Everyday Yuushig [Typeset]

Dec 17th, 2015
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  1. Everyday Yuushig
  2. From
  4. >Shigure, I've got a trick I wanted to show you, Poi!
  5. >Eh~ what kinda trick?
  6. >Open your eyes wide and watch me, poi!
  7. >[beep beep beep][Searching!][beeep beep]
  8. >[beep beep beep]x2
  9. >Over here, poi!
  10. >I can detect where the Doughnuts are, poi~
  11. >A doughnut radar?!
  13. >[Doughnuts are super super tasty, poi!]
  14. >[gigglex2]
  15. >When Yuudachi's happy, your hair stands up all poofy-like!
  16. >[chew chew]
  17. >Harusame's dinner is delicious!
  18. >[Harusame x2]
  19. >[is very happy]
  20. >Harusame too?!
  21. >That's pretty amazing.
  22. >[I'm number one~!]
  23. >It's the ends of their hair that move.
  24. >So does this happen when Shiratsuyu is happy?
  25. >Shiratsuyu is the #1 cutest today!
  26. >Number one--cutest!
  27. >[Paff]
  28. >That?!
  30. >Whether it's Murasame
  31. >Or suzukaze, it seems like their hair can move.
  32. >Well then what about Samidare...?
  33. >[jii]
  34. >[Iyaah?!]
  35. >It's emabarassing....!!
  36. >[Psssshhhhh]
  37. >She hid!
  38. >Everyone's so amazing...
  39. >[uwahh--]
  40. >[Grrrr]x2
  41. >[Mmmmm]
  42. >[Shigure]x2
  43. >I can do it too--
  44. >[Gigglex3]
  45. >[ah]
  47. >It's raining today too, poi~
  48. >It's been raining this whole week.
  49. >I guess that means I can't play ourside today either, poi
  50. >[sad]
  51. >That's true~is there a good solution....?
  52. >THat's right!
  53. >Why don't we make a teru teru bozu?
  54. >That'll definitely stop the rain!
  55. >It's done, poi--!
  56. >[Ja-jaaaan]
  57. >Let's hang it up right away!
  58. >[anticipation/heartbeat]x2
  59. >Shigure, it won't stop poi!
  60. >As expected, it's not so easy...
  62. >I'm heading over to the Admiral's room.
  63. >Is it because there's only one?
  64. >[Right--!]
  65. >Yuudachi--?
  66. >Eh, she fell alseep.
  67. >You're going to get a cold if you fall alseep in this kind of place, you know...?
  68. >Mm....!
  69. >Mmm...! This way it'll definitely be a clear day tomorrow!
  71. >I wanna help Shigure, poi!
  72. >What's going on all of a sudden?
  73. >After all, I can't just let Shigure deal with the chores all the time
  74. >[proud]
  75. >So today Shigure will help too, poi!
  76. >Is that so...well then, what should I ask you to do?
  77. >[hmm]
  78. >Speaking of which, what kind of chores are there?
  79. >Eh....
  80. >Well you have to wake everyone up...
  81. >and then make breakfast, Afterwards in the afternoon...
  82. >you sweep the floor and
  83. >wash the clothes, and
  84. >afterwards you have to go out and buy materials for dinner. If the clothes are dry you have to take them in too.
  85. >And also
  86. >[Kabloosh]
  87. >Yuudachi?!
  89. >Well then, time is of the essence! Could you help sweep the floor?
  90. >Yuudachi's the best at sweeping, poi!
  91. >[Ahh]
  92. >[woosh]
  93. >Hold on a sec!
  94. >[vacuum cleaner-san poi!!]
  95. >I've left you waiting!
  96. >So cute...
  97. >[whoosh]
  98. >[I am][number one]
  99. >even when it comes to cleaning, Shiratsuyu is number one!
  100. >Yuudachi! Let's have a contest to see who is number one in cleaning!
  101. >Bring it on poi!
  102. >Hold on, you two--!
  103. >[Wooooosh!]
  104. >[Bonk]
  105. >I figured...
  107. >next up it's time to take the clothes out to dry.
  108. >Save me poi
  109. >[sad--]
  110. >Yuudachi?!
  111. >Hai hai--if it's hanging the clothes, leave it to murasame!
  112. >Thank you, mruasame.
  113. >Witness Murasame's little specialty!
  114. >[tug]
  115. >Uwahh
  116. >Done Poi!!
  117. >My hair was dry to begin with!
  119. >Next up, let's start cooking okay?
  120. >Thanks for the help, Harusame.
  121. >Yes! I will do my best!
  122. >Shigure~the Admiral's looking for you~
  123. >Coming--
  124. >Well since Harusame's here it'll be fine.
  125. >Ah, Yuudachi onee-san, you can't sneak a bite like that!
  126. >[munch munch]
  127. >It's because Harusame's food is the best poi--!
  128. >[grin]
  129. >I-is that so?! Here's the other dishes, if you feel like it try them out!
  130. >Harusame....?
  131. >[empty]
  132. >I'm really sorry...Yuudachi's smile was too cute, so...!
  134. >Sorry....
  135. >I couldn't do anything right or help, poi...
  136. >[uuuu--]
  137. >That's not true
  138. >[there, there]
  139. >Failure is the mother of success, don'tw orry about it.
  140. >Plus the important part is that Yuudachi tried to help me out in chores for my sake. That's enough to amke me happy.
  141. >Thank you, Yuudachi!
  142. >Shigure~!
  143. >[Hug~~]
  144. >Oy, everyoen's waiting!
  145. >Oyy--oy!
  146. >Let's go make some delicious curry!
  147. >Mm?
  148. >[smile]
  149. >[Mhm!]
  150. >[smile]
  152. >[shi-gure!]
  153. >[shigure nee-san--!]
  154. >[Shigure--!!]
  155. >Get'em!
  157. >There's a lot of my pictures tagged #EverydayYuudachi on twitter, so please take a look!
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