Devices for Reading Handwritten Characters - T. L. DIMOND

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  1. L. C. Oesterich (U.S. Navy): You are
  2. apparently adapting this reading device to
  3. your toll ticket problem. Please outline the
  4. system.
  6. Mr. Dimond: The proposed reading de-
  7. vice is one of the contenders for solving
  8. the toll ticket problem. It would be used
  9. in the following manner. The tickets fur-
  10. nished to the operators would have dots
  11. preprinted on them around which the op-
  12. erators would write the characters, most
  13. of which are numerals. These tickets would
  14. be gathered up periodically and sent to a
  15. processing center where they would be fed
  16. automatically into a device which would
  17. read the information and record it on cards
  18. or magnetic tape for further processing.
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