “Why did you sneeze when I took the photo?”
  22. You handed her a temporary license with the sneezy photo and smiled.
  23. “I can't have this be my ID.”
  24. “Don't worry, it won't The official one with this photo will come in the mail in about two weeks.” You smiled so your teeth showed slightly.
  25. The purple mare gave a slight growl as she swiped the temporary license from your grasp and stormed off. Here tail was lifted high, as if to show she had some dignity still, as she stormed off. Each step was a stomp, and each stomp, caused her rear end cheeks to jiggle.
  26. Again, you smirked and then turned around and opened the camera, pulling out the full SD chip. The camera had two slots. One card stored the images you kept, the other stored images the Department of Licensing kept. You grabbed another empty car and placed it in the camera as your next client stepped up.
  27. It was a stallion, and he took a seat on the small stool.
  28. “Please look at this dot and smile.”
  29. He complied, and you snapped a photo. He looked at the monitor and seemed pleased with his mug, and you handed him a temporary license.
  30. “Your official license will come in the mail in about two weeks.”
  31. The stallion said thanks and walked off. You re-arranged the small pot of flowers as you waited for your next client. You peered out of your room and look out into the big room filled with ponies waiting to be licensed in various things. You noticed at the corner of your eye another mare walking in your direction. You smiled at her as you went back into your room.
  32. She walked in with stunning legs that were long, fine, and shapely. A white, fine hair covered her toned body, and light pink and white hair graced her mane. She had a long, perfectly straight horn atop her forehead. You recognized her as the well known model, Fluer Dis Lee.
  33. Her hair bounced with each movement and better yet, she smiled right at you.
  34. “This is going to be a nice one,” you thought to yourself. You watched as she lifted her tail and sat on the stool.
  35. You broke your mantra. “Hopefully you did not have to wait too long,” you said as you pretended to set up your camera.
  36. “It wasn't too bad.” She said in a soothing voice.
  37. “Well, I will make this quick for you so you can head out and enjoy the weather.” You said politely. “Please look at the dot and smile.”
  38. She cleared her throat and rearranged her mane, then did as you stated.
  39. “Okay, just hang tight.” You pressed the button beside your camera, then looked into the viewfinder to see a glorious site. She quickly look irritated as her left nostril flared. You smiled as you knew what was coming. She sniffed and shuffled about in her spot, but then . . . nothing.
  40. You looked up from the lens finder to make sure you were seeing things right.
  41. “Uhhh . . . “
  42. “Is everything alright?” She quickly asked.
  43. “Oh, uh, yeah, everything is fine. My lens is dirty. One second.” You fibbed as you wiped the clean lens. “Okay, lets try this again.”
  44. You went behind the viewfinder and pressed the button beside the camera again.
  45. Again, she seemed to be taken off guard slightly as her head reared back and her nostrils twitched. You could hear her hitching. You licked your lips as you watched and prepared your hoof for photo taking. Moments passed as she squirmed, but she sniffed inward and seemed to be fine again. You seemed puzzled, and clearly she could tell as you lifted your head up again from the viewfinder.
  46. “What is wrong?” She asked with concern.
  47. You had to fib again, “My camera is acting up. Sorry about this wait. Let me see if placing an new battery in it will help.” You grabbed a new battery and placed it in the camera, all while trying to thing your perfect blend of sneeze spray wasn't working on this mare. The button beside your camera was wired to the flower pot you had sitting beside each client. When you wanted to sneeze spray to work, you pressed the button, and a puff of invisible mist blows into the air space of the client. Maybe the wire was pinched or you were out of spray? You wanted to check, but was not sure how to make it look obvious. You finished faking the battery change and went back to your position. You crossed your hooves and hoped the button would work this time.
  48. “Please look at the dot and smile.” You said once more. She complied once more. You pressed the button and went to the viewfinder. Again she squirmed back, closed her eyes, and this time her chest puffed outward as she inhaled the spray. She began to squirm more and quickly raised a hoof to her nose. Cautiously she rubbed her snout, but the spray seemed to have worked this time.
  49. “Ehhh, ehhhh . . . “ She paused a good four seconds. You, on edge, looked up from the viewfinder to see this glorious sight unfolding before you. She was arched so her back was inward, and her butt out. Her hoof rubbing her nose, eyes closed, and eyelashes fluttering. She was on the cusp, a long cusp, just about to climax, any . . . second.
  50. The second held on, and on, and on. You kept waiting, not wanting to miss the photo, but not wanting to miss the view. You sneaked a build up photo, and then . . .
  51. “Iiiiieeeeeeessscchhheeeeww!” Startled you snapped a photo then looked up to see she still hadn't sneezed. Confused you looked around and noticed a random mare had just sneezed outside your open door.
  52. “Hhhaaaapppsccheew!” You quickly turned to the mare in the stool before you to realize you missed her sneeze!
  53. “Oh no!” You exclaimed aloud as the image of her pre sneeze appeared on the monitor.
  54. The beautiful mare opened her eyes, both her hooves covering her mouth, and looked at the monitor.
  55. “Oh my word! Is that my picture?” She said surprised, with a twinge of laughter.
  56. Trying to not sound disappointed about missing her sneeze, you looked at the monitor then back at her.
  57. “I guess that is your image. My bad. We should probably take that again.”
