Anon - One playful hand

May 14th, 2014
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  1. Golden
  3. “Anon...”
  4. >Goldies voice breaks the TV’s spell and you turn to look at her instead of the screen
  5. >She’s comfily lying against you on her back, her fore hooves cutely pulled up to her fluffy chest
  6. >She does though have an eyebrow raised at you so you raise one at her and keep scratching her tummy
  7. >...wait, that does not really feel like a tummy, what the-
  8. >You glance at your hand and notice that by some freak accident, it’s not on her tummy
  9. >In fact, it’s in her crotch
  10. >Right on the prize
  11. >Slowly your fingers cease their movement as your brain freezes up
  12. >...
  13. >Fuck
  14. >Ho-how long has this been going on? You've been inappropriately touching this mare
  15. >Ph no, she’s staring at you, you need to do something, uhh uhh..
  16. >You remove your hand and give a firm slap on Goldies flank
  17. >And then you freeze again
  18. >...
  19. >Brain, what the honest fuck, Jesus Christ, how is slapping her on the ass going to make things bette-
  20. “So, that’s how you want to play~”
  21. >You double freeze as Goldie flashes you the good ol’ bedroom eyes and extends her tongue
  22. >”G-Goldie what are you...”
  23. >Golden Corral starts to climb onto your lap and before you know it she’s straddling you and looking into your eyes seductively
  24. “Let’s make this more interesting~”
  26. >Golden Corral starts to slowly inch towards your face but then you sperg it up
  27. >”G-Goldie no, I have a waifu, I can’t cheat on her...”
  28. >Golden Corrals face is now mere inches from yours
  29. “I've heard about those, tell me Anon, have you even tried asking this waifu of yours out at any time?”
  30. >”N-no...”
  31. >Golden Corals antennae brush gently on your forehead and you can feel her warm breath on your face
  32. “Have you even talked to your waifu yet?”
  33. >””
  34. >Golden Corral smiles at you now
  35. “Then you're not even cheating on her, just having some casual sex before you started your relationship with her~”
  36. >You are about to say something back to her but Golden Corral plants her lips on yours and presses her body against yours
  37. >O-oh wow
  38. >WOW! H-holy moly, her hooves are rummaging at your body and she’s grinding herself against you as her mouth and tongue do things to your mouth and lips you can not even begin to imagine
  39. >Oh this feels too good...
  40. >As the pleasure starts to cloud your head you shakily move your hands to Golden Corrals body and start to cares her as well, earning a little sexy moan from her...
  42. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. Sepia
  46. >You are sitting down on the couch, enchanted by the television
  47. >Against you lies Sepia, with whom you've just had a nice day
  48. >You're giving her a tummy rub as the two of you watch the show
  49. >Huh... mothpony tummy feels a bit weird
  50. >What is that weird feeling you are feeling with your hand
  51. >You cease the rubbing and prod around a bit
  52. >It feels like...
  53. “Anon, could you go back to scratching, poking around does not feel that nice...”
  54. >You snap your face to look at Sepia
  55. >Oh and look your hand’s on her vagina.
  56. >...
  57. >Your hand... is on...
  58. >!
  59. >You pull your hand back like it would be touching a hot plate while letting out a small yelp
  60. >Sepia turns to look at you with a concerned look on her face
  61. “Anon, is everything ok?”
  62. >”It was an accident!”
  63. >Sepia tilts her head at you
  64. “What was?”
  65. >... is she being serious? You knew she was kinda oblivious but, damn
  66. >”Uhh, I'm sorry for rubbing your tummy so... low”
  67. “Oh, I just thought that was just a part of getting your tummy rubbed, since it’s my first time getting it rubbed and everything...”
  69. >Sepia blushes a bit shyly
  70. >You let go of the breath you were holding in relief
  71. >”Heh, y-yeah, sorry about that. I’ll try to pay more attention to where my hands are wandering, hehe”
  72. >Sepia gives you a nice smile and returns her head to rest against you as it was before and the two of you continue to watch the show
  73. >You bring your hand to your face and facepalm at yourself as Sepia is distracted at the show on the television
  74. >And then a slight scent catches your nose
  75. >What...what is that scent, it’s very faint but when you focu-
  76. >...
  77. >This is the hand that you...
  78. >You quickly remove the hand from your face and stop breathing through your nose as your face starts to blush like crazy
  79. >You return the hand back on Sepias tummy to keep it away from you and start to rub her tummy again
  80. >Must try to forget that scent...
  81. >You feel a slight stir in your underpants
  82. >Asap...
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