Claire Smut Sequel Intro (WIP)

Apr 1st, 2014
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  1. Your mind fills with a mixture of images and sounds, falsehoods and realities swirling together in a void. Fucking Claire. Dominating Claire. Losing control in the passion of the act, taking it back. Holding her tight, holding her down, holding her up - a dozen positions, a dozen scenarios, all disconnected and painted in only the broadest of strokes. Each one slips away as you try to hold onto it, until all that's left is the vague sensation of a mouth against your hardening penis.
  3. You awaken to the feeling of a tongue licking at the underside of your cock. Claire. She's somehow wormed her way underneath the covers, to, well... her tongue's spirited labors speak for themselves, really. You groan as she licks you, making her way from the underside to the tip in a long, drawn out motion.
  5. You didn't tell Claire to do this.
  7. The lapping stops suddenly. Claire's voice emanates from beneath the blankets in reply. "I'm very sorry if I have displeased you, Captain. I was uncertain of the exact parameters of our "deal;" in particular, the time that it ended. Though it pains me to say it... if you so wish, this will stop."
  9. Well, now that she's started, she can't just stop in the middle.
  11. There's a hushed whisper, Claire saying something like, "You see? Everything is fine," before the attentions to your cock resume. She seems more awkward and uncertain than she was last night, but her tongue gently and thoroughly covers you in saliva, lavishing your cock with attention in a long, heartfelt labor. She gently kisses and suckles every part of it, little licks intermixed with long ones in an incredibly stimulating mixture.
  13. There's a pause, the blankets rising upward. "Take a deep breath," Claire says, and you hear one follow shortly thereafter, before a pair of lips tightly wrap themselves around your cock, pushing themselves downward rapidly until you feel the pressure of the girl's throat tightening around your head, trying to push you out. You twitch, your back arching upward, thrusting into her mouth, and she pulls back, coughing and gagging.
  15. "S-sorry sir," she says - wait a second. That's not Claire's voice. "I'm really sorry. I should've known I'd mess this up..." You'd recognize the sounds of this particular pity party anywhere. That's Rin.
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