  58. “No, no. That was my bad! I sneezed. For some reason, this room makes me sneezy.” The mare giggled and pushed her hoof in a playful forward motion towards you.
  59. You so badly wanted to see her sneeze, but didn't want to risk trying this stunt a fourth time on her, so you quickly got the picture you needed and handed her the temporary license card. She thanked you and you closed the door to your office.
  60. “Crud! I can't believe I missed that!” You shuffled through the pictures of her you did get, two pre sneeze pictures and her actual photograph. Disappointed, you sat down as you heard the door open and another mare step in. You looked up and quickly rose to your hooves.
  61. “Hello there, please take a seat on the stool, then take . . . “ Again you were interrupted.
  62. “I know, I know!” The mare laughed. “You probably recognize me by now.”
  63. You did recognize the purplish-pink mare with the bubbly violet hair. Her eyes were equally as a deep purple with many varying shades of the color. She was of average size, good shape, and average face, though cute. Here eyes really brought out her personality, which you remembered to being rather clumsy and goofy. She was a repeat customer because she was always having to get her license renewed for reasons unknown to you. Or maybe she didn't like having her license with a sneeze photo all these times. Whatever the reason was, you were happy she came back because she was a glorious, messy sneezer.
  64. “I remember you, but I don't remember your name.” You finally said with a smile.
  65. “I'm the one who always sneezes when you try to take a picture. I guess it is legit thing that happens to me.” She said with a slight giggle.
  66. “I remember that! Your name was?”
  67. “Berry Punch.” She replied.
  68. You chuckled back, “Ready to give this a try?”
  69. She nodded as you prepped your camera. She began to sit, pausing to raise her tail before she pressed down onto the seat cushion. As she sat, the fat from her thighs and butt, lightly squished outward. She wasn't fat by any means, but she certainly had some meat that some stallions go crazy for. Perfect for poking or something.
  70. You slyly pressed the button beside the camera and go the camera into focus. It was already beginning and you salivated in your mind.
  71. She began to speak as her hoof raised to her twitching nostrils. “I always have . . . to . . . ehhhhh sneehhhhh . . . eeeehhhhzze . . . in this reeehhoom.”
  72. You remembered from the past she broke out into sneezing fits that were desperate, harsh, wet, and very messy. You began to get excited as you scanned her through the viewfinder, biting your lower lip.
  73. “Hehh . . . ehhhhhhheeeerrr . . . Eeeesssccchhhhhhoooo!” Her first sneeze was hesitant, but very desperate sounding with a nasally quip towards the middle, echoing through the followthrough. You knew more was coming as you simply had the camera on video record. Her head raised back as her nostrils grew and shrank, fighting back an onslaught of sneezes.
  74. “Hhaaasssssshhheeewww!” She fired out another vainly trying to cover it with both her hooves. The only thing that got covered were her hooves in her sneeze spray.
  75. “Hhaaassssshheeeeaaauu!” Ehhhh, Eeeessscchhooo!” A string of mucus flung from her left nostril and clung to her hoof, making a wiggly bridge from her hoof to her snout. She raised her head back again, breaking the snot bridge. Her chest raised and lowered fast as the next few sneezes came with urgency.
  76. “Eeeeesssscchhhaaaaaaah!” A wide open mouth sneeze with massive amounts of spray exploding into the room. “Hhhheeeeeesshhheewwww!” You loved the way the sneezes rocked her body. She sneezed with soul! She gave meaning to this thing you called a fetish. You shuffled as your excitement grew and you ate up every single movement with your eyes. Her shoulders raised up with each sneeze, her tail flailed, and her hips wiggled. It was a sight to behold.
  77. “Haaaa haaaa . . . “ Her next sneeze had quite the build up as her chest puffed out, her eyebrows gave in to this cute, worried direction, and her snout scrunched together so perfectly.
  78. “Aaaaaeeeeeeesssssccchhhhoooooooooooooooo!” The sneeze echoed in the small room as her body jolted up from the stool and slammed back down on it. Her head was aimed to the floor, and her hoofs up on both sides of her snout as if to funnel all the gunk towards the floor. You could hear the sneeze spray splatter to the floor as you reached your peak level of bliss. Your mouth was wide open, a fly could have flown in. She was done.
  79. Silence filled the room as you just dropped to your chair and turned the camera off.
  80. The mare looked up with the cutest look of, “did I just sneeze like that in front of someone” look. She ran her hoof through her mane to move it from being draped over her eyes.
  81. “B-b-b-bless you.” You finally broke the silence.
  82. Berry Punch sniffled then responded quietly, “Thanks.”
  83. You quickly snapped a photo of her looking all innocently cute and the image appeared on the monitor.
  84. Berry Punch looked at the monitor. “Oh wow! That looks pretty cute! If only I had a pic like this on my dating profile.
  85. “You can use it.” You chimed in.
  86. Her eyes got bright and cheery as she smiled wide, revealing her teeth.”
  87. “Do you still want a photo for your license?”
  88. “License? I come here to get photos to post online!”
  89. “Wait, really?” You raised your eyebrows.
  90. “I don't have anyone else to take a flattering picture.”
  91. You closed your eyes, smiled. “If you would like, I can meet you up after I am done with my shift and get some better photos? That way you can post them on your dating profile.”
  92. “I don't need to put any on my dating profile if you want to meet up with me after your shift.” She smiled. You got the hint, and smiled back.
  93. “Deal!”
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