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  2. I felt like crap. My head was pounding, but at least I wasn't crying like before. My eyes weren't puffy, but my throat was still sore. Stepping into the shower I let the water rinse the pain away and I felt ten times better after it was over. Of course it sucks how thing ended with Heather and I, but if its meant to be it will all work out in the end. Putting my hair in a sloppy bun, I threw on some sweats and a tank top. With my script in my hand and a smile on my face I left my house happier than before.
  3. "Goodmorning Di" I say walking into Dianna's trailer. I sipped my coffee as I sat down on her sofa. "Are you okay?" She asked sitting down next to me. I thought about her question. Was I okay? No, but I was going to be. It wasn't the end of the world. I just want Heather to be happy and if Taylor makes her happy so be it. I will be a good best friend and support her. "All honest, not really but I'm better. Things will work out." I reply. She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. "We got work to do, kiddo" she yells in my ear as she grabs my hand lifting me off the sofa. I hit her arm, holding my ear. She was loud for no reason. Walking out of her trailer, I knew today's filming was going to emotional. I was singing Songbird, and that sound rocked my heart. It was exactly how I felt about Heather. Walking into the choir room I said hello to everyone, giving soft smiles. I sat in the back of the room to get into character. Letting the weekend go, I tapped into my inner Santana. "Hey" Heather whisper softly. I look at her and smile. "Hey. Congrats on the engagement!" I reply. She looks a away for a moment, a hint of sadness in her eyes, before she looked back at me and smiled. I grab her hand and look directly into her eyes. "No matter what, I want you to be happy. I will love you always and forever" I whisper. Tears quickly sprang to her eyes. She nodded, mouthing I love you too. I smile, still holding her hand. I give her one finally squeeze, before letting go. "Can we talk later? " Heather whispers softly. I nod my head yes before returning to the scene. I was about to sing Songbird and I was a little nervous. I managed to keep the tears at bay during rehearsal, but Heather wasn't there then. The music starts playing softly, and I quickly shut my eyes to keep in the tears. I sung the song from my heart, hitting each run with some passion and intensity. When the song finished, I opened my eyes. A few tears managed to slip out while I was singing. I look at Heather and she seemed to be crying too. "That was great. We only need one take" the director yells. I wipe my eyes, then turn to walk to my trailer. I needed to get out of there quick. My steps quicken, as I reached the door handle. Slipping inside, i slide down the wall and the tears began to fall. The sobs came from deep inside. Thank God that was the last scene for me, because I just wanted to go home. The sobs finally died down as I sat down with my eyes closed. A soft knock on my door, caused them to open. "Come in" I croak. I get up and reach for my water. Taking a few sips, I wipe my eyes and sit on the sofa. "Why didn't you follow me?" Heather whispers quietly. I look at her. Tears threatening to leave my eyes again. "I love you. I love you so much so hearing you say those words wither you meant them or not made me physically sick. I wanted to go after you. Hold you and never let go, but my body just couldn't handle it. Heather, I just want you to be happy and if being with Taylor makes you happy, then so be it." A steady stream of tears trickled down my cheeks. "You would sacrafice your happiness for me?" Heather ask. I look at her. Her eyes clouded with doubt. "When you love someone, you will do whatever it takes to make them happy and at the end of the day; I just want you happy" I finish. Grabbing her cheeks, I wipe the stray tears that had fallen. Pulling her into a hug, I whisper 'I love you'. Pulling back, she says I love you too, kissing me on my cheek. "I'll see you later Naya" she whispers, heading out my trailer door.
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